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  1. One other difference between the two streams was Iranian TV streamed standard def and the UWW streamed HD.
  2. Are all gold medalists an easy drive to the Caspian Sea, or is it only 90% of them?
  3. I agree with this practice, but if they did it, they didn't do it correctly. This feed is really not any more informative than yesterday.
  4. Salas used one to score on Ruth early on as well, but when the ref picked up on it he put a stop to it.
  5. Brock Lesnar and Anthony Robles come to mind.
  6. UWW's youtube channel has everything they've uploaded. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi8PYovluicFUUD_YxJIcMA
  7. the real gift here was that Ruth couldn't perform to his best. Merry Christmas to Russia. This seems like a hateful Post.
  8. the USA won on classification points. AFAIK
  9. Mat b. Everyone please quit whining. You are hashing my buzz
  10. True, but the video quality is superb
  11. Hottest ref I've ever seen. And she stays out of the match.
  12. You have a point. He is young. Still. I doubt your training was anything like his from 13-18 and you are comparing apples and oranges. You were probably a blank canvas.
  13. Was that the first action after a restart?
  14. If you get DQd from a match, do you get ejected from the tournament?
  15. That's all fluffy preamble to that awesome humor that went right over your head.
  16. You might be onto something here. Most of these guys Muslims, so they don't drink. Do you think its possible my middle school coach was right when he said my drinking would catch up to me?
  17. Down goes DAKE! Down goes DAKE! People come up with the most imaginative ways to beat this fish named Dake in a virtual match.
  18. I wish people would stop talking about Pico's age. He could be a HS student, but he put himself on the big stage and he is doing very, very well there. He is now a rival for big stakes with people that other fans have been following for many years and they want their guy to win. He is one of the guys. Get used to it. He talks trash, throws punches, blah, blah, blah. Go Metcalf.
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