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  1. There are unconfirmed reports of Spencer Lee transferring to PSU and Gilman to Cal Poly.
  2. If my little Johnny won Fargo this year there wouldn't be an asterisk. :)
  3. No comment on your opinion of the world's reaction to covid 19, but your flu statistics are demonstrably false.
  4. He beat Green a couple of times their senior year. They split some others during their career. He did finish behind Green in March. Unfortunately, Ness was injured in his last NCAA. Tough for me to him ahead of Ness, but I managed it all the same! LOL Another top guy is Gilman.
  5. That is a great career. It is a fair assessment that I used out of NCAA results to form those rankings. Ironically, not with Green. He was was very good as a folkstyler and he deserves a mention. Very good on his feet. Great tilts. Had bottom issues against the creme de la creme. Certainly not as good as IMar, but nobody on this list is. I wouldn't put Bradley on this list. Does he make your top ten on this list? Who would he bump?
  6. Ranked by my reckoning: 1 #7 - Adam Coon - Michigan - 34 - 2,3,2 2 NR - James Green - Nebraska - 30 - 7,7,3,3 2 #6 - Tyler Graff - Wisconsin - 36 - 5,5,3,2 3 #2 - Tyler Caldwell - Oklahoma, Oklahoma State - 41 - 5,2,3,2 4 #7 - Mitchell Port - Edinboro - 34 - 2,3,2 5 #3 - Bo Jordan - Ohio State - 39 - 3,3,2,5 6 #5 - Brandon Sorensen - Iowa - 38 - 4,2,3,5 7 #3 - Dylan Ness - Minnesota - 39 - 2,4,2,6 8 #1 - Michael McMullan - Northwestern - 42 - 3,2,3,3 9 #7 - Logan Storley - Minnesota - 34 - 6,4,3,4
  7. He wrestled an exhibition with Das Ringer. Predictable result.
  8. So you are saying he needs to wrestle more like a fox than a lion? I agree with this assessment!
  9. Hunter Willits is beast.
  10. Seems like Nazar Kulchytskyy should be on this list. I recall him winning 3 or 4 titles.
  11. Thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes I miss subtleties and minutiae in English. If it were in Farsi or even Fante..........
  12. Fabian got off to to a rough start, but he is one of the greener guys in DI wrestling. He will eventually make a very big name for himself. I wish he could make 133 and hit the lineup next year, but I doubt he can make that weight
  13. Look how pathetic these teams are. https://www.crainscleveland.com/article/20170104/BLOGS06/170109931/macs-football-attendance-rises-4-9-but-is-still-the-lowest-among-fbs
  14. For those with rusty Farsi(not me), here is a uww link.
  15. Dake would beat Taylor. What's his face from Russia would beat Dake. Oh, Sidakov. That's about it
  16. That is an interesting one. In 96, Saitiev was 21 and Monday 35. I think Saitiev wins. I feel JB had a good style to beat Saitiev. Focus on quick finishes. Maybe force Saitiev into solid fundamentals and see if he is capable of wrestling there.
  17. Based on your post, Robles was undeniably short on past credentials criteria. why the snark? I wasn't arguing either way, just supplying criteria. Now that I'm in it, Robles was short on all but one, maybe two, of those criteria. Robles is the runaway winner in the heart category.
  18. I'm lost. What is your point here? Do you feel he was more deserving than Burroughs?
  19. From W.I.N. magazine's page on the Dan Hodge Trophy: "Criteria for the award includes a wrestler’s record, number of pins, dominance on the mat, past credentials, quality of competition, sportsmanship/citizenship and heart."
  20. The best college wrestler should also be acknowledged.
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