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  1. Am I being trolled? :) I am not Iranian, much less world class. I conjured up the silliest, most frivolous thing 'Marine' could possibly be and went with it. I assumed some people would get a slight chuckle and move on.
  2. The is some miscommunication happening between the folks who were forced out and the guy who is offering them whatever they need to stay.
  3. If that RTC is broke, all but one of the others are going as well.
  4. Did he get a divorce and start wearing that medal while at his new bagging groceries? :) His creator is still an active poster.
  5. This one is ridiculous because they both won the challenge.
  6. Is that call egregious?
  7. I was a backp on the Iranian national team in the early 90s
  8. It is an ad. 'Marine' is a transliteration of a large candy company in Iran. They are known for their production of a morsel with a chocolate outside and a sour inside. Sort of a chocolate covered sour punch. It is tradional for Iranian wrestlers to treat themselves with a Marine after mKinv weight.
  9. Why is the game over with that call?
  10. The CNN comment is particularly endearing.
  11. MyMar has beat Bo Nickal more than once, obviously lost more than once as well. PDIII would have beat Nickal, if he wasn't already tired when the match started. His father posted a clear explanation of that situation on here, I'm surprised you missed it.
  12. Only considering MFS, I think he was spot on. Those maps are interesting. Thanks
  13. Some time ago,a poster(quicksingle?) pointed out that over 80% of world medals are won by people who live within a few hundred miles of the Caspian Sea.
  14. I can't say that I've looked for it, but I've seen tons of cases where the only matches wrestled were in the open tournament hosted on their home mat.
  15. I'm just asking. Is it your profession? Is your life's work studying the formation of the First Republic of France?
  16. In what context are you an historian?
  17. My wife says I am really interesting. Nevertheless, I am disinclined to read the bible.
  18. Show him up? He sounded like a kook
  19. 57 Spencer Lee and Stevo 65 Zain Train and Casey Jones 74 Jordan Burroughs and Corey Dake 86 David Taylor and PDIII 97 J'Den Cox and Gary Traub 125 Gable Steveson and Jads
  20. 74 and 97 will be great. Steveson will make Hwt interesting as well.
  21. This 'kegger' unit of yours is really something! :) For me, a kegger involves AC/DC, a bonfire down by the river and an older cousin to buy the keg.
  22. Interesting topic. That is alot of money and they aren't alone. Here is more info https://www.nbcnews.com/news/education/hidden-figures-college-students-may-be-paying-thousands-athletic-fees-n1145171
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