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  1. Mark Branch had a losing record when he won as a freshman.
  2. What is ironic about "pamela"? Two threes or one five ending a match is a bigger issue than a seven point tech.
  3. Complaining? That has only just begun. Wait until the inevitable happens with the new rules and a referee decides an American should be the one that loses @ Worlds or the Olympics.
  4. The cheating didn't bother me because everyone did it. His world was a house of cards. His treatment of people that were in the same boat as him was unconscionable. He aggressively sued people for claiming that he doped. He destroyed people and their lives for telling the truth. He is a a narcissistic scumbag.
  5. Steroids enable a much quicker recovery from a difficult workout or competition, so they are used extensively in cycling. Ask Floyd Landis.
  6. Maybe weight room, maybe genetics. Tsargush looked older, stronger and more experienced. Not surprising since he is older, stronger and more experienced. Taylor thought he had the advantage in that last scramble, but Tsargush had different ideas. This was a great day for DT. Very positive experience for him.
  7. Taylor could meet Tsargush if they both win their first 2. Taylor should definitely get to this match. This is an excellent opportunity for him.
  8. Fortune is the only one still going.
  9. Taylor would then be 5-1-2-1, assuming no surprises.
  10. If you think you didn't insult me, read your own posts. At least you have a definite opinion. This distinguishes you from pa- fan. He will not say anything. I did not say dake is better than jb, I said jb is better. I do not know enough about Stephen Neal,s career to rank him on any list.I also said Smith is better than than jb. I am not judging based solely on NCAA results, because there is more information available. These comparisons are all opinions. When trying to compare people from different years, you have to use some criteria to separate them. jb dominated everyone in his best years. Others have done that, but DT did not. JB quickly followed that up with a world title. This is one criteria that separates him from others, including dt. As mentioned earlier, maybe howe, dsj and Taylor will wind up in the same bracket. DT blows through it and follows that up with a world title. Then the list might change. Given your criteria, I wouldn't argue with your lists. Let me give you a hypothetical now. Suppose DT has to wrestle at 165 as a freshman and winds up 5th. How does your list change?
  11. This is a dead end. I don't know enough about Stephen Neal. I'm not interested enough to rank the others. I don't have a bcs type point system, but if I did it would be weighted towards the better years in a big way. Bottom line - Burroughs finishes college comfortably ahead of Taylor and Bubba as a senior proved himself demonstrably ahead of Taylor as a freshman. Those were my original points and I provided the rationale for them. What I got in return was zero rationale and insults from the peanut gallery (you) and pa fan. His brilliant logic? "You can't use post graduate results to evaluate how good someone was. You just can't. I don't know how else to tell you!" :lol:
  12. LOL Was the Baron ever a world champion? Perhaps he could add something to this discussion.
  13. olddirty, My assumption is that many, if not most, coaches of world champions are not world champions themselves. Aren't they telling their athletes how to be a world champion?
  14. What?? Rank certain people? I rank Burroughs over DT. The rationale is solid.
  15. They don't have anything to do with it. At any rate, I gave an opinion about Dake a long time ago. I rate Smith higher than Burroughs.
  16. Tsargush will be 26 on September 1, isn't that to old?
  17. I sound foolish? This is a simple discussion that has nothing to do with Dake or smith or anyone else. Further, there is no exact formula in comparing people from different years let alone different decades. Comparisons among DT, JB, JS and KD are different subjects. You are correct that DT could pull some real surprises in the next year, in fact you could have copied and pasted one of my posts on that subject. I think Pa-Fan can have enough of a spine to actually type an answer to a simple question. He is certain enough of himself to insult me for a week, I see no reason why he can't answer the question.
  18. Why would my criteria put Burroughs above Smith?
  19. I have also never said that jb > js, so don't assume. he is not part of the discussion.
  20. I have not said dake is better than jb. I clearly set the question as yes/no when I asked it.
  21. Since I made the question yes/no, obviously you are wrong.
  22. Yes and no are the only possible answers to a yes/no question. Providing a different answer means that you haven't answered the question.
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