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  1. Ultimate perp walk. Look at Deputy Fife’s magnificent pose!
  2. Don’t have to be American to be a wrestling doper. I share your opinion. DT should not be accused of doping without hard evidence. No comment on his training team’s reputation.
  3. MMA is indeed a cesspool of dopers. No shortage in wrestling either. Without making a comment on David Taylor's business associates, the last part could have been lifted straight out of the Lance Armstrong playbook of denial.
  4. Yikes. This is why the list of prolific serial killers is dominated by Midwesterners!
  5. Did he get zip tied or not? Interesting that his issues are always off mat.
  6. This is true. However, Yianni appears to have plateaued. Nick Lee is making improvements and has an edge over Yianni for that reason. There is also the reality that Yianni and McKenna are a coin flip.
  7. For the men, it looks like the HWC is investing in the college team. That won’t bring returns anytime soon. As @Mike Parrish said, the women’s team is a few years away from significance, provided Chun is effective. I think she will be. Of course, Spencer Lee will be an immediate force if he is patient enough to heal.
  8. Let's not assume this is true. I'm reserving judgement until the video premiere on worldstar.
  9. I recall Angel being undefeated. His wiki says he was 150-0, but that could be wrong.
  10. Angel Cejudo deserves mention in Arizona and Henry Cejudo in Colorado.
  11. PD3 absolutely does not have the classic build of a steroid user. He has proportionate delts and traps. Kyle Snyder as well. Others? There is no actual proof but the thought definitely creeps in.
  12. Opposite of bad match up. Zahid has no gas tank.
  13. Because winning those matches is how a champion earns his crown(s).
  14. Good pick at heavy. Loss to Dhesi, who is Canadian for gawd's sake, can't be good
  15. The real money is in pork bellies.
  16. Anyone speak this dialect? I'd appreciate a translation.
  17. No Blue Dragon activity, so a showing by PD3 is highly unlikely. Disappointing.
  18. Are you calling me a liar?! :)
  19. Laughable. Adults actually bought this.
  20. My recollection as well. I don't think Fix the elder broke any laws. Is he still Daton's coach?
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