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  1. Is that Jads' inner thigh?
  2. Is this timeline correct? August 7, 2010 - Fail drug test due to TRT. --- Served a year long suspension for doping ---- October 8, 2011 - Returns to the UFC. Presumably passes a drug test. November 16, 2013 - Fights Rashad Evans in NV. Presumably passes a drug test. June, 2014 - Fails drug test due to withdrawing from TRT When was he supposed to have been on legit TRT?
  3. I think its worth mentioning what a stretch it is to call Andrew Howe a Sooner.
  4. Jones in particular would have been interesting. His foot and hand speed would have been a difficult match up for anyone. He could definitely stick and move effectively on an MMA fighter or wrestler. The million dollar question is whether he could do it long enough to end the fight. Of course, the wrestler could pull an Antonio Inoki.....
  5. Lmao give me about 45 minutes Everyone knows this challenger/champion format is unfair! :)
  6. The before and after picture is hilarious. The testimonials are bad arse. Its an eye catcher, but most wrestling parents are wound too tight for something like this.
  7. Hmmmmmmmmm How many handles does he have? Don't get me wrong, all of them are entertaining.
  8. This is clearly a configuration problem. The default include path is in error.
  9. I can't imagine Henson being the first pick from that group.
  10. Here are some other hints: check permissions on /includes/functions_messenger.php Does /includes/functions_messenger.php exist? Is include_path='.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php' valid?
  11. Has Ohio State's tanning solution been exported to Russia?
  12. I've only seen a list of one. Who are the other two?
  13. NJ seems to be in a bit of a down cycle at the moment, so they might want to recruit from the hillbilly states as well. Didn't they have a number one ranked recruiting class that was composed entirely of New Jersey studs just a few years ago?
  14. ^ Agree it is really well done. Just make sure when you sign up for FloPro you only do it with a gift card and not the recurring yearly deal. Rumors are you must give Martin your 1st born to get the auto-billing from your checking account actually cancelled. Has anyone read the fine print from Flo? Is a customer legally obligated to pay them if their credit card 'bounces'?
  15. No need to prove anything. He's just checking whether his adjectives still work.
  16. I agree that level change is not equivalent to initiation.
  17. Changing levels != imitating action. That must be true, since he didn't imitate action :)
  18. Nick Marable most definitely did not initiate action in that match. He didn't change levels in six minutes of wrestling. He played the edge well and blocked out/held position when they were in the middle.
  19. And Dan Hodge would tech David Taylor in 1 period if they battled today. Agreed. Anybody that can crush an apple with one hand will have no trouble crushing a unicorn!
  20. Kemp was younger than half of the top level high schoolers when he beat Gable. I won't mention that Gable was far better than he was in college at that point.
  21. Good point. I only know of two handles associated with him. Just in case: DF can consider himself complimented.
  22. Are you jealous of him? I know there's a lot to be jealous of - the money, the state championship, the swag, his close personal relationship with Jads - but you'll just have to find a way to deal with it.
  23. Wouldn't be a surprise if Marable were a finalist @ 74
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