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  1. It would be nice to see Taffur AA.
  2. Shouldn't we let HS wrestlers in as well? Some of them are in their early to mid twenties.
  3. Slowing down the match doesn't begin to describe what I think Caldwell will get away with. :) I think he wins one scramble and that will be enough.
  4. Delgado over Garret Graff over Ramos Port over Stieber Houdashelt over Sueflohn Green over St John Caldwell over Taylor Howe over Perry Ruth over Sheptock Cox over Heflin Nelson over Chalfant
  5. Sounds like the NFL and NBA. Horrible business model :roll:
  6. Jace Jensen from Wyoming got the opening TD in their dual this year.
  7. They definitely need to make a scoring situation out of a wrestler being on his back for an extended time, with or without being in neutral. NF, not a TD.
  8. you forgot the part about "neighbor" and "weigh" in that phrase. That is weird
  9. Just to clarify - he did not miss weight.
  10. I always found Boris Novachkov entertaining. Very innovative and could throw someone from about any angle.
  11. Being too lazy to look things up, my impression is most of the Cornell guys are good right out of the gate.
  12. Really? Fair weather fans seem very explainable. People like winners and most people aren't really all that interested in a sport until their "local" team is popular/winning. I'd just like to add that local, individual coaches are solely responsible for producing winning individuals and teams. They also deserve all of the blame when wrestlers don't perform up to their hype.
  13. Has Wheeler done his penance and been allowed to resume competition?
  14. People typically choose bottom. I suppose this rule would eliminate that and so you are right, stalling would then be shifted to bottom.
  15. This would promote and reward stalling on top.
  16. It's not popular in Russia, Have you ever been there? It's about as popular there as rugby is in the US. Very much a niche sport with little following. Wrestling trounces MMA in popularity, while the reverse is true here in the us. The point is, your logic ignores sample size, one of the most important determinants of whether an argument has statistical value. Yours doesn't. Japan was good at wrestling a long time ago. It has since become a very average country with occasional flashes of its past brilliance (the globally dominant women's program, which generates a negligible amount of MMA talent, excepted). And what do you think the background of Japan's MMA stars often includes? A lot of them wrestled freestyle as part of their training, supporting the point that freestyle is a good base for MMA and might be as good as folkstyle. Again, I am not arguing against folkstyle being the best wrestling style for MMA. What I'm saying is that your comments are not proof that that's the case and are in some cases just not true. There's no statistically valid evidence to point to folkstyle being the dominant style. Not only is the folkstyle sample grossly overweight folkstyle wrestlers versus other styles, it is also the preferred style of the USA, where MMA has the widest opportunities for participation and the largest sample size of participants in the world. Moreover, for all the guys who did well in MMA, there are many more who failed. Some even had top 1% folkstyle pedigrees (e.g. Alan Fried, Cary Kolat, Royce Alger, etc.). So on a % basis, folkstyle may not even stack up favorably to other styles, I don't know. Just curious -- How popular is wrestling in the majority of the Russian population? It looks to me like most of them couldn't care less, but a relatively small minority of them live and breath it.
  17. It took a few seconds, but LOL Well done.
  18. Implement a 1 minute SV shot clock. Before the SV period, decide who is not on the clock by these criteria: 1) Fewest penalties 2) First offensive points 3) Fewest warnings 4) Fewest cautions 5) Coin flip
  19. Here is my guess: People stubbornly refuse to add 'Cael' to the spell checker of their phone. Since 'r' is next 'e', Cael becomes Carl.
  20. Nothing happened over night, but after 30 or 40 years half of the people that would have been on the rosters were minor leaguers because they just plain weren't good enough. Bob Gibson is much better than whoever he supplanted, for example. That story gets repeated literally thousands of times. That is obvious. In many cases, this was not a case of a guy being marginally better. Willie Mays, Hank AAron and many others that took their place in baseball's history. If they hadn't played, the numbers would be more or less the same but mean something entirely different. The numbers are not like track. I'll agree with you that PEDs have an effect on most every sport. I like cycling, but I doubt there has been a clean Tour De France in all of its history. Baseball has always had its dopers as well. The dope wasn't as good. Neither was the training, the coaches, the transportation, the nutrition, the medical care, the equipment, .............. and the talent pool of players.
  21. Submitted for your learned consideration. This sums it up nicely. Deceiving. The animated gif is of poor quality.
  22. I smell an upset at Nationals. Wrestled even for 6 minutes of the match? Big pucker factor in Happy Valley right now.
  23. I smell an upset at Nationals. Wrestled even for 6 minutes of the match? Big pucker factor in Happy Valley right now.
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