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  1. They aren't successfully recruited. I feel like Class is just asking some good questions. Iowa is a sweet landing spot for a wrestling recruit, so askign "what gives?" is fair.
  2. I think tech-falled is different where I come from. That is when the match ends because the point difference is >= 15.
  3. Face facts. People. Don't. Care. It is especially sad that Iowa fans don't care because this is why they don't win titles.
  4. Good luck to PD3, I am a fan. October is coming up fast. Hope he gets a training spot somewhere soon. Unconfirmed reports it was a real dogfight between Suckerpunch and Prestige Worldwide.
  5. Unsurprising the best teams recruit everyone well.
  6. I'd hope 'Chorizo' is not the new keggers! I enjoyed 'I'll definitely be at the Olympics. I don't know about him'
  7. I've checked it against his official Twitter. Same grammatical fingerprint.
  8. I bet Chamizo has mad trash talking skills in Spanish.
  9. Did you remember his post wedding pics? He was more than a biscuit over 86
  10. Those knockouts are a lingering concern for him. Wrestlers usually don't have those.
  11. Americans have a horrible understanding of history. Racism ended in 1865.
  12. He is not that far off. Princeton began allowing transfers only a few years ago.
  13. I don't understand this take. Obviously wrestlers, not only the best ones, get scholarship offers from different schools. If a certain group all choose other offers, it is not for nothing. So, it begs the question why? Are they visiting Iowa City during the process? It is odd. I don't see a high representation of Latinos either.
  14. You missed Wyoming freshman Stephen Buchanan.
  15. I loved Kid Dynamite's performance. It's crystal clear JB still has him well gapped. Should have gone up if he wanted to be Olympian.
  16. I didn't notice at first, but did after a second. A little odd that invalidated credentials are still publicly accessible. Maybe I just got phished!
  17. This is very typical of Flo. The domain you posted, staging-public.flowrestling.org is some sort of QA domain. More importantly, current credentials are invalid but previous credentials are valid. How did you come up with that domain - are you moonlighting at Flo?
  18. Spot on. DT has some loyal fans and they do not understand object permanence.
  19. I recall Montell Marion being grateful he was a Hawkeye. I am also a little befuddled by the lack of diversity on Iowa's roster. Good athletes are looking for opportunity more than anything else and from that perspective every wrstler should give Iowa a look.
  20. Assuming folkstyle, yes. In freestyle, 2 and 2?
  21. I'd rather see a JB and Sidakov final.
  22. Chamizo went up to give the people what they want. No reason DT can't do the same.
  23. Moving on. PD3 or Nickal in MMA? I'll take PD3, cause Nickal has suspect chin.
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