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  1. Is this correct? Scholarship Money flow: Endowment->Athletic Department->Student->University->Student. The student will receive actual money only after all university financial obligations are met. Professor Money Flow: Endowment->Department->College(if applicable)->University->Professor, all three intermediate stages involve a siphoning
  2. If you are asking if the university distinguishes between the tuition paid by an athlete and paid by non-athletes - no. There is no accounting trick. The money moves from student/athletic department to university and the student-athlete has to authorize the transaction.
  3. Fundraising and promotion go hand in hand. Coaches and ADs at Wyoming travel around the state organizing dinners, luncheons and other fundraising activities. They bring athletes along as well. The Ad helps them writevspeeches and the athletes deliver the speech. Nice experience for them.
  4. I've read they don't. I think it was the same article they were having a spat with another PSU team over the use of a private jet for recruiting.
  5. https://www.wisconsinrtc.com/athletes - I think Gross, Heaton and Becker are OTT qualifers, which is pretty good. Plus, it is diversity certified by PD3!
  6. This is spot-on. It falls on the coach and his attached AD. Some coaches won't even coach, some dedicate their lives to the program and understand the importance of business.
  7. I recall OrSU being fairly expensive for out of staters. Using jdalus formula, their endowment would pay for 4 scholarships.
  8. Julie's long lost great-grandson makes his triumphant return!
  9. As did UConn abd Colo State has suspended all FB activities for various reasons. The entire SEC area is exploding with COVID. No Bueno.
  10. I was going to mention Saitiev, but I couldn't come up with a physical gift bestowed upon him. Did you come up with one?
  11. Elite being a world team member? Like this: https://www.teamusa.org/usa-wrestling/team-usa/national-team-bios So many I know next to nothing about.
  12. Can you put a finer point on 'Elite" wrestler? What type of background do most elite wrestlers come from? Seems middle class/lower middle class to me.
  13. In my experience, about 90% of Scots can hold their liquor. This can be extended to all drug users. So, 9 x 1.6 = 14.4% of the adult population of Scotland are non-problem drug users. That is not that bad.
  14. Yes. Every person between the ages of 14 and 21 in every metropolitan area over the population of 250,000 people is required by law to have a Yankee flat bill. Who said anything about common rabbit skin hats?
  15. None - and they don't get criticized for that.
  16. Why? Yankee flat bills are common to everyone in urban areas.
  17. I wonder which stage of the recruiting process goes wrong for Iowa. It is not the rural nature of Iowa City since other sports recruit diverse teams. Maybe TnT can't tone it down in the living room. I've heard Iowa doesn't award full scholarships, so that might play a role. Also, as others have mentioned, I imagine freshly tanned rabbit skin hats aren't as attractive as a Yankees flat bill to everyone.
  18. This is the same guy that spent years at NLWC?
  19. This is a taboo subject for some. That doesn't make it irrelevant. Interesting differences between Iowa football and wrestling. Doubtful a B10 football team could stay in a game without some diversity. So they do what is necessary to field a competitive team. They get well deserved flack for being unable to deal with diverse people. The wrestling team, on the other hand, is more than competitive without diversity. So they aren't pressured to be multicultural and then don't get flack for being unable to handle diversity. This also has its shortcomiings, but nobody cares about that.
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