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  1. Iran has one of these on the international board, both are nice additions.
  2. Uh-Oh. SeaBass commands attention. Nicky Pushups no like.
  3. If Old Dominion athletes are required to pay those enormous athletic fees to keep FB floating, their scholarship is a loss.
  4. Sounds like he had a beef with Ramos and they worked it out. Nice.
  5. Aren't we considering 4-4-2-4?
  6. Everyone at Stall Camp is coached to 'wear' contacts.
  7. I think White is too hard on him, but Bellator and other organizations exist. Rohskopf will get more opportunities if he wants them.
  8. Are you suggesting when a leg attack from neutral forces action to the ground, the ref will signal 'par terre' and legs are out? Or once a TD is awarded legs are out? If not, how do we get in the par terre position?
  9. How can he transfer to a D1 school? I thought you have to graduate or be a corner case to compete for 3 D1 schools.
  10. I thought he started at Penn State and transferred to Iowa. Did he wrestle JUCO instead of Iowa? Where at?
  11. Unfortunately for all of us, chronic bone spurs forced a premature end to his athletic career.
  12. By strict definition, he could enroll in a four-year baccalaureate program instead of grad school
  13. Nolf didn't improve much either, not that he needed to or even could have. I doubt his stats would show him as more dominant later in his career. Even though IMar almost lost the freestyle match against Nolf, he was clearly better and he would win tight matches against Nolf on a consistent basis independent of style.
  14. This has been hashed over. Semis were wrestled Friday and wrestlebacks on Saturday, so PD3 had a couple of matches that morning and Nickal didn't. OTH - Nickal made semis and PD3 didn't, so it was fair.
  15. That sounds about right for IMar/Nolf. Rutherferd and Streebler ended about 50-50, so I'll take Streebler 6-5.
  16. Getting ktfo has its own pitfalls.
  17. Thanks. So, school not sports.
  18. Next question, if the NCAA postpones until 2nd semester is he still eligible?
  19. Hammerdick? Did you intend that as an insult?
  20. There is something for everyone. Those who can't throw wrestle.
  21. Well, he has better wins and is an asterisk 3xer.
  22. I respect the opinion of CementMixer103, but it is not mine. My cause for pause with him is the sweet wins over IMar when it really counted - Taylor can't match that, despite having opportunities. Not my list, so take it up with him.
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