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  1. After the initial vote to replace wrestling with the Modern Pentathlon as a core sport, do you actually believe any of these criteria are relevant?
  2. I've worked in Chanute. It isn't that small. It has several hotels, a Chinese restaurant and at least one reasonably high tech company. Isn't there a JC with a wrestling team there? It feels much more Oklahoma than Kansas to me.
  3. In what era were we able to "freely discuss all points of view civilly"?
  4. What style? I'll take Dake in FS and Cael in folk. Coinflip in Greco.
  5. ODU - 2,055 NDSU - 1,837 ASU - 2,188 OKST - 2,331 UNI - 7,732 I believe the UNI dual attendance was halved for this list because it was a combo WR/GYM event. Thats good news. Thanks for the info
  6. nerd is spot on. ****t 4 shoes = fish.
  7. That doesn't make him the GOAT. Its where you end up that counts. When you compete four years with continuous improvement, the first year isn't even relevant.
  8. Wikipedia (not always the most reliable source) says the capacity is 1,100. And last year's average dual attendance for Cornell was reported as 1,981. If the the two seasons' attendance numbers are correct, then Cornell experienced an almost 30% decline in attendance this year. I find that pretty surprising, especially since it was the last go-around to see Dake wrestle at home. Several other schools (including Lehigh and Minnesota) also had pretty large drops in average home dual attendance. (Last year's attendance figures can be found here). With sample sets this small, there are going to be big fluctuations from year to year. For example, ISU only had 5 home duals. One of those pulled in 7732, so the other four averaged only 1136. I would expect a big drop for them next year.
  9. Both birthdays are freely available in the FILA database. They are essentially the same age.
  10. Everybody knows that a curveball is harder to hit than a fastball. :roll:
  11. I think that supports my calculation. Kemp won his second world title one year after he won his first title, correct? If so, he would have been a 22-year old when he won his second title, which is what I indicated. I stand corrected. And I am able to edit.
  12. I think you miscalculated. :o According to his wiki, Kemp won the last of his three NCAA titles in 1978. In August of 1978, he won the first of his world titles. He was the youngest champ in US history(21 and 8 months) when he won his first title. Cejudo broke that record.
  13. High school: Jimmy Carr, Henry Cejudo College: Cael Sanderson Folkstyle (HS and College combined): Cael Sanderson Freestyle: John Smith HS, college and FS combined: John Smith. Jordan Burroughs chasing Best coach: Dan Gable Toughest wrestler: M. Schultz Best conditioned wrestler: Dan Gable most technical wrestler:Dave Schultz Most explosive wrestler: Nate Carr Best lightweight: John Smith Best middleweight: Kenny Monday, Jordan Burroughs not far behind Best heavyweight: Bruce Baumgartner
  14. cornercoach -- rather than highjack the thread, why don't you address the original question? Do know what happened to Mangrum at the NCAA's? Its clear that people (even his critics!) have a positive opinion of the guy and great respect for his skills. They want to figure out why he didn't perform as well as they anticipated he would. It didn't go well for him this time around. The reasons that happened are going to be other than negative from his (or his supporters) perspective?
  15. Religious missions and military service aside, are there age limits for DI competition?
  16. Less mobile than Sajidov? He looks plenty mobile here
  17. Cael Sanderson is an Olympic gold medalist. That qualifies as a superstar. His prime was 2004 - he was 25 and had been wrestling freestyle for many years. Was that his third or fourth world team? There is a short list of guys more successful than him. Mark Schultz is one of them. Schultz wins consistently.
  18. When did Sanderson beat Gatsalov? The only match I saw, Gatsalov beat him. I doubt Sanderson would have had a run of dominance. He couldn't consistently beat Sajidov or Ketoev, if at all.
  19. Why isn't Jordan Burroughs on that list? He won two years @NCAAs and then won two in a row when it actually counted. That makes him a four timer -- 1-1-1-1.
  20. Judging by the title, I thought this thread was about John Smith. :D
  21. I thought his assessment of his own wrestling style was interesting. Very astute young man.
  22. Agreed. The top three beat them technically, physically, mentally and spiritually.
  23. NJ HS wrestling is one of the top three wrestling states in the USA. As a state, it consistently produces great college wrestlers. No reason to think that it won't continue to do so. That said, there are too many guys from NJ on that team. Recruit somebody else and put some spice in the stew.
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