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  1. They want to know why Marsteller didn't pay his own way to Reno.
  2. An uninformed guess at his absence would be that they took their top two 157 pounders
  3. That would be called a constitutional amendment. :)
  4. I think the last match should break ties. Its simple, exciting and provides a bit of randomness.
  5. Did Conaway's brother attend Liberty?
  6. At what point did tosu know mu was forfeiting 141?
  7. Lol. Sorry for the error. Anyone know how to delete a thread?
  8. He lost to Austin Coburn at the Cleveland state open today. Is that the first loss of his career?
  9. WHats up at 157 for Wisconsin? Super performance from Donar in this dual, but I thought Liegel is their guy.
  10. He would jump at the chance to wrestle Cael@86kg. That would be a huge promotion for him. Also, he would stand a good chance of beating him. He is 35 and out of competition for way too long.
  11. If he had pulled him after the first loss, perhaps he wouldn't have had an injury to speak of the following week. :)
  12. Is it as simple as the Brands' have a personality and the other successful coaches don't?
  13. Might be true. I have seen Mark Schultz boast that he lost 11 lbs in 70 minutes. When sick, Lance Armstrong said he lost 7kg(>15 lbs) in a 1 hour, TDF time trial.
  14. Kolat lost five times as a freshman. There were people disappointed in that start as well. I'l bet some were shocked. He ignored them and wound up doing just fine.
  15. Cut the guy some slack. He has 0 official losses. I don't think its way off base to compare him to anyone, its just that apples and apples have to be compared. He is redshirting, so compare him to redshirts. Even Sanderson lost as a red shirt.
  16. I thought Nick Gravina was 65 pounder at Rutgers. Did he get hurt?
  17. This looks like he got 'caught': 11/10/2013 Jonathan Kaloust Bearcat Open 133 Varsity - Geoffrey Alexander (Maryland) over James Gulibon (Penn State) (Fall 0:19)
  18. If he MFFs, he can redshirt this year.
  19. Plasmodium


    Whats up with that? In so many opens across the country, guys just call it a day immediately after they get beat.
  20. Wrestlestat is the kind of thing that needs 'crowd' implementation. Then lots of peer review. It looks like a difficult task for a single person working from his basement, if indeed that is what is happening. If not, I'll shut up and extend my apologies for offending such a fine product and outstanding corporation.
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