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  1. We all saw Theekle. That was one helluva power bomb!
  2. WTF? The ref blew the whistle and they score the throw?
  3. He can commit to 70 for a few years and see what happens
  4. Thats what I thought. On a couple of occasions.
  5. Then it appears Gwiz would have a short career as a matador. :) They usually circle away and dig an underhook.
  6. Based on tan alone, Gwiz has to head up to tOSU.
  7. Rey with the win. Sets up a good final with Tervel tonight
  8. Should be a good battle between Pico and Molinaro. I'll take Pico to pull away at the end of each of the first two. Very exciting for him. I felt awful for Metcalf. People can say what they want about him, but they can't say he didn't pay the price.
  9. welcome back. its awesome that all of your hamburger eating friends wiped off their chins long enough to speak up for you!
  10. If he can make 65, he should be at 65. At most, he has two Olympiads.
  11. Head coach of a D1 wrestling program is a young man's sport and a lot of these guys aren't young. Some of the coaches simply don't have the enthusiasm required to maintain the programs they built.
  12. Prediction: Ramos Stieber Burroughs Herbert Snyder Dlagnev Desired: Graff Metcalf Burroughs Herbert Snyder Dlagnev
  13. I think the two are around the same physically, which is not a surprise since they are about the same age. They both have a ways to go, but I see Valencia as a more mature wrestler. That flying squirrel wasn't improvised, it was an effective, well practiced shot. On the other side, I'm sure even Hall would admit he took some awful shots in that match. Hall has intangibles. His defense can't be coached and he has an enormous amount of mental acuity.
  14. I'm interested in why you think valencia has the greater potential. I feel the opposite.
  15. Conditioning is only one component of getting tired.
  16. Bottom is a little technique and a lot of attitude. He looked good this past weekend because he had a good attitude and people with a good attitude work on the weak parts of their game. . IMO, Marsteller will be stellar this year.
  17. This looks like a gap is turning into a chasm.
  18. Ramos - he is on task and motivated but definitely needs to show improvement Stieber - lots of potential Burroughs - 'nuff said Ruth - when motivated, he can do well. Apart from Herbert, cant say that about the rest of the field. Snyder - proven Dlagnev - proven
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