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  1. I thought you got 2 advancement points for each win on the championship side and then 16 placement points for first. How did Dake score under 24?
  2. Are we all in agreement that jb as a senior is better than all of them and would have consistently beat each of them?
  3. Sounds like somebody is trying to figure out if the last ten years have been worth it or not. It's not the same question.
  4. Dang. There is some fur flying around here. I don't where 'nerd has been, but it is common knowledge that JH got a 1500 on his SAT - before the writing section was included. :D
  5. The really weird part of all these Taylor threads is that I have never seen anyone actually criticize the guy. He is universally admired. Some PSU fans simply can't stomach the thought of him not being placed above everyone else with his credentials.
  6. The title of this thread is pathetic.
  7. Wyoming has 30 on the roster: 7 WY, 5 CO, 4 OK, 4 MT, 2 WA, 2 CA, 1 each from IA, ID, MD, MO, SD, UT
  8. I have never experienced this particular issue, but I do see a bunch of sever side database issues. Intermittently, but reasonably often, the server informs me that mysql has exceeded its connection limit and won't serve up the forum. I'm much more inclined to believe that it is a server issue.
  9. Thanks for posting. Zachary Beard from Wyoming definitely deserves some consideration.
  10. When was the golden age for Rutgers wrestling? I don't know their extended history, but the last ten years or so seems bad.
  11. They have had a few very successful guys over the past ten years, so it's not all bad. Watts has a decent right. You can ask dsj about that. I think they are not rock bottom.
  12. I'm interested in hearing exactly where you think Rutgers got upset. I could see someone from Oregon state expressing your disappointment, but Rutgers?
  13. OK. I stand corrected. You can't do anything that you want. For example, you can't play a sport for money! :) I think the FLWC guys fall into the same category as this guy. Also, the military academies do the same thing as Cornell. I think that they go to school, so I am not sure if they burn eligibility or not.
  14. I think you can do anything you want for a year. As long as you are not enrolled full time in school, your clock doesn't tick. Did Ed Ruth transfer to Blair after HS or for his senior year?
  15. I suppose he wasn't in danger of losing per se. With thirty seconds remaining it was 1-1, they were in neutral and RT not a factor. He hadn't tried to generate any offense of his own up to that point, but he had established that he could hold position and Kokesh wasn't going to score on him. To me, he looks enormous. I reckon his 74 kg days are behind him.
  16. Period 1 - Howe held Kokesh's head and Kokesh held Howe's hand. Period 2 - Howe chooses down and gets a quick escape. Howe held Kokesh's head and Kokesh held Howe's hand. Period 3 - Kokesh chooses down and gets a quick escape. Howe held Kokesh's head and Kokesh held Howe's hand. Howe gets a TD on a reshot. Kokesh escapes. Howe held Kokesh's head.
  17. That's a very good question. I actually always wore compression shorts underneath my singlets for the sole purpose of being able to celebrate by taking my singlet off in celebration. Following a win, there's no better combination than compression shorts, wine, bread, and brie. I highly recommend it. That is living large!
  18. I'd love to see you win! You don't have a shirt to take off, do you drop your straps?
  19. LOL at some old dinosaur that tells a winner he should "Act like he has been there before" Also -- Love it when a winner gets a celebration boo by a gym full of dinosaurs.
  20. Isn't Dudley the better of those two?
  21. What is special about the college of agriculture and life sciences at Cornell? Almost every cornell wrestler is enrolled in that particular college. That seems odd.
  22. LOL Missouri's Joey Lavallee has this move down pat, only he extended it to win, lose or draw. :D Why the shot at Joey?? Do you know him or something? No one has mentioned Askren's cradle series. 54 people found it pretty unstoppable his last two years, including Gavin - twice! No shot at him, just an observation. It looks like he has too much energy not to run off the mat and out the gym. He is awesome!
  23. LOL Missouri's Joey Lavallee has this move down pat, only he extended it to win, lose or draw. :D
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