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  1. Thanks. He did alot more than i thought he did!
  2. I was going to say I am skeptical a successful HS coach wouldn't put competing at a higher level at the top of their list of priorities. Then I thought back to my kids HS coaches and realized that was an afterthought for them. At best.
  3. Tyrell Fortune was fantastic in HS. Won Fargo and more. He went to Grand Canyon but not sure he ever wrestled a match for them. He is doing very well now in MMA.
  4. Transfer rules vary greatly. It looks like Penn State requires at least 36 of the last 60 credits be completed at Penn State. Perhaps Cal Poly doesn't have this requirement?
  5. They have a pretty good history. Chad Mendes was a finalist. I loved Novachkov's style. Colt Shorts was good.
  6. Looks like he is breathing some life into that program. Just a few years ago, I thought they were out for the count.
  7. Huh. Who would have thunk it. For comparison, have you ever been to Wyoming?
  8. What are the mechanics of this club? Forehead to Forehead or collar tie and then a club to the back of the head? Or just a club upside the head?
  9. Does this apply regardless of citizenship length? For example, if Micic has been Serbian since birth does he have to declare a country and then pay to switch even though he has had dual citizenship all his life?
  10. I think if Dake catches Chamizo first round, he is in trouble.
  11. Coon's fate will not be determined by his size.
  12. Neal had a great run but lets not break out the scaffolding to build his pedestal.
  13. From last year's combine, pretty clear Coon will be a good sized prospect. UWW database says he is 196 cm, which is a little over 6'5". I think he can weigh 325 on command. I hope he sees a lot of success.
  14. 74 looks tough. Nolf has a long row to hoe.
  15. Off the top of my head, the same ones that failed.
  16. I don't have a moped. My farm consists of a cherry tree and four blistering hot pepper plants. I'm all in.
  17. I heard some reports of bad blood between Manning, JB AND Green. They had a hot pepper growing contest last summer and Green got caught planting aphids in their garden. Oh well, sh1t happens.
  18. The ones who are good and dirty give their superiors a piece of the action.
  19. The whole team used to be matside for the finals. Must have stopped at 9/11, along with picking up out of town guests in the concourse.
  20. Unsure about UVU, but the other schools won't even consider a move to the Pac-12. It doesn't even make sense for UVU.
  21. https://twitter.com/FloWrestling/status/1400948235901050881?s=20
  22. Coon is huge. He will look like a ballerina at 325.
  23. Are we sure it is explicitly a foot problem? That cankle doesn't look like it belongs to an Olympic athlete.
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