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  1. Women's wrestling didn't exist in 1990, for 1. Here are some recent annual reports. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/About-Us/Annual-Reports
  2. I'm not sure how broken it is. They have a couple of objectives, the primary one being to select the most completive wrestler at each weight. I think that objective is pretty well served. Can you point out a situation where the process failed in spectacular fashion? Secondarily, it is a huge event in the calendar and for our premier athletes it is where dreams are ultimately made and crushed. I think marketing opportunity is missed here, particularly this year. I've attended a few of these, obviously not this year. I bet attendance will be very sparse. I won't even be able to watch most of it via live stream. Most of the party ideas were implemented during the last FinalX we attended. Not sure about an after party, but I think everybody immediately bounces anyway.
  3. Well, we at least know event attendance isn't a priority.
  4. Love to see it, but it isn't going to happen. I don't see either of them beating Yazdani.
  5. He moved to California to be mentored by one the world's most renowned plastic surgeons.
  6. I prefer the Irish translation "Aye laddie, I'll have another!"
  7. Yep, he plans a hostile takeover of Sealand.
  8. I think his beef with Starocci is a nothing burger. I love Marstellers low level attacks.
  9. Lee's performance surprised me. The US performance at 65 won't change for awhile.
  10. Mark Hall is a textbook tweener. He just does not match up physically.
  11. Artur Taymazov got popped with original competition samples years after the fact and then again a couple of years after that. The shrewd and well heeled ones stay one step ahead.
  12. The stands look sparse enough to be in the UP of Meat chicken.
  13. Ok, my working assumption is he wants to best position himself for an Olympic run.
  14. He looks good, dude has to take his shot right now.
  15. Maybe little D was the wrestling form of cycling's. Domestique. Looks like it didn't hurt, at the very least
  16. His is a very strange story. Nonetheless, he has a decent career - Better than most.
  17. Must be legal. Zahid Valencia also successfully choked out Nate Jackson at the OTT. Tried desperately to do it a second time in that match, for what purpose I don’t know. I think this was scored incorrectly. They are supposed to stop the scoring immediately after he is out. I suppose this happens rarely and the refs aren’t paying close attention. That ref was a good wrestler back in his day. Colorado state champ and wrestled at Portland State.
  18. PD3 looks like he didn't prepare at all.
  19. That puts you on the world team. Small travel assistance & stipend.
  20. Remember - it is only the paid subscribers that enjoy these features.
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