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  1. Tsargush will be the favorite. JB will be the winner.
  2. I see this rule as being unrelated to stalling.
  3. Superold -- why did you ask the question? Wrestlers being older than their academic class is so common it is ordinary.
  4. I can't see Dieringer beating JB this year or next. I can definitely see him being the number two or three guy both years. I don't think Taylor can beat him.
  5. Can't wait to see Dake and Burroughs @ trials.
  6. This practice is very common in wrestling. There are lots of freshmen too old to wrestle @ FILA Juniors during their first year of college. Streebler wasn't one of them.
  7. If the questions are meaningless to you, you are welcome to exercise your right to remain silent. The lion's share of funding for the NCAA comes from public institutions, so it is not a private organization. Serious question. I'd like to know why the NCAA would choose to grant waivers for one personal choice (religion) and not other personal choices. Anybody know when it started and what the rationale behind it was? Lawsuits and threats from wealthy religious institutions? Committee members that are religious? I have nothing against a deferment of eligibility, in fact I'm all for it. I like it so much that I wish extended to everyone, regardless of their religion or lack thereof.
  8. Whats up with the NCAA supporting religious missions? Why should a public institution add an explicit waiver for religion? It makes no sense. Other young people may find it personally fulfilling to do something other than college, but they burn eligibility by doing so.
  10. There were no locked hands and Brown was not trying to escape. There was a guy controlling an unlocked hand and placing against another hand.
  11. Brown initiated the return to the mat for the purpose of getting a locked hands call. No problem with that. It didn't work because Wilps released his lock in a reasonable time. Brown stopped trying to escape. Rather than try to escape, brown held wilps hand in a position to make it appear clasped.
  12. He grabbed his unclasped hand and held it to appear that it was clasped.
  13. Brown straight up got away with cheating. At least he can justify it by thinking he got cheated two years ago.
  14. Miller knew the score. Its Realbuto's responsibility to know the score, so if he doesn't too bad for him. That's his fault. This fiasco is entirely the fault of Kent State's corner coaches and Ian Miller himself. Under what scenario in this entire tournament could a challenge be more relevant to Kent State than this one? What were they thinking? Clearly, they were not. Realbuto won the match fair and square.
  15. Same number of champs as Mississippi? Time will tell.
  16. Did IMar even get a warning in the last thirty seconds of his match?
  17. Not even an attempt at a turn. I don't recall that he even broke him down.
  18. God I hate riding time. Neither one of those guys showed enough to be declared a winner. Fire my arse!
  19. Why would someone try to miss weight? Cory Cooperman famously missed weight. There was a projected AA in DII that missed weight first round this year.The only AA I recall missing weight is Joe Leblanc. Are there others?
  20. Nick Brascetta spent middle school in Colorado.
  21. They also lost Brock Gutches
  22. Then its weird that it applies to Dieringer. IMO, he has the highest probability of finishing undefeated.
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