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  1. 19 minutes ago, BlueWolverine said:

    I've seen this as a projected lineup and think it's probably their best bet. I think there's some questions still about where Micic and Myles Amine go, but I'd kind of be surprised if this wasn't it.

    125 - Medley / McHenry
    133 - Micic
    141 - Silva
    149 - Storr
    157 - Lewan
    165 - C. Amine
    174 - Massa
    184 - M. Amine
    197 - Embree / Davison
    Hwt - Parris

    That is a good lineup

  2. 3 hours ago, Housebuye said:

    There is a Final decision meeting for Fargo in June 1

    if it is to happen, states will probably just choose their teams. This will largely be based on who is willing to go (not wanting to go because of the virus, not being in Fargo shape due to lack of training, state, local, school system or parent rules, etc)

    Basically is it does happen, the field will be extremely weak and the titles won’t mean nearly as much. 

    If my little Johnny won Fargo this year there wouldn't be an asterisk.  :)

  3. 23 hours ago, Bronco said:

    I'm just hoping that all wrestlers will be able to compete next season.  With all of the OVER-attention and insanity driven hysteria that's being paid to a virus which still hasn't been responsible for anywhere near the number of deaths that are caused annually by the seasonal flu.  Insanity appears to be the "rule of the day".

    No comment on your opinion of the world's reaction to covid 19, but your flu statistics are demonstrably false. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, tigerfan said:

    Since you're including freestyle, how about Dom Bradley?

    Career Highlights
    - Two-time U.S. Open champion (2013, 2016) Note: won his 3rd in 2019
    - Two-time Pan American champion (2016-17)
    - Junior World champion (2009)
    - Two-time Dave Schultz Memorial International champion (2012, 2017)
    - Third at U.S. Olympic Team Trials (2016)
    - Second in U.S. World Team Trials (2017)
    - Third at U.S. World Team Trials four times (2009, 2010, 2011, 2015)

    That is a great career.

    It is a fair assessment that I used out of NCAA results to form those rankings. Ironically, not with Green.  He was was very good as a folkstyler and he deserves a mention.  Very good on his feet.  Great tilts.  Had bottom issues against the creme de la creme.  Certainly not as good as IMar, but nobody on this list is.   I wouldn't put Bradley on this list.  Does he make your top ten on this list?  Who would he bump?

  5. Ranked by my reckoning:

    1 #7 - Adam Coon - Michigan - 34 - 2,3,2
    2 NR - James Green - Nebraska - 30 - 7,7,3,3
    2 #6 - Tyler Graff - Wisconsin - 36 - 5,5,3,2
    3 #2 - Tyler Caldwell - Oklahoma, Oklahoma State - 41 - 5,2,3,2
    4 #7 - Mitchell Port - Edinboro - 34 - 2,3,2
    5 #3 - Bo Jordan - Ohio State - 39 - 3,3,2,5
    6 #5 - Brandon Sorensen - Iowa - 38 - 4,2,3,5
    7 #3 - Dylan Ness - Minnesota - 39 - 2,4,2,6
    8 #1 - Michael McMullan - Northwestern - 42 - 3,2,3,3
    9 #7 - Logan Storley - Minnesota - 34 - 6,4,3,4

  6. 37 minutes ago, irani said:

    The Dt /yazdani match is a very interesting one, and a good study in strategy and adjustments.

    When Yazdani is not gased, he man handles DT, DT does not have a chnace,  and Yazdani can get leads of 6-0 in a couple of minutes.

    When Yazdani is gased, he does not have a chance.

    yazdani prices himself in finishing all his match before regulation time.  His approach of overwhelming and techning his opponents works well against most wrestlers, but not DT.

    Yazdani needs to change his strategy to have a shot against DT.  Interestingly enough, at home, against his biggest rival, he wrestles a much more measured match, does not try to tech him, and always wins.

    Yazdani needs work on his endurance/fitness, and also to wrestle a measured and controlled match against DT, and if he has gas left in the tank, go for his uncontrollable attack style the last 1-2 minutes.

    Let's see if Yazdani and his coaches are smart enough to adjust.  

    So you are saying he needs to wrestle more like a fox than a lion?  I agree with this assessment!

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