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  1. http://www.fightingillini.com/sports/m-wrestl/spec-rel/012715aaa.html
  2. IIRC, Short owned Sorenson in HS, I'll call an upset there. Gilman 3-0 Clark 6-0 Dardanes 6-3 Short 6-6 Ness 6-12 Wanzek 6-15 Evans 9-15 Brooks 12-15 Burak 15-15 Telford 18-15
  3. Meh, I think he gets a pass. As far as names go, 'Carl' is pretty tame. :)
  4. Nice win for Sorenson. Iowa is going to shut them out.
  5. John Svoboda and Justin Arthur? Green wins 5-3
  6. The proposed amount is 2000-5000 per scholarship per year. They can find that much in their couch cushions.
  7. The all time TD king around here used to lock his hands to keep matches going.
  8. Anybody have a video of this coach fight?
  9. Yeah, they need to change their colors.
  10. Slow down the matches? LOL Hustling people in and out of duals is one of wrestling's problems. Lets see some showmanship in that 10 * 4.32145 seconds of 'down' time!
  11. I saw a kid hit a tilt and when the ref didn't start his count, he told the ref "Count that *hit already!"
  12. A medical rs is only granted when you have not taken a rs. I don't think he has one of those.
  13. At what point was the takedown awarded? Does the whizzer even play a part in it? He abandoned the whizzer, grabbed the right leg, released that and rotated to grab the left leg with the same hand. The ref is not in view, but wasn't the takedown awarded when he released the right leg?
  14. I'm no qualified poster, but why is the first one NOT a TD? He covers the hips, has complete control of his opponents leg that he forcefully elevates and Abounader releases both of his hands entirely.
  15. In the first one, MN covered his hips completely and MI released control of his feet. Definitely a TD. Not so sure on the second one.
  16. Who is not going to have at least one typo after a long, arduous night in the stabin cabin? I love kmf's posts.
  17. I think that describes Brock Lesnar as well.
  18. Muhammed Lawal transferred from UCO to okstate.
  19. 125 Gilman (Iowa) vs Dance (VA Tech): Dance 133 Richards (IL) vs Clark (Iowa): Clark 141 Port (Ed) vs Carter (Va Tech): Port 149 Tsirtsis (NW) vs Habat (Ed): Tsirtsis 157 Martinez (IL) vs Pack (SD): Martinez 165 Walsh (IN) vs Harger (NW): Walsh 174 Evans (IA) vs Brunson (IL): Evans 184 Thomas (Penn) vs Dechow (OD): Dechow 197 Burak (IA) vs McCall (WI) Burak Hvy McMullan (NW) vs Telford (IA): McMullan
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