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  1. Imagine the number of replies and views if he started a thread on David Taylor. A perfect storm!
  2. HS kid? He's been a professional athlete for years!
  3. How can say that? Do understand the implications?! These GOAT wrestler discussions that use NCAAs as a primary criteria are bogus? LOL
  4. You are correct. If that was the initial action of the match, the score would be 2-1 in favor of the ankle diver.
  5. Exactly! Lets get this ball rolling. CC Minkel. I think he is on the rules committee.
  6. If I were king for a day: 1) Eliminate stalling because it is inherently subjective and will never, ever be properly and consistently enforced. Ever. 2) Eliminate riding time and the situation where one dude holds another dude down longer and gets declared a better wrestler. 3) After 45 seconds on the mat with no scoring bottom chooses whether to be released or not. 4) When neutral -- If a wrestler is exposed either voluntarily or involuntarily for more than two seconds, its NF 5) Replace singlets as the uniform of choice 6) Everybody knows a carrot is better than a stick, so add different scoring opportunities and people will score more points. a) 3 points for a clean takedown. b) 1 point to initiate a TD and get your opponents hips on the mat 2 points to either wrestler for finishing it. c) OOB rule
  7. I think he's in a tough spot. I doubt he can beat Dieringer, Dake or JB
  8. I don't even have a horse in this race, but Brown's actions really irk me. I know, I'll have to die with it but first its coming off my chest. With all due respect, you need to watch the match again. They took an equal number of committed shots. Neither was a more effective aggressor. I say Wilps did more because he actually scored more points. The stall warning was arbitrary. It is a poster child for why the rule of stalling is a joke. The action at that point was no different than at any one of ten other points in the match, but was called nonetheless. The last stall was also BS. Halfway into the count he released one leg, grabbed the other leg and then immediately covered the hips as the ref was triumphantly raising his fist. BS stalling! Can anyone point out this 5 count rule? No doubt it exists, but I couldn't find it in the rule book. There are so many issues with the locked hands. The first is that one of the camera views clearly show Brown on his feet when the clock has 1 second remaining. Since Brown volunteered the information that he took the action to the mat, one second is reasonable reaction time and the match should go to overtime. The behavior that really irks me is that Wilps released his lock and Brown forced Wilps' hands together and had the nads to tell the ref he was locking! Enough said. Brown is champ and I threw out my two cents.
  9. Cael did nothing untoward. Brown -- sure looks like he cheated to me. At any rate, Wilps did more to win that match than Brown did.
  10. There is not indisputable evidence that he locked his hands. There is indisputable evidence that Brown dropped to a knee with 1 second on the clock, Wilps released his lock and Brown controlled Wilps' left hand while helping the ref to make a call that he was not in a position to make.
  11. I don't know anything about Logan Stieber, so no comment on him in particular. In general, holding back is within the rules and if that is what someone and their family wants to do, then knock yourself out. I think it is beneficial only in the first couple of years of high school, so I would feel like I was throwing a year of my kids life away by doing so. I feel it is short sighted. However, it would be disingenuous to say that an eighth grader who holds back and aspires to be a HS 4 timer is doing so for a reason other than to gain a competitive advantage.
  12. Tsargush will be the favorite. JB will be the winner.
  13. I see this rule as being unrelated to stalling.
  14. Superold -- why did you ask the question? Wrestlers being older than their academic class is so common it is ordinary.
  15. I can't see Dieringer beating JB this year or next. I can definitely see him being the number two or three guy both years. I don't think Taylor can beat him.
  16. Can't wait to see Dake and Burroughs @ trials.
  17. This practice is very common in wrestling. There are lots of freshmen too old to wrestle @ FILA Juniors during their first year of college. Streebler wasn't one of them.
  18. If the questions are meaningless to you, you are welcome to exercise your right to remain silent. The lion's share of funding for the NCAA comes from public institutions, so it is not a private organization. Serious question. I'd like to know why the NCAA would choose to grant waivers for one personal choice (religion) and not other personal choices. Anybody know when it started and what the rationale behind it was? Lawsuits and threats from wealthy religious institutions? Committee members that are religious? I have nothing against a deferment of eligibility, in fact I'm all for it. I like it so much that I wish extended to everyone, regardless of their religion or lack thereof.
  19. Whats up with the NCAA supporting religious missions? Why should a public institution add an explicit waiver for religion? It makes no sense. Other young people may find it personally fulfilling to do something other than college, but they burn eligibility by doing so.
  21. There were no locked hands and Brown was not trying to escape. There was a guy controlling an unlocked hand and placing against another hand.
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