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  1. Yep, and Sadulaev's would be a bit different had he sandwiched 3wc between 2 olympic championships.
  2. Yazdani's legacy would be far, far different if DT weren't around. Sadulaev wouldn't be in the conversation for p4p King.
  3. Not a fan, but there is some admiration. No denying the positive impact it has on US wrestling. From the looks of it, lots more to come.
  4. It doesn't seem like we have the will to enforce the rules we make. If the IWF or a different organization won't follow the rules, it is bad to hold them accountable? We will probably never have that will. Look at the slap on the wrist Russia got for the ultimate cheat.
  5. I thought world's are only contested at non Olympic weights and Olympians are ineligible. Did that change? Dake said he is chasing Burroughs and I think JB goes up.
  6. After seeing dake vs jb and jb vs dt, dake remains better than dt
  7. Wrestle offs are part of life. If you can't win, well you can't complain. But hell yes you can. When one guy doesn't go through the grind of the season, make weight more than a dozen times, wrestle the duals and do all the heavy lifting he has no right to challenge in late February. It was ridiculous.
  8. They have to make scratch the 2nd day.
  9. Saritov is tough, as Carl is sure to tell Snyder. He is the one that beat Carl back in 2011(?).
  10. Better than awarding a point. I like the rules, apart for the laces.
  11. I feel JB > Yazdani. No doubt he had a better chance against JB than he did against DT!
  12. Burroughs would have beaten Yazdani
  13. So Dake will have Garzon today and Chamizo tomorrow?
  14. Postmortem decision for USAW better be no seeding or bracket placement consideration for non Olympic weights. That first Lesnar/Steveson cage match is gonna be dynamite!
  15. They got it right on the second scenario, but missed the mark by a mile on the first.
  16. Highly unlikely. Never been a clean Olympics and never will be.
  17. There is only olympic champion on the list, so no disputing the most accomplished.
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