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  1. I mention that because he was injured one of those years. Some people are getting an extra year under that circumstance. Cody Pack, for example.
  2. Looks like Max Wessel could squeeze out another year if he were so inclined.
  3. IIRC, there was no such thing as passivity in 2011. If so, does that change your opinion of the match -- e.g. the guy followed the rules and won fair and square?
  4. Saritov is clearly a funky, counter wrestler. Those rules and this match fit his style very well. I don't think he will do well this weekend. Although Saritov did nothing in this match, he was effective more than Sanderson. On the very few(two?) occasions when Sanderson committed to an attack, Saritov got the better of him.
  5. The championship series cannot be moved to a different day because the one who has not won a world medal has to prove he can 5 or 6 tough matches in a day.
  6. The difference is brain injuries.
  7. That would be a much more effective pic if the syringe were full of blood.
  8. Lets go USA! Two things we'll see from Cox: 1)Great skill 2)Average size
  9. Wow. He was a very intelligent and open person. I particularly enjoyed his stories about Dave Schultz going out of his way to help him when he was a beginner.
  10. Too bad he was so sick last December. Otherwise, he may have qualified for the trials here.
  11. How good must Gatsalov be to go up an equivalent amount in one year and win Olympic gold? When he was Cox's age. How about when he went up 50 more and still won a world tile?
  12. This is merely the beginning. I wouldn't count my chickens if I were Iowa.
  13. It appears not. Makes sense, since qualification is done by country.
  14. What was the incentive to run the trials before these qualifiers? Lots of countries have multiple entries.
  15. From a true California outsider -- How can a golf tournament be a "meat grinder"?
  16. Kayak.com says Denver->LA->Bejing->Ulan Bator in 22 hours
  17. Why is Poway such an outlier in California?
  18. Dake wasn't shafted in any match against JB. Further, the qualification process is perfect for testing whether an upstart has what it takes to be a world medalist. JB has beaten him in a different way every time they have wrestled. Its unfair to Cox to say that Dake got beat by the weight. Dake beat 3 guys who weighed in @ 86 during that tournament alone. He got beat by a better wrestler, pure and simple.
  19. More size may indeed help him wrestle at 86, but being at 86 will make him a less effective wrestler. In the sequence I pointed out, his body clearly wouldn't do what he wanted it to do. This is a square peg in a round hole. He should wrestle where he is the best and that is clearly not 86. JB will be 32 in 2020. The field is going to catch him at some point, the only question is who will be leading the field.
  20. He looked highly unmotivated in his last outing. I like rooting against good ol' Tsardouche, so I hope he at least makes noise in their trials. He is 28 and a year and a half removed from being world champion, so he is not quite over the hill.
  21. Trevor Noah -- That was funny. The parking tickets, molestation and statute of limitations make for some good comedy fodder. All kidding aside, there are some looming sexual issues with potential to damage wrestling in a big way. Oil checks and package rides threaten to take a toll. We all saw this at the highest level last weekend. Its a disgrace.
  22. Bigger is not always better. This is wrestling -- everything gained results in something lost. In addition to having diminished effective cardio(much bigger size, same heart and lungs), he has clearly lost quickness and maneuverability. Go back to Cox's takedown in the first round of the last match. In that situation, Dake squares up 100 times out of 100 against any opponent @74.
  23. Since Dake is smaller than Cox and Cox cuts weight, he can close the size gap. He doesn't become a better wrestler in the process, IMO. Cox isn't quite done maturing physically. He will get stronger and more explosive.
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