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  1. Why would someone try to miss weight? Cory Cooperman famously missed weight. There was a projected AA in DII that missed weight first round this year.The only AA I recall missing weight is Joe Leblanc. Are there others?
  2. Nick Brascetta spent middle school in Colorado.
  3. They also lost Brock Gutches
  4. Then its weird that it applies to Dieringer. IMO, he has the highest probability of finishing undefeated.
  5. Justin Arthur was R12 last year but didn't make it this year.
  6. Shayne Tucker from OU. Moreno was a good win for him. If he were in the Big 10, a win like that would be all he needed to get in.
  7. This is why we need qualifying tournaments rather than dual purpose conference tournaments and committee decisions on at large bids.
  8. Here is a comparison of the public school students in PA and IA. The per capita numbers are that PA is about 85% of IA. When adjusted for that, PA and IA are dead even in per capita qualifiers. Actually, PA is ever so slightly more -- (48/1,763,677) / ((16/499,825)*0.85) = 1.00023316928 That being said, PA surely has many more private schools than IA. Iowa will go back to clearly ahead when those are factored in.
  9. I don't know why that is strange to you. Iowa is a small state with a strong wrestling culture. Their per capita qualifiers means that their culture is behind producing the most disproportionate share of the best wrestlers in the country. They can be proud of that, along with the high ratio of wrestlers/students.
  10. I assume the fourth column is HS wrestlers/qualifier rather than the other way around. Not sure what you're trying to show with this. That the quality of wrestling in PA is high despite relatively low participation numbers? PA has the highest ratio of hs wrestlers/ qualifier.By far. They don't have enough qualifiers to have the highest per capita qualifiers. That would be Iowa. Apparently, Iowa also wins the per capita HS wrestler crown.
  11. How about we do away with all this conference is your qualifier malarkey and set up actual qualifiers like is done in HS? Maybe four of them with the top eight going to nationals and one at large. Wrestle through for a true eighth. Seems unfair that some guys can have a horrible season, but win two matches at Big Tens and get in with an eighth place. That dude is riding someone else's coattails and that someone else also gets in. And he lost on the mat. Others qualify after injury or not even placing top 8 or 9.
  12. How does the criteria for these at large/wild card bids work? You can DNP at your qualifier and still get there over a guy that finished one place out?
  13. They had a medical redshirt. If you have not participated in more than 30% of the season and its the first half of the season and you have not taken a redshirt, you are eligible for a medical redshirt. It is not a hardship or waiver.
  14. Defense is too good to warrant a wide open attack. Exposure rules have to change if you want more attacks from neutral.
  15. Bottom line, Streebler got a couple of mulligans. No problem. Everything has to come together to win even one title, let alone four.
  16. Does this mean conference duals or only the qualifying tournament?
  17. One of the criteria to be eligible for an at large bid seems to be a win over at least one AQ. Since the BIG12 has no AQ, wins over their top ranked guys don't count towards this criteria?
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