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  1. Not per se, but their pool of recruits is smaller and that harms them.
  2. Other than great ones from the past, I can't. They shouldn't recruit them if they aren't the best. But when they pop up, and they wiil, they should recruit them.
  3. Weird there is disagreement on something this simple and obvious. Analogous to pushing back against advising a guy who can't get out from bottom to improve from bottom.
  4. Any of them that a recruiting service would call the best.
  5. Of course Iowa is successful. That is why I said iowa is a sweet spot for a recruit to land.
  6. They should succesfully recruit the best wrestlers. Some of them are Asian.
  7. They should successfully recruit the best wrestlers. Then they should coach and mentor them to be champions. That is what Carl does.
  8. They are setup in Iowa. If they can't win ncaa titles, damn right heads should roll.
  9. Your question is confusing. Are you asking about quotas?
  10. ?? Are you asking if they would be better if they exclusively recruited Asians? Of course not. That is the opposite of what I said, BTW.
  11. Indeed, it is a two way street. Other teams are doing well in this regard. TnT aren't doing a good job with this, that is self-evident. Asking about the reasons why is fair. It would only help Iowa if they did a better job and successfully recruited wrestlers from all races and creeds.
  12. They aren't successfully recruited. I feel like Class is just asking some good questions. Iowa is a sweet landing spot for a wrestling recruit, so askign "what gives?" is fair.
  13. I think tech-falled is different where I come from. That is when the match ends because the point difference is >= 15.
  14. Face facts. People. Don't. Care. It is especially sad that Iowa fans don't care because this is why they don't win titles.
  15. Good luck to PD3, I am a fan. October is coming up fast. Hope he gets a training spot somewhere soon. Unconfirmed reports it was a real dogfight between Suckerpunch and Prestige Worldwide.
  16. Unsurprising the best teams recruit everyone well.
  17. I'd hope 'Chorizo' is not the new keggers! I enjoyed 'I'll definitely be at the Olympics. I don't know about him'
  18. I've checked it against his official Twitter. Same grammatical fingerprint.
  19. I bet Chamizo has mad trash talking skills in Spanish.
  20. Did you remember his post wedding pics? He was more than a biscuit over 86
  21. Those knockouts are a lingering concern for him. Wrestlers usually don't have those.
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