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  1. He has imaginative excuses for his many losses. He punched me. I was tired. The ref won't take all the 4s I award myself during matches.. My favorite from today - If the rules were different, I would have won! I think he had two matches in that tournament, the last of which was three hours prior to the finals .
  2. 9000 seats and 500 in attendance? Has to be expensive to run a facility like that for the evening.
  3. I think JB is 6-1 or 7-1 against Dake. Dake's lone win is pyrrhic since he won the first match of a series and then faded badly.
  4. Burroughs should have mentioned Dake's receding hairline when he was bragging about getting younger.
  5. Thanks for posting this. Can't believe how nice JB is. He should be straight up telling Dake "You aren't tough enough to beat me in any style, at anytime Bruh."
  6. This would only be a single translation problem.. Taylor's Farsi is impeccable.
  7. A couple from my favorite, Buvaisar Saitiev. This one for the oddity And battling in the twilight of his career
  8. Any one of the beginner brackets. Those are the real natty Champs.
  9. Did you check Rocky Mountain Nationals?
  10. Uh oh. Could be a disaster. Wrestling is very well regarded at Wyoming. Fresno was very recently brought back. I think they are safe. Central Michigan is very competitive. The rest....hope for the best.
  11. Tanner Hall's birthdate is available on UWW's database. 01/22/1993
  12. Why would give Zahid demerits for a suspension you don't know the details of?
  13. I'll wager he accepted terms from Mr/Mrs Valencia
  14. This will settle your dispute.    
  15. Lots of wrestling appropriate names. What is you flavor?
  16. Nice list. I couldn't put Nolf ahead of IMar.
  17. You beat me to this one! Right now, he's recruiting people who have demonstrated a capacity for delivering spiritual beatings.
  18. Maybe, maybe not. Sammie Henson had more stops than you can shake a rolled up bracket at.
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