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  1. Nice list. I understand the sort order, but it sure is friendly to Penn State!
  2. Agreed. I'd have rather something competitive. JO would have been nice :)
  3. After watching Dean and Taylor there can be no conclusion other than Burroughs would, once again, send Taylor home crying to mama.
  4. I speculated he thought he would be further along at this point. Do you disagree? I anticipated a quick ascension to a title fight. I am curious what an MMA shoe looks like! As far as USAW @65 goes - I suppose he is disappointed along with everybody else.
  5. He is now 10 fights in and has been fighting professionally for 3 1/2 years. I'd be surprised if he isn't disappointed in all facets of his career at this point. He should fight Caldwell now.
  6. It probably will. They are already going to Greeley to wrestle UNC and it is their turn to travel in the home and away series. Greeley is about 90 minutes from Laramie.
  7. IDK, but I know Pendleton has never beat Branch!
  8. Oregon State tired of Wyoming humiliating them?!
  9. If this winds up being a cheap effort to stay on the front page - Go Dake! Go PD3!
  10. Out of curiosity, i went to the Cornell website and ran through their cost of attendance calculator. I used what I believe to be average numbers for an American family. Total cost of attendance is about $10, 000/year. Not many schools can compete with that, scholarships or not.
  11. Green and Pantaleo going < 150. Interesting.
  12. Can you post from an URL instead of an existing attachment? Maybe the issue is the size or format of the image. Try jpg or png format and dimensions under 640x480. The last one I posted was an URL. This time I posted one of my favorite existing attachments, which worked well.
  13. My question was a bit unclear, but this is what I was asking. Gracias. It is interesting that the only non Russian loss was a backside anomaly.
  14. Hard to go wrong with 'Mauller' on a wrestling mat.
  15. Excluding Russia, how many losses? Just one?
  16. During the Dake/Burroughs FRL, Dake said his NCAA legacy was cemented by going up a weight and beating the reigning Hodge winner. The idea of Burroughs going up a weight to beat the not quite reigning WC has to be keeping Dake up at night. I reckon that is not lost on @alliseeisgold.
  17. It is not for nothing he is doing this at this time. That being said, I don't know his motivation so I can't provide a source. I can see your scenario as well.
  18. I don't think so. My thinking is a coach will feel Burroughs is testing the waters for this spring. If he doesn't get that feel, he is more likely to stay at 74 kg which benefits his wrestler. Plus a match risks injury and requires a change in training.
  19. If I were David Taylor's coach, I'd tell him he gains nothing by competing and to pass on this match. If I were DT, I would want to wrestle it. As a fan, I want to see it. I think Burroughs wins because I have been around long enough to know the more things change the more they stay the same. JB wins by that same point every time and the next time will be no different.
  20. I thought 3 pointers no longer existed and bonus for extended exposure no longer awarded. How do they get three?
  21. I think Fox Baldwin won FL as a sixth grader. SD, NM also allow middle schoolers. I think it is absurd.
  22. I think USAW learned a lesson with Marable/Green a few years ago and put some rules in place.
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