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  1. The conversation has morphed a bit. The first point is hypothetical. How different would you view dt 's career if bubba had stayed at PSU and forced him to 165, where he would have been pounded by howe and jb? The second and separate point is that jb did enough in his career to say that he is a better NCAA wrestler than DT.
  2. There are no guarantees of anything in life, but there is no evidence to suggest that Taylor would have beaten Bubba in a wrestle off. Bubba went from barely beating him to pinning him. Who improved more is self evident. JB beat better competition. You can argue that DT lost to better competition, but lost is the key word. A loss doesn't bolster an argument that Taylor is better than any champion, let alone JB. JB beat champions, DT did not. The freshman year does not define how good a wrestler is at the end of their career. One of these guys went undefeated his last two years of college and one of them didn't. One of them beat champions and one of them didn't. That is far more relevant than what happened four years and 24 pounds ago.
  3. Baseless? Then what is a base? He was 2-0 against Taylor. There is base from which to assume he would have won in a wrestle off. I'll grant you its not guaranteed, but it is likely. At the moment, some assumptions are being made about Taylor's career. However, assuming he rolls through the competition next year, it is baseless to say that he is a better NCAA wrestler than JB. Two championships apiece. JB also had a 3rd, losing only to the champion( equivalent to 2nd). JB definitely beat the better competition. The freshman year is not relevant enough to distinguish Taylor. Given the virtually unprecedented level that JB proved himself to be at when he finished, he is the better guy.
  4. Bubba had two wins over Taylor. I don't think Taylor ever beat hm. Bubba was the better wrestler at that point in their careers, so he would have been varsity. Therefore, 157 is taken and Taylor has to compete for a spot at 165. Assuming he gets the spot, do you really think he could have competed with Howe and Burroughs?
  5. Are you going to judge a wrestler by how good they were at their best or four years prior to being their best? What is baseless? That Taylor would have had to wrestle up?
  6. Bubba was a world Jr champ. Its funny how things work out. If Bubba would have gotten his way and stayed at PSU, Taylor would have been 165. He would have been totally destroyed by JB and Howe. He would have finished fourth at best. Would we still be having this discussion? He is a great wrestler, but not top ten of all time. I would not put Taylor in the top five this century. Certainly he is behind Sanderson, Dake and Burroughs. I would also put him behind Ed Ruth, Ben Askren and Stephen Abas. If he can roll through the season next year, I would put him in the same group as Pendleton, Metcalf, Hendricks and Jones. Possibly others.
  7. I think he has turned over a new leaf. I loved his energy against Oliver.
  8. I am curious to see how these two fare overseas. I'm guessing they won't do very well, but it will be interesting to see.
  9. I can't see them making a mistake of that magnitude or deviating from the official rules that much, so 1 point turns must have carried through to the new rules. Too bad.
  10. That policy wouldn't have prevented Slay from making the team.
  11. This is the highlight of that interview: "Comparing myself to John Smith is like guys comparing Dake to me."
  12. Towards the end of the first, Burroughs took Dake down and split his legs. Why didn't he get two for that turn?
  13. Friday night sounds like a Main Event time, doesn't it? Almost every big UFC and boxing event is on Saturday night.
  14. Nobody opens an event with the main event. That is why our sport may be in trouble. :roll:
  15. What is up with that? That should be the last bracket to finish.
  16. Since Jamaica and China aren't Western, they must be Western friendly. Snowden has the impression China is Western friendly. He seems pretty connected, so I am willing to take him at his word.
  17. Exactly. The three point move was insurmountable and so Goygereev conceded meaningless points.
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