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  1. First name - Gaylord. Fokken A crowbar!
  2. CNN is one of the three biggest cable news outlets in the US. Definitely qualifies as big. The rest is true, but no more and no less so than all of their competitors.
  3. Way over my head. Can someone spell out what he was expected to steal?
  4. 57kg-Uguev 65kg-Rashidov 74kg-Sidakov 86kg-Yazdani 97kg-Sadulaev 125kg-Akgul
  5. This is an evolving issue. I don't understand long term effects of testosterone or bone structures or any of the other issues. Doesn't look like anybody does either, despite a whole bunch of claims to the contrary. It is mostly a political issue at this point. The right doesn't like it and they shed crocodile tears for female athletes when in fact they hate trans people. The left wants to make it a civil rights issue with no consideration for sporting consequence. I can't say I feel informed enough to have an opinion on the core issue. I do know Caster Semenya is collateral damage. She is who she is and it is a travesty to demand she be somebody else or disqualify her.
  6. This is a false equivalency. Steroid use is always cheating. Saying that the field isn't level requires some evidence or rationale.
  7. Why do you say it doesn't even the playing field? Laurel Hubbard has a poor shot at winning a medal. let alone gold. Which athlete is a favorite going in?
  8. This is going to be a very contention point in the near future. All of that aside - Caster Semenya's disqualification is outrageous. Absolutely counter to the spirit of sport, competition and the Olympics.
  9. Competition is a good idea. They should hold it mid-winter so the recruits understand what "snowed in" means in practical terms.
  10. That actually happened to J Peterman. He ended up hooked on smack in Burma. Don't think he ever made it back to the catalog.
  11. To be fair, you are only in school seven of those years :)
  12. Enroll at Cornell Defer ORS Withdraw from School second semester - Grandmother died. Compete Withdraw from School second semester - Grandfather died. ORS Compete Enroll at Edinboro MH Compete MH ORS Compete
  13. We have to wait a couple of years to see if Bono is an upgrade. The Badgers finished 9th in 2020, 12th last year(only one dual win). So far he has Braxton Amos coming in soon , Seth Gross followed him to Madison and Evan Wick feels he is better off somewhere else. We'll see what happens.
  14. Wow. Stanford doesn't have an available graduate program? He must have esoteric interests!
  15. The NCAA is not going down the drain. If anything, they need to make even more money now. The colleges and universities have to form a national league of sorts for business and competitive purposes. The NCAA is that league. Student athletes aren't going away either. A select few of them will have very lucrative collegiate experiences, many more will make a bit of money and most will continue needing a landscaping job in the summer to supplement student loans and a partial scholarship.
  16. It seems like the only thing preventing a successful sports department at most schools is the existence of money, whether it is real or imagined. The correct model for the non-revenue sports is all around us. D2, D3, NAIA, Juco. They all exist at a fraction of the D1 cost.
  17. It says expenses for FB are about 70million. Looks like somewhere around 2/3 of their team is out of state, so direct payment to the players is under 3.5 million. That means the sum of all player compensation is 1/4 that of a single coach. Pretty solid representation the USA.
  18. Interesting. This is already Woods' 4th year at Stanford. Kind of a weird career, most of it totally out of his control.
  19. What do the wrestlers get? I have known multiple time AAs that don't get full scholarships. I don't think the average FB player gets anything other than the scholarship. Half the ones in CU/Boulder can't even afford to live in Boulder.
  20. A level playing field is good for business.
  21. The NCAA gets their cut. Nevertheless, the pro leagues put controls in to even the playing field. Maybe FB and BB players will have to absorb a cut in play when they go pro.
  22. Thanks. He did alot more than i thought he did!
  23. I was going to say I am skeptical a successful HS coach wouldn't put competing at a higher level at the top of their list of priorities. Then I thought back to my kids HS coaches and realized that was an afterthought for them. At best.
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