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  1. 3 hours ago, MSU158 said:

    All he bet was that his statement wasn't ridiculous.  I didn't see him make any bet on the actual results.   Good luck with Quantifying/Qualifying "ridiculous".......

    This is correct.  It is not ridiculous that a proven athlete like Bubba 'might' give a 'little' comeuppance to anyone.   More wiggle room than the Taj Mahal.  So, I would have won the bet - had he the stones to accept it!

  2. On 10/14/2020 at 9:46 PM, MonagFam said:

    Greco-Roman has some of the more impressive highlights with their throws and feats of strength, but I really struggle when I watch a full match.  I know I posted something some time ago, but there are things I still don't get.  

    Case in point the first match on the link below (0:37 to 8:11). It isn't a very exciting match and I do not understand the ref's decisions.  Blue gets a passivity point and par terre attempt.  Neither seemed active, but I am ok with it.  Then the same thing happens in the 2nd period.  So Blue, who I could not tell was more active, is up 2 to 0.  At some point, Red gets a passivity point...does he get the par terre option and not take it?


    I don't get  it.  All stalling.  Not one leg attack.  Sad!

  3. 3 hours ago, nyum said:

    Bubba has one of the worst personalities imaginable. I still remember when he transferred to ASU, sat out most of season and in practice room would repeatedly yell "Dig deep! guys dig deep.  You gotta dig deep!" 

    Like dude can you pls just shut up. 

    Was such a contrast to Anthony's humble demeanor. 

    Bubba had knee surgery in December of his senior year, which is why he missed time.  Personality is subjective of course, but I think Bubba is awesome. 

  4. On 10/7/2020 at 8:52 PM, Plasmodium said:

    Bubba does some amazing acrobatic stuff, so he must have phenomenal body awareness.  Nolf habitually puts himself in very vulnerable positions, so he might get a little comeuppance. 


    17 hours ago, portajohn said:

    If you're not joking lets make a bet.  You're statement is ridiculous.  Jenkins chance at winning this match is as close to zero as you can get.

    I will bet $500000000000000000000000000000 my comment is not ridiculous.  Only stipulation is they have to actually wrestle.


  5. 23 hours ago, Gantry said:

    I'm pretty sure Gilman said he asked Lee to come to NLWC and they said no.  So I doubt he would have said no to this one, but admittedly only a guess.

    Tomasello retired

    You bring  up a good point about weight, maybe Iowa wanted them to weigh in at 57.  That would eliminate a lot of people and would be one of the few reasons I could see a total gamer like Zane Richards saying no.

    Lee wouldn't accept a challenge from Gilman?  I wouldn't be surprised by that.  I would be mildly surprised if Gilman were invited to IC.  If he were invited, I'd be very surprised if Gilman declined. 

  6. 6 hours ago, 152lbs said:

    My first inclination is that Tokyo is not going to happen.

    Very likely.  Tokyo and Japan will lose tens of billions.  My gut tells me if this is true, the IOC is going to have a tough time finding hosts in the future and it will fundamentally change scale.  

  7. 26 minutes ago, rpbobcat said:

    Short answer,yes.

    A friend of mine's son got recruited to play football at Stanford.

    He wanted to go pre-med.

    He got told that,especially wit the time needed for football,he

    could never keep up with that,or pretty much any rigorous academic  curriculum.

    He ended up in a "stay eligible" business program.

    He did get  what he wanted out of Stanford,he made it to the pros as a tight end.




    Are you talking about Cory Booker?  :)

  8. 26 minutes ago, RichB said:

    In spite of their academic accolades, Stanford accepts athletes who would not get ten minutes in to the admissions process were not they athletes.


    This process needs a serious revision.  Is it only the money makers where this is applicable at Stanford?  I know one wrestler on the Stanford team.  He had an excellent shot at admission with or without wrestling.  

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