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  1. How many rokfin bucks is it?
  2. Are you certain of this? I'm not calling BS outright, but surely Dan Gable has a higher VO2 max than a race horse! Secretariat had a 10 kegger heart, but it turns out Gable's is significantly bigger.
  3. I'll wager you are like me and not at all surprised by that.
  4. I enjoyed a couple of visits to their shop as well. Very nice people. They started a very successful club and coached one of my sons for a long time.
  5. That kid is gonna be a baby faced assassin!
  6. In addition to those, Dan Clum wrestled for at least one year at Wisconsin.
  7. Injuries so serious guys are unable to attend school?
  8. Because folkstyle is all about control?
  9. I don't quite know how to describe Rulon. In 2D - video or images - he looked pretty beefy. Live and in 3D, he looked fit.
  10. Legs in with no hint of a turn or escape being allowed for over a minute is so common it is cliche. That being said - this is the right call and the former is the wrong one.
  11. Placing 4th in middle school and then not wrestling in HS translates to getting your arse handed to you by somebody who was motivated enough to work, improve and get on the podium in HS.
  12. Whoa whoa whoa. That a big leap covfefe he that is a typo.
  13. His last fight was against the only fighter in the ufc with a stand up game equivalent to his own. He got choked out.
  14. Is this correct? Scholarship Money flow: Endowment->Athletic Department->Student->University->Student. The student will receive actual money only after all university financial obligations are met. Professor Money Flow: Endowment->Department->College(if applicable)->University->Professor, all three intermediate stages involve a siphoning
  15. If you are asking if the university distinguishes between the tuition paid by an athlete and paid by non-athletes - no. There is no accounting trick. The money moves from student/athletic department to university and the student-athlete has to authorize the transaction.
  16. Fundraising and promotion go hand in hand. Coaches and ADs at Wyoming travel around the state organizing dinners, luncheons and other fundraising activities. They bring athletes along as well. The Ad helps them writevspeeches and the athletes deliver the speech. Nice experience for them.
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