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  1. 2 hours ago, Billyhoyle said:

    There were really two aspects to this thread.  The first was whether people would still root for Fix despite his record of doping.  Based off the poll, the answer for most is clearly yes. The second is that I was wondering if this in fact the first time USAW has sent an athlete to worlds or the olympics who had served a prior doping ban? Can anyone else think of another case?

    Maybe Ravaughn Perkins.  He got popped for a water pill, but I don't recall if that was before or after he made a world team.

  2. 1 hour ago, Lurker said:

    Six pages of people going all in on situations they know absolutely zero about.  Pretty impressive.  I thought the lock downs were over....

    Yep, only I know the reason HWC is flat broke.  KMF stole that money after he poured some truth serum down Perry.   He is one step ahead of Johnny Law and  buying the ladies "drinks" down to Mexico with that money.  If you know what I mean and you do know what I mean.

  3. 1 hour ago, AnklePicker said:

    This guy…I found it because I was so inclined. Let’s put JBs comments in context. He was on a show arguing why he would have beaten Dake in college since FRL was trying to determine the top 165 of the last decade or whatever. Askren then, surprisingly to JB, brings Dake on the show to argue his case. Dake immediately starts going low, makes comment of Taylor putting JB on his back and comments like, “he doesn’t want to say he’s gotten worse.”  When the conversation moved to their upcoming match Dake starts going into how JB is getting older and how he knows how it sucks to be injured and he feels sorry for him. Listen to it, you tell me who comes off like the douche. But LJB got butt hurt that JB dared to say that 79kg was weak the last few years in his defense. Oh the horror.  Again actually listen to it, see who goes low first and who sounds like a complete tool. When they surprise JB with Dake coming on he says what’s up Kyle twice to which Kyle finally gives him a charity head nod. It doesn’t take long to figure it out. 

    That's only half.  Now you have to be inclined enough to find him talking about how tough 79 is now.  That is going to take alot more inclination.

  4. 6 hours ago, HawkY said:

    The one per nation rule is a much bigger culprit of this than the weight class shrinkage in the Olympics. The  US has a ridiculous amount of people mass participating in wrestling and is producing excess elite level talents compared to the starkly limited opportunities. The one per nation rule really is designed for the old the eastern European model where you have a group of maybe 50 people in a fairly broad age cohort try their hand in wrestling and it naturally whittles down to one or two reps with a couple backups to make up the wrestling scene in their country. 

    You can also analyze it in a facts on the ground manner besides amount  weight class . In the  1950s Turkey won in FS since barely anyone in the world practiced FS then. Their fortunes dramatically declined when the Soviets began taking FS seriously. Thanks to Ossetia and Dagestan Russia has kept its high level in FS. 

    This seems overstated.  Only a couple of countries were able to field a full team. Outside of Russia, very few countries were running two deep on medal contenders at any weight.  Anyway, here is a good article on where the Olympic wrestlers actually come from.  Transferring is straightforward and I bet it is not hard to read the tea leaves of your future in the Russian Wrestling Federation fairly early on.  Wrestlers only transferred from three countries, one of which is Cuba and they are  probably looking for something other than wrestling.  For the US, my impression is Micic has strong ties to Serbia and would prefer  representing them.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Billyhoyle said:

    When was the last time that the U.S. sent a wrestler to worlds or the olympics with a previous failed doping test on his record?  I know Obe blanc failed one, but never made the team again after.  How do you all feel about Fix representing the U.S.? I believe in redemption, and he earned the spot within the rules, but it seems kind of wrong given how short his suspension was. 

    It is awkward for me, but as you said - he followed the rules.  We are way too easy on PED users.

  6. 1 hour ago, TripNSweep said:

    If Steveson decided to quit wrestling to operate a lucrative capybara breeding farm and was offered a lot of money to do so and be the face of said enterprise, would you care? 

    Depends.  Would he be a member of the notorious capybara cartel?  I don't see any way I could stomach that.

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