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  2. I think Paul's exhaustion is the likely outcome. Whether Askren can deliver a KO on a guy that can't move or raise his hands in defence is the question.
  3. I got ahold of Jim Parsons and we have a draft of Vanuatu's weigh-in agreement. We are concerned the earthquake and natural disaster section may have wiggle room and won't pass peer review.
  4. He could go the Vanuatu route quicker than the lawyer route. Anybody know if Vanuatu is qualified @97?
  5. I have no argument. The game is to complete the song!
  6. I doubt Askren has more boxing skill than Paul. Paul has a couple of KOs to his credit, which is probably more than Askren has from standing. I know Askren fought vastly better guys, but the point is he doesn't have KO ability. His technique, stance and motion are awful. Funky will probably win this fleecing of the public with lungs.
  7. I'm the innocent bystander And somehow I got stuck Between the rock and the hard place And I'm down on my luck Yes, I'm down on my luck Well, I'm down on my luck Now I'm hiding in Missouri I'm a desperate man .......
  8. I looked through the history of the article. Someone using the moniker "Chesborowrestling" added that contribution a few days ago.
  9. I don't really know enough about Colorado wrestling to declare a GOAT, but Tom Clum must be close. He went undefeated all the way to the final match of his career without surrendering any points other than escapes. He was headlocked twice in the final match and lost.
  10. I was interested in how dominant Smith was domestically, so i checked out Lewboo's wiki. Smith dominated him, but Lewboo's wiki is brutal. Definitely written by someone in the Smith family.
  11. Oh my. RIP, I enjoyed his conversation because he was a very positive person. His son is his doppelganger and he will live forever through him.
  12. Great conditioning wasn't all that important during the 2/3 era, perhaps other countries lost a bit of edge there and now it is returning.
  13. Babak Mohammadi wrestled at Oregon State in the 90s. He had a lot pf success, maybe 2 or 3 time AA..
  14. It is an organization. People make decisions based on dynamic inputs all the time. A person can take the responsibility to instruct a technical person to remove his name and redraw the bracket. That same person can turn heel and go pick up their significant other for breakfast. The latter decision is gonna make some noise. Let the lawyers sort it out between now and Tokyo. The latter decision allows the purpose of the tournament to be satisfied. I will wager most, if not all, of the supporters of this blind rules mentality will frown on it in contexts more significant than this one. How about handcuffed nine year-olds? It is department policy. Zero tolerance school rules? Expulsion for a rubber knife!
  15. You are trying to figure out what I meant by 125 years of wrestling after you subtracted 125 from 2021 and expressed it is the year of the first modern Olympic games? Moving on, I say Cox is one of the top 100 American freestylers of the last 125 years. He has earned 13 minutes of deference.
  16. I can't think of any real interaction with Iran other than sports. Well, there is military but that is always bad. Personal travel to Iran seems hopeless. There is no business, so not even money brings us together. I don't think wrestling is popular enough for significant impact.
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