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  1. Assuming Hall has Olympic aspirations, it will be interesting to see what he does. He says he can't make 74, but there is no way he is big enough for 86. I really like him. He should take up long distance running so he can make 74 and make a bunch of noise.
  2. He doesn't have a Duck Dynasty beard.
  3. 'We' being the freshman JV team or the varsity team?
  4. Kayla Miracle said something about Brands questioning whether people were in the HWC for the right reasons. Maybe the ladies expressed loyalty to Mark Perry and it is as simple as that.
  5. This assertion seems like a reach. He is great, but Imar proved he is the better. Zain Train would beat him based on superior positioning. Zahid? C'mon now. Joseph always looked like he was packing a little extra, but he missed weight at 157 and 165.
  6. Carl does indeed cross his Ts and dot his Is
  7. Tech tip: add '?t=X'. To end of a YouTube url and it will start X seconds into the video. For the video above, https://youtu.be/dqXpvGMIVt8 becomes https://youtu.be/dqXpvGMIVt8?t=189 And the video will start at 3:09
  8. She is a delight! It's late, but I'll get right on this translation tomorrow. Happy to help. One fun fact - the antagonist was a former wrestler who was close, but never quite made the junior national team back home. His many failures gave him a lot of attitude. He is in a few background scenes of the movie 'Boys with Broken Ears'. The writing was on the wall at that point and he was the one doing the laundry. Upon his return to Iran after that trip, he had to do a small amount of time in a detention center because they caught him putting capsaicin powder in the jocks of the real wrestlers.
  9. There is a fried chicken chain in Iran. It is super spicy. Roughly trsnslated it means 'This ain't your mama' s chicken'. The owner is a former wrestler and current benefactor. That is their logo. The champions of the Takhti Cup dine at the original restaurant in Tehran every year. It is a big honor. Jordan Burroughs is the only American to eat that meal. He was a big hit with the locals and they still have his autographed picture on the wall.
  10. The singlets we can do. But the marines proper won't be getting by Jads.
  11. A business needs creativity. Chocolate covered sour punch morsels are my wheelhouse!
  12. LOL WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! Why am I not copied on this?
  13. Man, I wish I hadn't said I was an Iranian wrestler. This would have been epic.
  14. Am I being trolled? :) I am not Iranian, much less world class. I conjured up the silliest, most frivolous thing 'Marine' could possibly be and went with it. I assumed some people would get a slight chuckle and move on.
  15. The is some miscommunication happening between the folks who were forced out and the guy who is offering them whatever they need to stay.
  16. If that RTC is broke, all but one of the others are going as well.
  17. Did he get a divorce and start wearing that medal while at his new bagging groceries? :) His creator is still an active poster.
  18. This one is ridiculous because they both won the challenge.
  19. Is that call egregious?
  20. I was a backp on the Iranian national team in the early 90s
  21. It is an ad. 'Marine' is a transliteration of a large candy company in Iran. They are known for their production of a morsel with a chocolate outside and a sour inside. Sort of a chocolate covered sour punch. It is tradional for Iranian wrestlers to treat themselves with a Marine after mKinv weight.
  22. Why is the game over with that call?
  23. The CNN comment is particularly endearing.
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