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  1. No such thing as magic. That is a simple shell game. Go to 13:49 where the angle is better. Immediate release when Brown's knee touches and then Brown forces his hands together.
  2. He 100% dropped, grabbed both of Wilps' hands, pulled them together and looked to the ref for a point.
  3. Frank Molinaro is going to bring the 'do to corvallis.
  4. Hmmmm Tanner Hall is probably out of wrestling. Valencias don't strike me as the coaching types. Current OSU staff didn't have great success. Maybe JO? Ringer?
  5. I should have qualified this as senior year Robles. I think he was way better as a senior.
  6. Quien es mas macho? Lee is relatively small and Robles can crank out 314 pull-ups. Robles 9-2
  7. Teddy created the park system that houses it. That was very progressive. Rushmore was started before FDR was president.
  8. 2nd place. Best loser :) Would have stronger claim to the title had he not finished as 2nd best loser as a freshman. Vincenzo Joseph is an all time great. He won me over with a comment about Tyler Berger and corn, but I can't recall what it was.
  9. Listen to you hypocrites. Tell me you've never drank yourself stupid, sped off, pulled over and fired off some rounds in the middle of a city and I'll call you a liar!!
  10. I couldn't find anyone, but it would be fantastic if someone did that.
  11. Whoops. Thanks for the correction. Starting weight of 174
  12. Burroughs is the oldest, so it may hurt him. Gable Steveson will benefit. Is Daton Fix suspended for a year or not? If so, he is the biggest winner.
  13. Canada has always been a progressive and forward thinking country. J'den Cox will our 2021 Olympic Gold Medalist.
  14. The rules say they can start at any weight, but then must precede in order? I'll also cast a vote for 165.
  15. The 2 seed had 3 bonus point matches. The 3 seed had 1. Three is an odd number, so 3 is the outstanding wrestler.
  16. Can people please stop quoting exbsufan? I havehim blocked, but I see his posts when you quote him. Thanks. Much appreciated
  17. Warren Applegate, IIRC. He knows a lot about wrestling.
  18. Yes, he accomplished much more in Canada than Nigeria. Relative to me, he was very accomplished while in Nigeria.
  19. Nice win for Skatzka. Kemdawg has what it takes, but it is just not in the cards for him.
  20. According to his Wiki, he was already an accomished freestyler when he came to Canada at 20 years old.
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