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  1. What happened to last young gun for Iran @74? Essabollah? He gave JB a couple of good matches and earned a world silver at 21 or 22 before disappearing.
  2. The WADA report mentions centrifuges at Russian nationals for the athletes to use. What do they use those for?
  3. It would be immensely unjust to ban an entire team.
  4. To the few Iranians and Russians we have on the board - Did observant Muslims allow themselves to drink and eat this past weekend? The IRI looked pretty well fueled.
  5. Just watched his match with Dieringer. Despite a glaring size disadvantage, he completely dominated physically. Did Gable come out of retirement and move to Iran? That is how Iowa is supposed to wrestle! I like this guy, but JB is going to school him.
  6. Great opportunity for Dieringer. He can make a lot of noise
  7. Does anyone else's blood pressure go up when they pay $14 for a movie ticket and have to sit through 20 minutes of trailers for movies they would never dream of going to?
  8. According to his wiki, the late Steve "Dr. Death" Williams was an AA in football as well as a 4X AA in wrestling.
  9. Not strange that some of the best HS teams are private, Catholic or otherwise. Private schools understand winning - recruit, recruit, recruit. Also, the schools and many parents have money.
  10. You have to qualify weights for junior worlds? I thought any member organization can send a representative to the world championships.
  11. There is some serious tribalism going on in the former soviet republics! Here is an article about the honorable president of the worlds best wrestling federation.
  12. The sport isn't monetized, only the coverage of it. That being said, I enjoy the coverage and volunteer to pay for it.
  13. Gas is under $2 in some areas. College is affordable if you have the money. Much like cable and Flo.
  14. Everyone can't be IMar. :) He looked gassed against Palacio @ Scuffle and pulled it out late. Gantt looked way fresher than him at the end of their match. I figured Gantt would win, but Marsteller defended well and then put it out of reach. The win against Gantt is a big feather in his cap, IMO.
  15. Just cause you look tired doesn't mean you can't wrestle. He scored the last points against Gantt and IMar in match 1. He shouldn't be faulted for ultra-high risk moves in IMar2. Despite looking gassed, he wrestled through all three of those. I'm still trying to figure out how he didn't get four for taking IMar to his back in match 2.
  16. What is it with freestyle and Illinois? When the NCAA switches over, Illinois will be the new Iowa.
  17. School is out boys, those are former Nittany Lions.
  18. Illinois has two on the team and Penn State has zero. Interesting.
  19. Marsteller looks to be on track. Big win over Gantt and earns a nice opportunity against IMar.
  20. The last one was iffy. The other two were legit. Especially the head butts, which removed any sympathy I might otherwise have had.
  21. I wouldn't mind seeing a scrap today, anybody have a link? Does he only scrap when he loses?
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