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  1. Consider me a freshman at PSU. What are the new rules?
  2. So, Purdue in a too close for comfort win?
  3. Do private schools give scholarships to athletes in PA?
  4. Looks like Humphreys won the day by pinning Will its. Fun duals, good way to start for all three
  5. Apple Valley places wrestlers in host families all the time. Plus, he can wrestler in HS this year.
  6. I smell a transfer coming.
  7. This will be interesting. I think Iowa under performed and PSU over performed. Throw in Suriano and we have a horse race
  8. This is a solution looking for a problem. Maybe wrestlestat is using an advanced Machine Learning algorithm. It is AI. It has its own opinion! IIRC, wrestlestat holds its own in pick 'em contests. They beat the hell out of flo, so maybe we should all embrace the future and put our money on neural net.
  9. Thanks. I didn't see the match, only the result.
  10. Wrestlestats is bold. Deal with it.
  11. Debuted for Wiscy at 149 against Buffalo. Won 9-4. Good to see. Amos also wrestled.
  12. I wouldn't call it a tic, but Nolf organizing his ankle bands after matches was not nothing.
  13. I have been tweeting at Ford Focus to run the double heartbeats, he has assured me he will. I like my tics with my tacs, except lyme flavored.
  14. That's gonna require stitches!! Awesome.
  15. Getting KTFO because he doesn't know what he is doing.
  16. That is what he should be doing for a couple years otherwise he'll end up like Pico.
  17. LOL They didn't even spell the dudes name correctly.
  18. Only three available options are North End, West End and East End? I've heard the West End girls are in a dead end world, so that is a consideration.
  19. Again, Lewis said explicitly on Oct 27 that he has been training MMA 12 months.
  20. According to Lewis himself, he has been fighting for one year. Nickal says three. According to JB, he wants to fight one time. Nickal says he doesn't. Of course Nickal is wrong!
  21. Thanks. Basset gets around for an 8th grader. Or anyone else for that matter. Despite that, Knox looked more seasoned.
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