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  1. 19 hours ago, nom said:

    I’m sure the cost of this event is near 0 for Flo.  Right?  Not paying JB or DT .. right?  Just like a college dual match.

    It is going to get broadcast anyway.  It is the like subway.  Sure, it costs money to run it.  But if I jump the turnstile and hop on, it is not costing anybody a damn dime,  since it is going whether I am or not.

  2. 8 hours ago, Glane18 said:

    It was interesting to hear DT explain the situation.  He said that a contact trace is treated the same as a positive test and he couldn't get there or travel.  Now he has a bunch of negative tests so he can make it happen on Wednesday.  So glad this is still on because this is probably the last time they will be able to make it happen logistically.  Also, J'Den Cox said he's wrestling on that card now as well. 

    He and Nate Jackson.  Awesome!

    This makes it an excellent example of making lemonade out of the lemons of life.  They should round somebody up for Berger as well.

  3. ACLs come and go with the wind.  Sometimes they are torn by spectacular collisions and sometimes by stepping off a curb.  Too bad for Gomez, he can light up a scoreboard.  I feel concussions are cumulative so once you are cursed with one, take care.

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