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  1. I stand by everything I have said. This is a desparate, dangerous situation on many levels Corners have already been cut by a financially struggling company, approved by a politically desperate government and clamored for by a frightened public. Pump the brakes and follow the science built over the last 6 decades.
  2. https://twitter.com/wrestlingnomad Flo content creator and FRL host.
  3. Yep, priceless. A wrestling club that doesn't sponsor women or greco athletes lets a guy go for pointing out that people won't pay for women or greco.
  4. Moderna is unique because it doesn't have a product. Scratch that, now they do. Perhaps they were lying dormant for the right virus to come about and they were accommodated. Their Phase I results were announced - 2 months late - on the same day HHS began receiving covid19 related hospital data instead of the CDC. That was confirmed by HHS assistant secretary Michael Caputo - a Republican strategist by profession. Look - I hope all of the vaporware being produced by Moderna is legit. It would normalize the world, save hundreds of thousands of lives and lay a foundation for future pandemics. I believe you said that earlier. It looks like a gigantic scam to me.
  5. Not gonna lie, PD3 is making some solid points.
  6. He should follow the lead of Peyton Manning and Bilyal Mahkov - blame a woman!
  7. I found this - which means I am not right, but at least I am not senile. https://www.reference.com/world-view/many-players-college-football-team-df4ac1a80d13e08e
  8. I recall a walk-on limit from the son of a friend's recruiting experience. It was on the order of 20. That is less than tOSU'S roster, so I must be talking out of my @$$!
  9. There is a cap on the NCAA roster. It is less than 125 currently listed on tOSU. Scholarship cap is 85, all of which are full scholarships.
  10. If true, sucks for Nomad. Limited opportunities in that industry, but hope he lands on his feet.
  11. I read his tweets from the offending one to the apology and didn't see a threat
  12. Has anybody actually seen documentation of misconduct, or is it just idle gossip?
  13. I am not far off. A 26 billion company(this year) that had only 60M in revenue last year - less than half of the previous year. (https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/mrna/financials) They were struggling. The biotech industry goes up and down, of course. It also has companies that fold, companies that struggle, technology that doesn't pan out, companies that exceed beyond wildest expectation and outright fraud. Covid19 has been very, very good for them. Too good? I worry it will be the ones with billion stakes and Trump deciding whether this vaccine, or a similar one, is approved for use. It is a legitimate concern.
  14. They went from 160 million in 2018 to 60 in 2019. Struggling is the correct word. It sounds scary because it is scary. I am 100% for vaccines. I am against entire societies being guinea pigs for untested cash cows in an election year. Which specific vaccines in widespread use are based on mrna technology?
  15. This is why I am skeptical of moderna. They were a struggling business, maybe even failing, and now have leveraged almost 2 billion from covid 19. Without actual peer reviewed proof of anything that I can find. . https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexandrasternlicht/2020/05/19/scientists-raise-questions-about-moderna-vaccine-in-market-shaking-report/#33e093b02136 Introducing untested genetic material into people on a massive scale has potential for disaster of epic proportions. That is why we have rules.
  16. Plasmodium


    JB appears to have very long arms. Jon Jones has an 84 inch reach.
  17. Really? Ridiculous? Pouring multiple billions of dollars into an industry literally overnight and then changing well established laws and regulations to enable product usage is desperate. We can argue whether it is political or not. Trump is making the decisions, so it is political. Dollars to doughnuts he ran shark tank like meetings to spend those billions on the companies with the shiniest elevator pitch. Moderna has received at least half a billion
  18. This could wind up being way worse than thalidomide. Moderna is a start up funded because of political desperation has never produced a product with FDA approval. What could go wrong? This could be a scam playing trump like a fiddle. Have they even published full results of their trials?
  19. It provides necessary wiggle room for the well heeled Cornell law team.
  20. Zadick would get tarred and feathered for not sending a team to worlds.
  21. Additionally, the whistle was very loud.
  22. As careless as "Going to college doesn’t make you more educated then someone that didn't" I didn't say anything about smarter. That is your argument. I said, and I quote, "what? ?". I stand behind that comment!
  23. What is a "run of the mill" job? Engineer? Professor? Architect? You can't argue that level of education and earnings are uncorrelated. That is absurd. It is a matter of public record the world over.
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