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  1. Ruth doesn't have that. He has no more dedication and preparation than does anyone else. He just happens to have that much more talent and natural ability. Not a knock on the guy, but lets not act like he's 100% committed to wrestling when the facts clearly point otherwise. He's done somethings and probably continues to do others that fellow wrestlers wouldn't get away with because they don't have what he has. His natural level of talent and his given ability are just that much ahead of most everyone else's. As for Grajales having a similar ending to his career that Sponseller did, I most certainly see that happening. I still say that he has to survive the first two rounds of nationals though. He can get beat in the QF's and then win the R12 match to AA. I don't see him coming back through the wrestlebacks from a 1st or 2nd round loss and AA'ing though. He could surprise me though. As far Could you quantify exactly what Ed Ruth's "talent and natural ability" is?
  2. Is this match available anywhere?
  3. Do msu wrestlers do well socially and academically?
  4. Didn't watch this match, but in general its pretty sad to watch a guy get ridden for two minutes without even a sniff of a turn. Even sadder is that is what distinguishes folkstyle from freestyle.
  5. There are goals and dreams. If you reach them, there is cause for celebration. If someone dreams of R12 or qualifying or winning a match and then achieves it, he should pop a cork right there on the mat.
  6. Let's say you are head coach of Western Tech State U. Your top assistant decided to go into financial planning so you are in need of an assistant coach. You have a promising class of recruits in the middle weights. Further, you'd like to bring in some fresh blood and ideas to your program, so you want to hire the assistant from outside of your circle. Describe your hiring process.
  7. If we dust off the Owings/Gable match, will anyone say that their technique and position wrestling is sufficient to beat Steiber or Retherford?
  8. Given that the majority of the seriously successful wrestlers don't lift weights, how do they improve quickness?
  9. I ran that mother's responses and geography through the 'Find your school' tool. Its Michigan State for her little Johnny!
  10. I thought it was interseting that Palacio ran to the center after the whistles and ran straight out of bounds between them. That technique probably saved him two stalling penalties. Taylor was also penalized in that exchange so is he a tough competitor as well?
  11. Can you enlighten me and explain what a 'Gizoni' is?
  12. Is he one or two years younger than Retherford?
  13. What is the rule for this? My understanding is that they have already red shirted, so they can't get a medical red shirt. There would be an outside shot of a successful petition for a medical hardship.
  14. There is nothing wrong with the behavior of any of the guys in those pictures.
  15. Ivy leaguers have all the money. They can afford to buy a match from almost anyone. Don't sell Ruth short. He blew ten times that.
  16. It didn't bother me. After all, we're all just interconnected cells in this super-being we call the universe. Welcome to the circle dude. Save some of that for me!!
  17. The UI is riddled with annoyances. I can't think of any task that is smooth to the user. From a computer with a solid network connection, everything is minor but a phone at a tournament is often unusable. The app itself seems pretty solid and it is rarely down.
  18. All 8? Sounds like you didn't try to change anything so it kept streaming,. When login credentials or session info needed to be verified is when it failed for me. I attribute jerbuffoon's browser behavior to coincidence, even though I don't know my arse from a hole in the ground.
  19. Error 500 Master db server is not available now!Disallow write operation on slave server! WTF?
  20. 141 is getting interesting as well. Port looks solid. Retherford is a phenom. Stieber can win if he manages to satisfy at least one of his apologists.
  21. There's the one new thing that I've learned today: I didn't even know that Dupont actually wrestled. You've never heard of the Foxcatcher Five?
  22. Plenty of wrestlers are pleased as punch when they lose. They throw matches just so they can get pictures of mat girls and uninterrupted conversations with their friends in the bleachers.
  23. The skill set that brings people freestyle success has a bearing on NCAA results. Don't you think Burroughs' immediate freestyle success can bolster an assertion that he is the GOAT or that John Smith's success while in school can bolster an assertion for him?
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