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  1. I'm just asking. Is it your profession? Is your life's work studying the formation of the First Republic of France?
  2. In what context are you an historian?
  3. My wife says I am really interesting. Nevertheless, I am disinclined to read the bible.
  4. Show him up? He sounded like a kook
  5. 57 Spencer Lee and Stevo 65 Zain Train and Casey Jones 74 Jordan Burroughs and Corey Dake 86 David Taylor and PDIII 97 J'Den Cox and Gary Traub 125 Gable Steveson and Jads
  6. 74 and 97 will be great. Steveson will make Hwt interesting as well.
  7. This 'kegger' unit of yours is really something! :) For me, a kegger involves AC/DC, a bonfire down by the river and an older cousin to buy the keg.
  8. Interesting topic. That is alot of money and they aren't alone. Here is more info https://www.nbcnews.com/news/education/hidden-figures-college-students-may-be-paying-thousands-athletic-fees-n1145171
  9. The Abdurakhmanovs would fit that definition. Maybe Jesus Wilson a long time ago. Very rare indeed.
  10. 2 guys would be a third of the Olympic team. Phenomenal. They have a legit shot at half plus Nolf has a punchers chance. Six months ago, I was hoping they get zero. I was giddy in anticipation. Now, Taylor is a lock, Zain is 60% likely, Snyder is about 40%. Not a rosy outcome for those of us who want the channel changed in US wrestling.
  11. How is this bracket going to come out. Dake will be in the bottom semi. IMar, I assume will be the top seed. If Nolf were three seed, that would mean Nolf has to beat Dake and IMar. On the other hand, Nolf is Pan Am champ. Is he the top seed?
  12. Good point. Will they use chronological or biological age to determine eligibility?
  13. I used the UWW database to look these guys up. Oganesyan was a 1980 champion and an 81 world champ. I can see why Khazamov was overjoyed beating the reigning Olympic champion - that world cup is his only entry in the database. Nice story.
  14. One more time - Henry Cejudo is from Colorado.
  15. I am mostly happy with the system here. We have sports tied to education and support athletes through a college education. Most systems leave the athletes with nothing but broken bodies at the end.
  16. 125 Robles 133 Oliver 141 Streebler 149 ZainTrain 157 Kyle Dake 165 JB 174 Ed Ruth 184 Bo Nickal 197 J'den Cox 285 Kyle Snyder
  17. Recruit Johann Steinforth is 23. Looks like he spent quite a bit of time in the military. I am skeptical the clock doesn't start at the same time for international students. If some wrestling parents were aware of this loophole, they'd ship little Johnny overseas, juice him up and bring him back at 23.
  18. To be fair, Dake got worn down looking for his contact lens and didn't want to give a quarter percent advantage up. Burroughs doesn't even wear contracts, so they weren't on an even playing playing field.
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