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  1. There are lots of reasons to put Hall in this year. 1)He costs a heckuva lot. 2)He is ready now 3)He wants to wrestle now. Maybe , I don't actually know that 4)Bo Nickal will be fine at 184 5)Will he even be around beyond 2020 to burn a fifth year? 6)As Housebuye said, that is a pretty good lineup.
  2. I think Rio is in the process of shaking down the IOC for a few billion. Not sure if it's good or bad, just a role reversal.
  3. I was responding to your quote about enrollment in a hs. If that were the only criteria, rising freshmen would be eligible but a graduated senior would not be. With respect to the red text, a very old third grader who took a class that counts towards graduation, such as algebra or geometry, would meet that criteria.
  4. A rising freshman who has registered for classes is enrolled in 9th grade
  5. If people can put their troll aside for a minute -- can anyone on this forum honestly put themselves on that team, make the decision to pull rank and destroy his coaches like this? This whole thing seems spiteful to me.
  6. Plasmodium


    You can use their op address instead
  7. I love the sound of the eletromagnetic spectrum. Especially on weekends.
  8. That is what I was told. I doubt there is a big preference for faculty and staff, as that could be a significant number.
  9. Are you sure Travis Lee was enrolled in the Ag School? They do have other colleges at Cornell.
  10. I wonder if Penn still offers free tuition? Some years ago, my brother had a friend with 5 kids. He sought and obtained a job @ Penn for that reason. Well over a million dollar bonus.
  11. That is awesome. Hyperlinks on the team tab? :)
  12. PA has a very low rate of participation -- Illinois and PA have a similar population, PA is far bigger than NJ.
  13. It feels like Eggum is about to lose the most in this situation. I hope he doesn't get forced out, as he is a stand up guy and has paid his dues for the Gophers
  14. In addition to Lock Haven, I see Northern Colorado and Wisconsin has posted their schedules for next year.
  15. Wyoming is a well funded and supported program. This is one of the prime jobs in college wrestling and nearly every coach would want it if actually does open up.
  16. Burroughs will school the young man. Specifically, he is going to be taken down with outside singles from tie-up transitions and he's going to get laced more than once.
  17. Cox had a serious beef with Wellington so he was off his game. He certainly was not dominating that match.
  18. Agreed. That sentence is an unfortunate but succinct description of us!
  19. The central question is then: Does his opinion, which is indeed shared by a percentage of our society, harm us? The answer is unequivocally yes.
  20. Compound this with his views on evolution (remember those?!) and you get something truly special.
  21. Why the surprise? France is really, really good at one sport and it is the dirtiest one ever.
  22. Sounds like wishful thinking on Koll's part. I can't see any reason for an Olympian like Cox to wrestle in this event. He already extended his season 6 months, so he ought to be kind to himself and start wrestling again after the first of the year.
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