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  1. Agreed. Everybody knows the reason Askren lost is because of the bum hip. He got that fixed, so lets line 'em back up!
  2. Hang on. Rey Misterio is from Tijuana. His nephew Rey Mysterio is from California.
  3. I'm not kidding. Good stuff.
  4. “methylation,” is particularly scientific. I had to look it up. I also had to look up the exact role the liver plays in digestion. You guys need to keep this discussion going. I'm learning stuff!
  5. I can see Suriano wearing him down and winning a tight match.
  6. I guess he doesn't know the squared circle as well as I thought. Advantage Carl!
  7. Not to the arbitrators. They can't get enough of it.
  8. Well, Rey Misterio is no stranger to the squared circle. Throw in Nacho Libre and Carl is fighting an uphill battle.
  9. Frick and Frack. These two have to be the same guy.
  10. Maybe his dad wrestled for him one of those years and he was unaware?
  11. As unbelievable as this story is, it is better than some of Jones'. Therefore, he can argue he is being treated harshly.
  12. I remember I didn't like it. I used it at a gig about 2 years ago.
  13. And you still hate git? Color me impressed.
  14. Yes. Israeli media was outsourced to the Philippines in 2009.
  15. You wouldn't hate git if you used VSS at any point in your life!
  16. Flo has an interesting design. I like the top level. It is sleek and modern. Reminiscent of other designs - for example, developer.apple.com. The other levels are like the drudge report - complete chaos. Just hope the search button works. It feels like Flo was working hard developing their UI when the plug got pulled and they went with what they have.
  17. How many rokfin bucks is it?
  18. Are you certain of this? I'm not calling BS outright, but surely Dan Gable has a higher VO2 max than a race horse! Secretariat had a 10 kegger heart, but it turns out Gable's is significantly bigger.
  19. I'll wager you are like me and not at all surprised by that.
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