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  1. Awesome. That must have taken years.
  2. Hs sports should be just that. If you are not yet in hs, wait your turn. It's not about pure competition, you are representing your school. I see no difference between a ms kid on a hs team and a college kid on a hs team. Plenty of true and even rs freshmen are of legal age.
  3. Only top 5 from the open qualifies for WTT.
  4. Retherford can't take Pico down in folk or free. Probably can't turn him either. Pico wins in any style.
  5. I'l take Nolf. For freestyle, weigh-ins are on Thursday and wrestling is on Friday and Saturday.
  6. If he could run 38 inches up, he has the physical attributes to play in the NFL. I highly doubt he has those attributes.
  7. his chances are directly proportional to his speed and jumping ability. corner would be his best shot.
  8. as far as studying for a career and not for personal interest and growth - that is a decision you'll regret sooner rather than later.
  9. Am I the only one that can't read any posts beyond the massive salary table? Strike that, I can read the other posts when replying.
  10. Nice. Couple this rule 'clarification' with a ref that can watch a video and Tyler Wilps takes his rightful place at the top of the podium!
  11. Jamill Kelly went to Lassen
  12. The takeaway from that is that firemen like it heavy, hot and sweaty?
  13. I haven't seen any anti-Pico posts by Angry_Fish. What gives with the hate?
  14. thanks. I thought he meant the release part of that went away.
  15. What about a TD before any exposure happened? What are the FS rules in that position?
  16. JB -- according to these rules, he has not qualified - http://content.themat.com/forms/2015-Trials-Procedures-MFS.pdf Is there a revised set?
  17. I also recall JB saying last year would be his final US Open. His reasoning was that he has nothing to gain and he gives his top rivals more experience against him.
  18. I'm sure that I'm not the only one interested in seeing/reading that interview. Do you have a source?
  19. If we win these next two, we win?
  20. Yazdani is impressive. He'll be their 74 next year
  21. One other difference between the two streams was Iranian TV streamed standard def and the UWW streamed HD.
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