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  1. I agreed with you that he is qualified. He is a former member, mot medalist. If he wants to be the world team member he has to win junior WTT and then beat mark hall.
  2. That rule doesn't apply to Valencia because he is not a junior world medalist. If he doesn't wrestle in Junior WTT, he has no path to being the world team member.
  3. There is not a significant difference in their size!
  4. I think you just summed up Wall Street!
  5. Dr. Peppelman was treated justly, so he who has not sinned...... Unfortunately and as many have pointed out, others aren't treated quite so justly He would be serving a long sentence if he didn't have resources and social standing. Also hard to imagine him not getting the tar beat out of him for what he did to the cop that day. The officer gets humanity credits there.
  6. Its not about him, per se. He was treated as any person would have been. He was not indicted for tax evasion or fraud, only for lying and failure to obtain government approval on how he spends a large sum of his cash. Ironically, he was instrumental in passing legislation(Patriot act) that makes it easy to prosecute him.
  7. If you aren't highly recruited, this is a rough experience for the athlete. My son was a lightly recruited kid out of HS two years ago, consequently we didn't even try to contact the elite tier of schools. Most of the ones that we did pursue wouldn't even return a call. Interestingly, a sizable number of those coaches are no longer in the business and I was left with the distinct impression that many coaches are very lazy and complacent. The ones that did return calls were successful(~10-30 ranking). At any rate, we worked hard and my son found a nice home just two hours away. I am happy to say he is doing well on and off the mat.
  8. This is an indictment of the FBI. If your personal life involves money, you have to justify it to the FBI? WTF?
  9. Are the Valencia brothers twins? If not, who is older? Those two are tearing it up!
  10. It's too bad Ben Askren stopped wrestling. He would be the perfect heel - super good, a motor mouth and witty as hell. Man, I'd love to hate that guy. ;)
  11. What this sport needs is a few heels. A few people only a mother could love. Unfortunately, everyone is likable. Metcalf used to be easy to hate and then he ruined it all by revealing his true personality. He also took some lumps and worked through a lot of adversity. Now he is a crowd favorite.
  12. Nothing really intriguing here. DT did well, but Lopez is 33 and out of shape. Dake will beat DT as usual and JB will go on to take what is rightfully his in LV.
  13. As mentioned in the rule itself, there are existing provisions for those that are disabled. If I were a voting member of OSHAA, I would definitely have voted against this.
  14. Hall dominated him, free or folk. Neutral or on the mat. Nolf had the TD without actual control in the first(Hall actually won that sequence 3-2) and the rest of his TDs were meaningless because the match was already decided, I doubt Nolf could take him down in folkstyle.
  15. Anyone know what the impetus was to raise this? Losing 20 year old 'kids' to Illinois and Michigan?
  16. It doesn't get better than this
  17. Enjoyed that match. Maybe someone can do me a favor and clarify the rules here. Why wasn't Maple called out @~40 seconds? He definitely stepped out. Why didn't Maple get 4 @~3:15? Humphrey clearly tried to execute a duck under, went from his knees to his feet and then directly to exposure.
  18. I think Retherford will win at least one match against Pico next month. The dude has moxy.
  19. I wouldn't consider Brands the best coach, but he is definitely the most entertaining. He has an actual personality and I love his Midwest vernacular.
  20. J'Den Cox is still a junior. It would be interesting to see him throw his hat in the ring.
  21. Awesome. That must have taken years.
  22. Hs sports should be just that. If you are not yet in hs, wait your turn. It's not about pure competition, you are representing your school. I see no difference between a ms kid on a hs team and a college kid on a hs team. Plenty of true and even rs freshmen are of legal age.
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