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  1. J'Den Cox is not yet a large 86 kg. He is the same size as Foster, who was dwarfed by the Iranian at the world cup.
  2. Dake is in a tough spot. I think his best bet is 70 & then 74. JB will be 32 in 2020 and there will likely be a changing of the guard before then.
  3. The FILA wrestling database has information going back to 1969
  4. AF, Boise State and Wyoming are FBS football programs.
  5. Henry Cejudo wrestled his last two years of hs @ Coronado in Colorado Springs. That's about as native as it gets in colorado.
  6. Imagine how awkward that room was. Ramos says he didn't even practice with Dennis.
  7. When did Dennis actually go back to Iowa?
  8. He wrestled 97 last cycle and weighed in at the max this cycle. ~65 pounds!
  9. I enjoyed Herbert's career a lot. He had a tremendous amount of success and he did it all with a big smile and a great mullet. He is the only medalist we've had at that wrought since what, 2004?
  10. Scott was probably mislead by a previous iteration of the rules where only one move counted towards criteria.
  11. Mark Hall is impressive. He has so many positive mental attributes for a high schooler. Hard to believe Bouvaisar Saitiev was winning World and Olypic golds at this stage.
  12. The ref didn't give the match to Ramos. In fact, it was a committee of three that decided the rules should be followed.
  13. From track, it looks like everyone but Dake cut weight in 86. Cox isn't much bigger than anyone else and in fact looked the same size as Foster.
  14. I thought the ref held up two-blue, but they din't toss a brick
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