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  1. I didn't. I said my piece and stand behind it. Nothing more to discuss.
  2. Are you sure they have the engineers to implement a new feature? It smells like they only have enough for maintenance, if that.
  3. Those he won between 2000 and 2010 weren't stripped.
  4. HWC has to be broke. Only plausible explanation for having zero marquis wrestlers and sending the women packing. Saving up for Spencer Lee sponsorship? This will impact recruiting ambitious athletes.
  5. LOL, it certainly would! He busts people up - totally illegally of course - and then says boo freaking hoo when they show the poor guy convalescing in an ICU. UR brilliant!
  6. Every college program that doesn't break even or better subsists on handouts. The handouts are often from BB, which is a bit humiliating for some some of our kind!
  7. I didn't know Suriano was floating rudderless around the country. It was self serving for both parties, no doubt.
  8. They have exclusive footage and interviews with Nicky Pushups. It is a decent video.
  9. Love Perry's comment that he showed up unannounced and just started practicing. That must have caused quite a stir.
  10. What will his finishing move be? Maybe he will go to the top rope, turn his back to the opponent, wave a realistic replica of his gold medal, do a back flip and land belly to chest for a dramatic count of three!
  11. Word on the street is Steveson is now six feet seven inches and 341 pounds. His wiki has been corrected to show he hails from somewhere outside Accra, Ghana.
  12. The competitive fire will eat him alive
  13. I doubt this means an end to fs. He'll try to do both.
  14. I'd rate DT 20% for Paris and Yazdani 19%.
  15. My recommendation would be he get healthy, is that what he is doing? What is wrong with him?
  16. LOL I am not trolling. I am impressed with Lee and wish he'd give me more opportunity to be a fan. I think Spencer Lee has a lot more in him - right now - than Iowa and NCAAs. By comparison, Snyder was NCAA, World and Olympic champ by this stage of his career. Steveson's ambition also speaks for itself. Yianni is one win over Nick Lee from putting Spencer Lee at the back of the bus, a spot which he should not occupy.
  17. Why not? America loves a good story of redemption. His OTT was good enough to keep his career going. He is in the discussion for 79 kg. He could wind up having a fantastic year. It is almost as if Lee can only go down, which is a bad position for him. What is this post? I explained to you exactly what I meant by withering on the vine. So, you are right. The discussion is not in good faith?
  18. His wrestling is going no where, which is the source of his marketing. He will win again. Easily. Too easily, That is not the same as growth. He lost huge ground to his competitors in the market this year. He seems much bigger than Iowa and NCAA to me.
  19. I don't think this is true, especially in an Olympic year. Most of the RTC guys are building their brand using their own recent college exploits as a foundation. For example, Zahid. He is still a well known commodity - certainly more than Brooks, Starocci, Kemmererer or others around the weight. Even more than Ferrari who is very good at marketing himself. Ferrari was a dud at OTT. Spencer Lee is a good case study. He has a higher profile than all but a few of the RTC guys. He would have done well taking a page out of Snyder's college playbook. He is withering on the vine at Iowa.
  20. As my dad used to say, the dog would have caught the rabbit IF it hadn't stop to take a dump. Turns out, money is money.
  21. HYC is 26. 1xOC, 2xWC and 6x medalist. HOF career. What does he need to do to become GOAT in Iran? I would think he never gets there in most contemporary hearts and minds without at least one win over Taylor.
  22. Last 20 seconds is the end of the match, so fatigue certainly played a role once again.
  23. Hmmmm, almost a day old and crickets from the peanut gallery. Ouch. LOL
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