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  1. Is that political? Seems true across the board.
  2. Is it too late for him to change his mind? Seems like if he wanted to compete, he should be able to.
  3. Yep, only I know the reason HWC is flat broke. KMF stole that money after he poured some truth serum down Perry. He is one step ahead of Johnny Law and buying the ladies "drinks" down to Mexico with that money. If you know what I mean and you do know what I mean.
  4. It was all Askren, that was exactly what he hoped for when he set Burroughs up.
  5. That's only half. Now you have to be inclined enough to find him talking about how tough 79 is now. That is going to take alot more inclination.
  6. This seems overstated. Only a couple of countries were able to field a full team. Outside of Russia, very few countries were running two deep on medal contenders at any weight. Anyway, here is a good article on where the Olympic wrestlers actually come from. Transferring is straightforward and I bet it is not hard to read the tea leaves of your future in the Russian Wrestling Federation fairly early on. Wrestlers only transferred from three countries, one of which is Cuba and they are probably looking for something other than wrestling. For the US, my impression is Micic has strong ties to Serbia and would prefer representing them.
  7. Sounds like people are implying Dake isn't a real champ. I don't see where JB's assessment of 79 magically changed just because he is in it. Link?
  8. During his post match interview, he was asked if he was happy and replied he would be much happier if his leg didn't hurt. Doesn't sound like a cramp.
  9. https://www.hawkeyewrestlingclub.com/about/
  10. How did this discussion morph into active college wrestlers? Of the Olympians and world reps, only Gable and Yianni are college students. Why aren't there any world class wrestlers in the HWC?
  11. It is awkward for me, but as you said - he followed the rules. We are way too easy on PED users.
  12. Fun fact: Zillmer competed at less than half this size as a HS sophomore.
  13. Why did the HWC stop sponsoring marquis wrestlers?
  14. Nolf looked very frustrated. What was he penalized for?
  15. Kennedy Blades is outstanding, not Mensah-Stock outstanding, but outstanding nonetheless. She has a very bright future.
  16. Nicky Pushups Diakomihalis Pantaleo Burroughs Cox Parris
  17. Brackets look good. My predictions: Nicky Pushups Diakomihalis Pantaleo Burroughs Cox Parris
  18. Don't have to wrestle most of the season to compete in the post season. If you have won 3 NCAA titles, what is to miss in the first semester?
  19. Yep, gold plated gopher turnbuckles.
  20. Depends. Would he be a member of the notorious capybara cartel? I don't see any way I could stomach that.
  21. I didn't. I said my piece and stand behind it. Nothing more to discuss.
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