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  1. Iowa is finally gonna wrestle freestyle. Big boost for HWC
  2. Dake is the younger of the two at this point, so I'll go with him.
  3. Doesn't look like the top tier competition is going to be in Oslo, so Dake will cruise to gold.
  4. A lot of people are wrong about COVID-19 vaccinations. They consume an astronomical number of bits scouring the internet to confirm their narrative.
  5. Hazewinkel took a volunteer position there. Maybe Howe will run the RTC now.
  6. Thus far, who has the better career - Kyle Dake or Kevin Jackson?
  7. College, Fargo and Tulsa are out the window when they start winning wold medals. Taylor has the better career.
  8. I have read they have to be approved by the University to prevent association with gambling.
  9. Your science probably tells you the hot English teacher took your virginity early in seventh grade and you got an A+ I'll go with the medical professional on this one.
  10. They aren't being fired, they are resigning. They'll find a job in a red state and be replaced by people who are vaccinated. Let it be known that those of who insist they don't have to follow the rules are going to be cross referenced with their opinion of rules in the Cox weigh-in thread.
  11. LOL The ultimate nothing burger!! Willie is shameless.
  12. Thanks for posting. I enjoy the traditional styles. Very different from the mud wrestling we see in the US.
  13. Big mistake posting this. Yazdani now knows most of the Magic Man's secrets.
  14. I think we can rule out prominent wrestlers drinking out of the wrong bottle. Imma go with Suriano to Penn State at 125
  15. 1)Kyle Snyder - Just an opinion based on my impression of him - the odds of Sadulaev going to worlds is minimal. 2) Taylor is looking pretty good for it so I'll put him next. Yazdani is overdue for his slice of the pie, however. 3) Jordan Burroughs is rejuvenated. Love the return of the doubles. Thanks, coach Slay. 4) Cox is phenomenal, but has been inconsistent. I was tempted to put him 1st. 5)Kyle Dake is at best third in the world. Has a shot, but has a lot to prove at 74kg since he was a big step down from the top two. I don't see a possibility better than 10 percent from the other 5, so we'll go with the untested. 6) Yianni - Once beat Bajrang, so he has a world class win. 7) Daton Fix, is he another Steveson story? 8)Thomas Gilman - his career impresses the hell out of me, but he does not. 9)James Green - who is this guy? IDK, but I love him and hope for the best. 10) Gwiz - Looked really good at trials, so I think he'll have a good tournament.
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