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  1. DT does a lot of independent clinics for significant cash, I wonder how he manages to do that and stay within the rules?
  2. Burroughs at Nebraska would probably be even worse than Cael at Iowa State. Both schools suffer from being far from population centers, but Nebraska is even farther out of the loop and has a weaker wrestling tradition than Iowa State. Some kids who idolize him would go there, but Burroughs would have a difficult time building a giant there. Look at this heat map of the United States....the darker the red, the more people. http://www.mapofusa.net/us-population-map.gif As you can see, the population of the entire US is concentrated on the East Coast, with just a few pockets on the West Coast and not much in the middle. Penn State is relatively close to the epicenter of the US population along the I-95 corridor from DC all the way up to Boston. Nebraska is mostly surrounded by white on the map. Comparatively nobody lives there, and consequently fewer people (and their families) would want to move there. Dake at Cornell would be better from a recruiting standpoint, because even though Cornell is a rural campus, they are still relatively close to the population centers, and it can boast an Ivy League education. The population of the USA is definitely not concentrated in the east. More than half live west of the Mississippi.
  3. Everybody knows that the way to beat a superior wrestler is to stall and then cry to the refs that the guy won't "engage". DF - Did the ref at least ding this guy with a stall warning when he didn't even try to shoot?
  4. ESPN did an article on this a while back. Even basketball is harder than wrestling. Wrestling is roughly equivalent to girls gymnastics.
  5. I am going to suppress my lol on that last comment because it's just not right. If there were an "involuntary chuckle out loud" emoticon I would send it. Armstrong's own foundation has distanced itself from him. They fired him. So let's not give him too much credit as it's apparent that a lot of honest and selfless people have both given to and worked for that foundation. At any rate, I don't find the guy fascinating. He is obviously very average. He had his fifteen. I'm happy see him just fade away. This does bring up a more interesting subject. What is the balance between overlooking the glaring shortcomings of a person and embracing a unique talent that the person may have? For example, if a unique and irreplaceable talent like Einstein or Newton were a murderer or pedophile what do you do? I think their genius has to be accommodated.
  6. Mark Branch had a losing record when he won as a freshman.
  7. What is ironic about "pamela"? Two threes or one five ending a match is a bigger issue than a seven point tech.
  8. Complaining? That has only just begun. Wait until the inevitable happens with the new rules and a referee decides an American should be the one that loses @ Worlds or the Olympics.
  9. The cheating didn't bother me because everyone did it. His world was a house of cards. His treatment of people that were in the same boat as him was unconscionable. He aggressively sued people for claiming that he doped. He destroyed people and their lives for telling the truth. He is a a narcissistic scumbag.
  10. Steroids enable a much quicker recovery from a difficult workout or competition, so they are used extensively in cycling. Ask Floyd Landis.
  11. Maybe weight room, maybe genetics. Tsargush looked older, stronger and more experienced. Not surprising since he is older, stronger and more experienced. Taylor thought he had the advantage in that last scramble, but Tsargush had different ideas. This was a great day for DT. Very positive experience for him.
  12. Taylor could meet Tsargush if they both win their first 2. Taylor should definitely get to this match. This is an excellent opportunity for him.
  13. Fortune is the only one still going.
  14. Taylor would then be 5-1-2-1, assuming no surprises.
  15. If you think you didn't insult me, read your own posts. At least you have a definite opinion. This distinguishes you from pa- fan. He will not say anything. I did not say dake is better than jb, I said jb is better. I do not know enough about Stephen Neal,s career to rank him on any list.I also said Smith is better than than jb. I am not judging based solely on NCAA results, because there is more information available. These comparisons are all opinions. When trying to compare people from different years, you have to use some criteria to separate them. jb dominated everyone in his best years. Others have done that, but DT did not. JB quickly followed that up with a world title. This is one criteria that separates him from others, including dt. As mentioned earlier, maybe howe, dsj and Taylor will wind up in the same bracket. DT blows through it and follows that up with a world title. Then the list might change. Given your criteria, I wouldn't argue with your lists. Let me give you a hypothetical now. Suppose DT has to wrestle at 165 as a freshman and winds up 5th. How does your list change?
  16. This is a dead end. I don't know enough about Stephen Neal. I'm not interested enough to rank the others. I don't have a bcs type point system, but if I did it would be weighted towards the better years in a big way. Bottom line - Burroughs finishes college comfortably ahead of Taylor and Bubba as a senior proved himself demonstrably ahead of Taylor as a freshman. Those were my original points and I provided the rationale for them. What I got in return was zero rationale and insults from the peanut gallery (you) and pa fan. His brilliant logic? "You can't use post graduate results to evaluate how good someone was. You just can't. I don't know how else to tell you!" :lol:
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