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  1. Is that the year of the stall with Collica?
  2. When somebody cares enough about wrestling to actually publish data, I'll forward it to you. lol.
  3. Median scores mean very little in this context. 44 is all of the first and second stringers on a fb team. It also happens to be slightly under half an ncaa fb team. Median score doesn't necessarily say anything about scores of the starters or describe entrance requirements for highly recruited players.
  4. Plasmodium


    I love Cartman, I'd like to see that! Please post.
  5. Plasmodium


    Don't forget Das Ringer's family. Or Kenny Monday. Anyway, those guys are all walk ons, so nothing to see there. Used to be FB players could get a sweet job watching the grass grow, now it is apparent there has to be a level of indirection. That brings us back to why staff can't attend their own children's events. Give people an inch, they'll take a light year!!
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    You are saying that ncaa schools make a habit of awarding jobs to people on scholarship who file joint tax returns? Hmm. But the athlete can't work. Ok, sounds like a sweet deal.
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    I don't like the idea of world champions being discarded from the OTT because of 13 minutes. Rules are rules, que no? Give people an inch, they'll take a mile. Also, very bad optics for a school to award a plum job to the spouse of an athlete. NCAA should punish Iowa severely!!
  8. Jack Bass AA'd for NAIA Life University this past season.
  9. How would this work in a job interview? Surely a nonstarter.
  10. I was just helping you out. There are plenty of reasons to attend Cornell and plenty of reasons not to attend Cornell.
  11. Sure, here are a few off the top of my head. 1) They don't qualify for need-based financial aid. 2) They don't like the staff. 3) Their friends are elsewhere 4) They don't like the weather 5) They don't like the team 6) They are religious nuts who want to do what their coach tells them to do and beat the holy h3ll out of people. 7) They don't like the weather 8) They can only get admitted to the ag school, but they want to major in something not offered there. 9) They prefer a different team culture. 10) They want diversity on the team they are a part of.
  12. *87.3% of the population!
  13. This sounds identical to the chloroquine and anti-mask arguments a long, long year ago!
  14. This thread has to go.
  15. Come to the stoner state instead. https://denver.cbslocal.com/2018/04/27/boulder-valley-school-district-boulder-county-boulder-school-funding-colorado-teacher/
  16. I wish him success. It will be interesting to see where this shtick takes him. After seeing him next to the Baseball players, he is too short for the WWE. Maybe MMA his path.
  17. He is having some fun. A porn stache like his spotter would be the cherry on that sundae.
  18. I agree with this. He has a good at shot at winning, but I'd take the field in any weight he entered.
  19. Not a fan of his content, but I like his energy.
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