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  1. The name change was part of a legal process to dissolve one nonprofit corporation and form a new and equivalent one. Uww is no longer responsible for filas many transgressions.
  2. Bubba does some amazing acrobatic stuff, so he must have phenomenal body awareness. Nolf habitually puts himself in very vulnerable positions, so he might get a little comeuppance.
  3. Lee wouldn't accept a challenge from Gilman? I wouldn't be surprised by that. I would be mildly surprised if Gilman were invited to IC. If he were invited, I'd be very surprised if Gilman declined.
  4. Very likely. Tokyo and Japan will lose tens of billions. My gut tells me if this is true, the IOC is going to have a tough time finding hosts in the future and it will fundamentally change scale.
  5. Who are their peers? This is tough to believe
  6. Rulon comes across as a prince. Those kids are lucky.
  7. This process needs a serious revision. Is it only the money makers where this is applicable at Stanford? I know one wrestler on the Stanford team. He had an excellent shot at admission with or without wrestling.
  8. Mendoza is hellbent on coaching. After the debacle in Boise, he did a couple year stint at a JC in the middle of nowhere before landing at DII Colorado Mesa, which is on the edge of nowhere. I hope he gets what he wants because he is a hardworking dude.
  9. OK, Do you have a link for that?
  10. Nice article. Brackets are taking shape. It is behind the paywall.
  11. Yes, there is no hope. Not in any context.
  12. It is in the nature of language to change. For example, it feels like you are trying to change the nuance of the word integrity. It is integrity if there is strong conviction to take the moral high ground. Not religious beliefs. There is no universal nature to those. A better word for that is pious.
  13. What weight did they make? If not scratch 86 keggers, it isn't a match at 86kg? Maybe by design.
  14. LOL You are spot on with the second part.
  15. It wasn't all one motion for Nolf/Mcfadden, slight stall while exposed. I am unsure whether red should be awarded points. Mcfadden created the position where Nolf exposed and Nolf stalled slightly in his counter. I certainly wouldn't throw a brick on this situation, would you?
  16. Slightly different positions than the match in question. In FS, the ASU match definitely results in points for Shields.
  17. Observation 1 is that Fretwell didn't expose when he executed the move. Nolf completely exposed well before he rotated hips. Observation 2 is that Nolf grabbed the wrong toe to execute this move, which is exactly what Fretwell says is the typical reaction in that position. Observation 3 is that the way Nolf executed this move is a mistake in FS because he can't reliably predict how the officials will react. Observation 4 is that the move is entertaining (even if not effective) and probably fun as hell for Nolf.
  18. Huh? I clearly demarcated my sarcasm with a smile. Back to the topic at hand. This was scored 2 & 2? If you were Carl for a day would you throw a brick on that? I wouldn't.
  19. You'll have to ask them what it was like back in the day! We used to kick each other in the testicles 5 times before bed to get toughened up. I bet they don't balls enough to do that anymore.
  20. Not really. I have seen Nolf do weird stuff like that and end up in a crucifix. Almost every foreign ref is going to say he put Nolf in that drape position (like millions of other times) and they are going to award those points to red. Maybe 2-2. It took a ref over a minute to call a spladle pin for Simmons a few years back simply because he didn't know what he was looking at. I felt bad for his opponent.
  21. It is a weird situation. My initial reaction was 2red, but I reconsidered.
  22. Yeah. I can't recall the last elderly ref in a high level FS match. Lots of mat officials though. Most of the older ones remember what real wrestling was like :) The guy that red carded Carl is great. As is Babi from The Stoner State.
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