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  1. Another advantage to using a VPN is a much improved stream. Same stream as Flo, but Flo always introduces errors when they redistribute it.
  2. I did this and I have Flo. OMG, Pyles and whoever he is working with are unbearable.
  3. Might be the same guy. I haven't heard anything specific about his injuries.
  4. I have to say I am a bit surprised but Cassioppi's height. He isn't even a head taller than Brands, so he is five foot five max.
  5. Schultz outweighs him by 50 pounds now
  6. We should be following the same policy we have for decades. Come up with a BS excuse and weasel out of vaccination. When an outbreak occurs, the unvaccinated leave. Buh Bye coach
  7. Karelin looked worn out, which was another factor in his inability to keep his lock. Rulon could have wrestled an additional hour.
  8. These threads eliminate everyone else, so they are a waste of time. Obviously the best nicknames are Nick Piccinnini, Nicky Pushups and Bo Nickal. I'll take Nicky Pushups, but I understand it is a personal preference.
  9. I think the size of Rulon's chest helped him during those clinches, which is ultimately how he won.
  10. Assuming the back pocket is closed with a button or Velcro, they can be saved and considered safe for a washer and dryer. I bet they get dry and sharp over time, but I'm speculating.
  11. I can see the surprise, but let's not underestimate Rulon. He was a late bloomer and just coming into his own. He went on to have a great career - better even than Dake and Taylor. Karelin was ripe. He was over 30 and undefeated.
  12. Both have a receding hair line. Not that's there is anything wrong with that.
  13. It is not irrational to say winning the Olympics is a bigger achievement than winning worlds. Quite the contrary. If you want to argue that Dake is a better wrestler, there are multiple threads created for that purpose.
  14. I am prepared to die on that hill!! More importantly, they haven't had comparable careers because Taylor did win Olympic gold
  15. I'm an idiot and a liar but I hate Penn State.
  16. If rby wants to win the pinnacle of the sport, he'll change weights during the quad, not the year of the Olympics
  17. 1. Taylor 2. Varner 3. Cejudo 4. Cox 5. Dake
  18. Only 1 in 6 World or Olympic gold medals are Olympic. Or, put another way, there are 5 times as many World champions as Olympic champions.
  19. Sammie Henson has a bachelor's degree from Missouri, which he earned in 1995.
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