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  1. So Dake will have Garzon today and Chamizo tomorrow?
  2. Postmortem decision for USAW better be no seeding or bracket placement consideration for non Olympic weights. That first Lesnar/Steveson cage match is gonna be dynamite!
  3. They got it right on the second scenario, but missed the mark by a mile on the first.
  4. Highly unlikely. Never been a clean Olympics and never will be.
  5. There is only olympic champion on the list, so no disputing the most accomplished.
  6. Sandoval has been solid for them at 141, maybe they are swapping. Theorious Robison used to be dynamite, but it looks like he has an uphill battle just to crack the lineup.
  7. It is culturally distinct from the front range, independent of the merits either way.
  8. Agreed. The addition of wrestling changes it completely.
  9. Sports evolve rapidly. I surfed around this morning and found some video of Comaneci's performance in 1976. She was fantastic. Really dotted her Is and crossed her Ts, but the athleticism was not remotely comparable to champions of this decade. Additionally, you can almost taste the eating disorder.
  10. Eastern half of Colorado is the great plains. It is cattle country, identical to western Kansas and Nebraska. Greeley is the king of all this. Like all places, it is a decent place. There is a large meatpacking plant there. About ten miles east is a huge feedlot. They claim to fatten 1.000,000 head/year but I'm skeptical of that. 10 miles is woefully insufficient to dissipate the smell of that much money, so the moniker of 'Stinky Town' was bestowed upon it. UNC is on the eastern edge of town. Fracking brought a lot of oil and gas to Greeley, so there is that. There are a lot of demands by a sizable number of people every 4 years to secede. I understand that part because I grew up out there. Not a good cultural fit with Denver/Boulder. I imagine it is a hard sell to an urban young man with options. The posters here are correct, Troy Nickerson has improved the program a lot. They did land Andrew Alirez (the #3 they are talking about) a few years back. Alirez is a local. He has suffered some injuries but has done very, very well when on the mat, as you are probably aware. They lean on transfers quite a bit, but have been starting out well the last few years. By the end of the year they are either hospitalized or burned out and they fade.
  11. Anyone who has ever been to Greeley questions why the #25 recruit in the country would go there. Compounded with the lack of national success UNCO has - primarily due to serious annual injures - and this is a real headscratcher. Maybe he knows somebody on the staff.
  12. Boxing has had a few. Oliver McCall quitting against Lennox Lewis was very bizarre. Roberto Duran calling 'No Mas' against Sugar Ray Leonard was strange as Duran is one of the greatest fighters ever.
  13. I don't think on this scale. I think Naomi Osaka quit the French Open? Also, Leo quit after winning the wrestle-off in "Reversal".
  14. That is not during competition or even training. Also, that bong hit is weak sauce. Is it even lit?
  15. Reports are she is out of individuals now. I feel bad for her as she is having some sort of breakdown. Champions thrive under pressure and she has done that and then some in the past. She is more than a champion. Perhaps she needs her support system close when she competes?
  16. A good portion of the folks around here don't even consider her an athlete.
  17. Why does she have more pressure than other champions? They are equivalent. The OP is astute!
  18. Did he get any surgical repairs done?
  19. Is Lee going to be less than 100% this year?
  20. Imagine how good he'll look when shirtless with a pinkie ring, nice gold chain AND that world famous tOSU tan!
  21. Concur. A social media personality made Askren look silly in boxing, so boxing is not his sport. Woods looks taller, stronger and more athletic. No reason to think he wouldn't win.
  22. Big12 FB is screwed. No way they can poach any marquee teams. Their best hope might be some middle of the pack teams like SMU, Rice, Houston or Colorado State. At least Rice or Houston gets them in Houston.
  23. After seeing Askew against the you tuber, not in boxing. With a couple of months training and sobriety, Woods would kick his ass. Not wrestling or MMA of course.
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