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  1. Compartment syndrome is serious business. My son had that in both arms.
  2. I have seen a number of duals from Cal Poly over the last 5-10 years. SLO is beautiful. The price is reasonable, at least for in-state. Why doesn't Cal Poly field a competitive team?
  3. They always paid when they promoted themselves here.
  4. This is correct. It is not ridiculous that a proven athlete like Bubba 'might' give a 'little' comeuppance to anyone. More wiggle room than the Taj Mahal. So, I would have won the bet - had he the stones to accept it!
  5. I have to get it from my Nigerian account. The bank over there charges a $10,000 fee. They don't take biticoin and all my other money is tied up in crypto. I PMed my World Remit account for you to front the 10k fee.
  6. You should be paying. I'll shoot you my vinmo when I find my phone.
  7. I don't get it. All stalling. Not one leg attack. Sad!
  8. Bubba had knee surgery in December of his senior year, which is why he missed time. Personality is subjective of course, but I think Bubba is awesome.
  9. Is the rule that a competitor has to be a citizen for two years?
  10. I think Snyder will look great next year. Onre thing to notice about him - when an opponent gets under him from a double or hi c, the td is complete. He doesnt have the length to grab an ankle. Noticed that in his first match with Sadulaev as well as this one.
  11. For the record, Burroughs looks nothing like BeefCake
  12. Are you volunteering to run the escrow?
  13. I will bet $500000000000000000000000000000 my comment is not ridiculous. Only stipulation is they have to actually wrestle.
  14. Cornella is a real sleeper. He is going to be really, really good.
  15. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6791985-ncaa-champ-and-coaching-legend-greg-strobel-dies RIP
  16. The name change was part of a legal process to dissolve one nonprofit corporation and form a new and equivalent one. Uww is no longer responsible for filas many transgressions.
  17. Bubba does some amazing acrobatic stuff, so he must have phenomenal body awareness. Nolf habitually puts himself in very vulnerable positions, so he might get a little comeuppance.
  18. Lee wouldn't accept a challenge from Gilman? I wouldn't be surprised by that. I would be mildly surprised if Gilman were invited to IC. If he were invited, I'd be very surprised if Gilman declined.
  19. Very likely. Tokyo and Japan will lose tens of billions. My gut tells me if this is true, the IOC is going to have a tough time finding hosts in the future and it will fundamentally change scale.
  20. Who are their peers? This is tough to believe
  21. Rulon comes across as a prince. Those kids are lucky.
  22. This process needs a serious revision. Is it only the money makers where this is applicable at Stanford? I know one wrestler on the Stanford team. He had an excellent shot at admission with or without wrestling.
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