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  1. Instead of displaying on the page, the bracket pdf is downloaded.
  2. Sounds like the freestyle clinch!
  3. doesn't there have to be true twelfth and thirteenth matches?
  4. I see way too many matches where the guy on top has legs in for well over a minute and doesn't even start to get a turn. Where do you guys watch all these quick stalemates? I want to go there!
  5. We don't need punishment for a lack of action -- we need points for action and we need showmanship at the duals. Thousands of Robin Fickers would be great. Add more and easier scoring. I don't know how many times I have seen an even matchup with one guy initiating great action three or more times only to end up tied 0-0, 1-1 or worse losing on riding time 2-1. If you initiate and put your opponent on the mat -- that's a point. If you finish, that's two more for you. If he finishes, its one for him. Add a push out rule and you have action.
  6. You see Sajidov coaching a lot of elite level wrestlers, Karelin is a politician.
  7. After Waters put himself in that position - what exactly did Waters, the officials and everyone else expect Gilman to do? Wait in an OT period for a stalemate?
  8. That move is legal in freestyle, so I wouldn't say Gilman/Iowa brought the sport into disrepute Gilman most definitely shouldn't have done that, but lets not pretend like he shot him while his hands were in the air.
  9. See how easy that is?! :) A little trash talk generates interest and passion. I say bravo to ODU for whatever they did. And ODU is a "good" team.
  10. I wish wrestling had more side stories like this. ODU is not even close to good and they generated some press.
  11. Good question, as this is a much different sport than freestyle. How does it work from referee's? For example, bottom stands up and attempts/fakes peeling hands while running to escape. Top man chases hip to hip and they go out of bounds. Point and referee's? Point and neutral? Neutral and no point? Optional(Top)/no point? Optional(bottom)/no point? Referee's and no point? I like neutral and no point. That will dramatically reduce scoring in many matches, but place more emphasis on TDs.
  12. I wish I had a dime for every time I've heard a coach tell his wrestler to "shoot him off" so they could get a fresh start in the middle.
  13. Agreed. If Flap is gonna talk about bottoms, its gonna be big bottoms and the bottom of a bottle. If you know what I mean and you do know what I mean.
  14. Lots of stats freaks around here. Has there ever been a shutout in a dual involving two top five teams? Has a defending national champion ever been shutout? Has Carl ever been on the wrong end of a shutout?
  15. That will be a good bracket. I think 5 are ranked. Hopefully, the WWC gets five automatic qualifiers for this weight..
  16. Technically, Gilman is from Council Bluffs.
  17. I agree, that is funny. And I thought I knew every Midwestern colloquialism. Well done, Flap!
  18. I always thought Tony Nelson was a smallish heavy, but he weighs 275 now.
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