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  1. A single loss shouldn't eliminate anyone from anything but NCAAs. The Hodge should be earned with quality wins.
  2. That definitely sounds like the actions of one individual coach. I can't imagine a coach not tripping over himself to write a letter of recommendation for a guy that spent 5 years in his program.
  3. While this is definitely true, some states have historically over performed based on the number of D1 programs (Ohio, New Jersey) and others have underperformed (North Carolina). I'd like to see North Carolina's numbers, if you have them. below are CA, OR and NC's NQs from 1998-2014. If it's too small to read you can find a bigger version here: http://jaroslavwrestling.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/ncaa-wrestling-national-qualifiers-from-california-oregon-north-carolina-1998-2014/ let me know if you have any other suggestions on states to compare. I am from Colorado so I would be interested in how we are trending. More than that, it would be interesting to see how states that have had high and sustained growth trend. It seems like population shifts don't have a large effect.
  4. I hope this mystery is more interesting than the last.
  5. Apples and oranges. If they want to hire a younger guy, it should be someone like Eric Guerrero, Donny Pritzlaff or Brandon Eggum.
  6. How does Coleman Scott make anyone's short list? He is still competing.
  7. I'll guess that it was already well scouted. Check out 1:43 of his match with Varner:
  8. This was very clear in video. Anybody know what would have happened if Zeke Jones threw a brick?
  9. E=mc^2. I can't imagine the energy produced by converting the mass of just one elephant into energy, let alone the ark. Your statement is preposterous. :D
  10. How many scholarships do they have? They have the same funding as some schools that do have 9.9. Edinboro is very reasonably priced, even for out of staters
  11. Careers should be measured by your peak skill level and quality wins.
  12. He did it to Bergman also. At 0:34 1:42 and 6:10. And the ref spent half the match shaking his finger at Bergman. Totally asleep at the wheel.
  13. FWIW, some wrestlers make money from their name. David Taylor headlines lots of camps and clinics, so his name is at the top of that list.
  14. These guys are employees and their job title is 'student-athlete'. :) They are going to rake in overtime and get paid premium wage to study more. How many hours total does a football player put in for both school and sports? 60? A serious student at Northwestern --- 70? The university will have to hire work-study folks to make sure they are actually studying during their billable hours. This will herald the end of non-revenue sports.
  15. Literally none of those situations are stalling.
  16. Edinboro is a far more achievable blueprint than Penn State.
  17. By any criteria Iowa is better than Illinois, so why not?
  18. WTF? People can only have superficially attractive loved ones? Please tell me you are in HS.
  19. He'll always have you. I'm sure that comforts him. :)
  20. Depends. Does the other guy keep backing up and/or circling away from you?
  21. Penn State needs two wins and a MN loss.
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