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  1. Back the original topic -- Doesn't Iowa have to be beat them at least once in a lifetime for it to be a rivalry? :)
  2. The better guy won and this will be how they finish from now on. All the out of bounds pushes to the face won't help him in two weeks. No wonder that MSU guy kicked his arse a month ago!
  3. He is going to put on 25 pounds in half of a day?
  4. More anecdotal evidence -- No point in being online when you are at the tournament!
  5. This was a good dual. Why didn't you start a thread on it rather than post a link on a thread about Dake's farts?
  6. I thought Bosie St. was DII. Why are they in that division?
  7. ........hmmm. I don't know about that He put in the "probably" qualifier so chances are his assessment is more than likely in the ball park.
  8. I liked 'If you know what I mean and you do know what I mean'
  9. When a wrestler is getting handled near the edge, his coach will speak in a secret code that the ref can't understand : "Know where you are at!"
  10. I doubt Sanderson cut much if at all during his career. He certainly didn't his senior year. I get the impression Dake has cut a lot.
  11. Stop the presses. Burroughs has to be pigtailed into this.
  12. I love how Dake knows how to win a match. Its uncanny. Still--No magic at MSG. Caldwell 3-2.
  13. non-fans tend to relate to ND the same way casual fans relate to the Yankees.... fair weather... Hence, why they are hated. Growing up right there in michiana, I'm a fan. My a$$hole brother was texting me last night during the game and stopped right at the end. Lord knows what he did to himself in celebration. LOL
  14. DING! DING! DING! One man who gets it! After that, all of your problems will go away when I HAPPILY leave this site (until my brief appearance at the end of the year pick'ems contest)! Keep lurking even after they start ignoring you. I'll push your buttons.
  15. Plasmodium


    I say that because campus bunnies are nearly domesticated. They are totally unsuspecting. Shooting wild bunnies is a different topic.
  16. Plasmodium


    WTF is up in Iowa? This incident, the 174 lber and the incident with the asst coach and wrestlers playing with a skinned carcass? Is this some sort of initiation? No matter how you look at it, shooting and skinning a bunny on campus is twisted and cruel behavior.
  17. Before the match, I thought Dake would dominate him. After the match and despite the result, I thought Taylor looked like the better wrestler. I was impressed that he was able to so well on bottom. Still - Taylor was clearly better conditioned and as the season goes on I think Dake will get stronger and beat him two more times. Neither is close to the level of JB two years ago.
  18. Jokes on YOU. Lighten UP. ARE you LI marty NOW?
  19. Somebody needs to work on their photoshop skillz. The lighting is way off.
  20. At one point there were 11 scholarships maximum. It became 9.9 when that was reduced by 10%.
  21. My point is that the states subsidize the education of instate students, so the school gives up that subsidy when they have an out of state student and it winds up costing actual money. You assert that a full scholarship for an out of state student counts two scholarships against the 9.9 maximum. That sounds crazy. Are you sure that its crazy enough to be true?
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