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    How far away?

    Nebraska is saddled with being in Nebraska. They can't rely on a base of home staters to provide a nucleus for a good team. I think I counted 7 states in the their starting lineup and none of them from Nebraska.
  2. Plasmodium

    Nebraska at Penn State

    I must have missed something. How did the green bands get uneven?
  3. Plasmodium

    Over/under wins NU@PSU

    Is Joseph recovered now?
  4. Plasmodium

    I'm ticked off now

    Take a guess who is cancelling satisfied with their Sling TV service.
  5. Plasmodium

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    I just saw the Desanto match. His dismissive behavior towards Brands is a bit unsettling.
  6. Plasmodium

    NCAA Ticket Tips for First-Timers

    Sometimes you can buy tickets through the teams. There are a bunch of tickets for sale around the arena., even for finals. Also, the bars are empty and playing espn if you get stuck out in the cold.
  7. Plasmodium

    Gomez loses

    Here is my contribution to solving this conjecture - Solution To Fermat's Last Theorem
  8. Plasmodium

    Nebraska at Penn State

    It will be a big upset if Red wins that match. He is slumping a bit and it would be nice to see him get his mojo back tomorrow.
  9. Plasmodium

    So long as we are trashing Rutgers...

    How is Rutt-grrs pronounced in NJ? Rutt-guhs?
  10. Plasmodium

    Fix/Suriano - worst ncaa match of all time?

    This match would have been an excellent candidate for the old freestyle leg clinch. Fix is entertaining AF in scrambles
  11. Plasmodium

    Nebraska at Penn State

    Berger did not get his hand raised there, smart arse :)
  12. Plasmodium

    Nebraska at Penn State

    NE better win 125 a shutout is likely. I think Berger/Nolf will be a regular decision.
  13. Plasmodium

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    Oh, I see.
  14. Plasmodium

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    Goodale? Did he mock somebody?
  15. Plasmodium

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    Heil and Ashnault were the same class. Maybe OSU picked Heil over Ashnault and that caused some bitterness?
  16. Plasmodium

    Fix/Suriano - worst ncaa match of all time?

    It is not a complete loss. We learned both of these guys can hold their own on bottom.
  17. Plasmodium

    Howmany more matches does hands to the face have to ruin?

    Is this supposed to prevent concussions? Why is there a fire all of a sudden?
  18. Plasmodium

    Penn State 2019-20

    How long has it been since Penn State didn't have an overwhelming favorite two years from end of season? At the end of 16-17, Nickal and Nolf were favorites to win 18-19. At the end of 15-16, the light at the end of the tunnel was an oncoming Zain Train in 17-18. I think that is the end. They won't have that at the end of this year. In the age of Carl, they also had the Unicorn and Ed Ruth.
  19. Plasmodium


    Gonzaga is a type bean so it must be in Indiana or Illinois.
  20. Plasmodium


    Somebody who likes an urban atmosphere and wants to wrestle in the big 10. You think NJ is a flyover state? :)
  21. Plasmodium


    Rutgers needs to recruit outside of NJ.
  22. Plasmodium

    Horrible Match (NS vs DF)

    Is it the SV you don't like?
  23. Plasmodium

    Horrible Match (NS vs DF)

    LOL As opposed to an arbitrary number of very stern finger shake warnings!
  24. Plasmodium

    Horrible Match (NS vs DF)

    This rule isnt specific to folk. The Zain Train lost a trials match, in part, because of hands to the face.
  25. Plasmodium

    Horrible Match (NS vs DF)

    I opened a thread about DF and thought I was going to read about a rich kids journey to second place. Oh well. Anyway, all of these high level matches are exciting. Stiill - Rutgers was very annoying with their strategy of trying to induce a locked hands call and stall the rest of the way for a 2-1 win. The right guy definitely won.