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  1. Cadet worlds was available independent of Flo and there were no ads cutting into the action.
  2. The guessing game was part of the fun for me. Lots of times the competitors didn't know who scored either. They took credit on the close calls, similar to Jads raising his own hand in Atlanta.
  3. It was fun to watch Lee Kiefer win fencing gold. Lots of points scored and they were very expressive with each one. Kinda like me on a ping pong table.
  4. Can you get a waiver to move up from schoolboy to cadet? When my kids were wrestling, that wasn't allowed. Or perhaps that is just Fargo.
  5. What is your problem? Learn to detect a joke before throwing out the insults.
  6. Because the density of salt water is high relative to the human body and swimming in the open ocean is to easy?
  7. It didn't apply to him as undergrad either!
  8. Check out the magnificent mane on Lukas Kanownik/JR/120/ID
  9. This is not titillating at all. Unless he cuts weight and goes back to PSU. That would be interesting. We'd see who likes politicians then!
  10. The pressure will even come from beyond the grave!
  11. Good stuff. How old is he?
  12. I didn't see the other post and then the editor went on the fritz.
  13. He has to graduate to do a second D1 transfer.
  14. The juniors wrestled until 9:30pm, so they had 9 and a half hours to make weight. I imagine a lot of them were way, way over at that point.
  15. The really good recruits are looking for a college team that puts people in the NFL. Lincoln, Nebraska used to be an easy sell because the NFL was chock full of Huskers. Not so much anymore.
  16. This whole thing is a dumpster fire for Japan. Tens of billions spent on infrastructure. No tourists to pay for it. Drastically reduced sponsorships. Less than 10% vaccination rate. A population that has one of the highest median ages in the world. What else can go wrong for them?
  17. Hasn't always been the case. That rule changed sorta recently - within the last 20 or so years. I wouldn't disagree with an argument to change back. Laces are pretty cool, but not cool enough to generate a tech fall.
  18. Nice progression for Seamus O'Grady. I love seeing that. It is a pity his parents misspelled his name.
  19. I asked Kid Dynamite and he confirms this.
  20. This is a good question. I don't have a streaming service, but I will get the live stream via antenna. I think nbc.com will offer replays without subscription to cable or a service. Also, youtube offers a free month trial. I used that one weekend and it didn't cost anything.
  21. Does everyone have a paid subscription?
  22. Steveson winning gold would be legendary. That sort of thing only happens in the movies.
  23. The future of college wrestling?
  24. If this genre is your cup of tea, Unhinged is an excellent movie. The anti-hero succeeds beyond every commuter's wildest dreams.
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