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  1. If the man wants to say keggers instead of kilos be it. For clarity, a keg weighs about 160, a kilo 2.2 and a kegger as I know it is variable since it starts at full and ends at empty.
  2. Of course! Bouvaisar in particular has a sweet tooth. We all took our own candy of course, but Marine also supplied a ration for each team member and Dabir always gave his allotment to Bouvaisar.
  3. I need genuine context before I can add my anecdotes. One of my coaches was friends with Dmitri Mindiashvili. Tehran is not very far from Makhachkala, so we used to have sort of mini-camps together. Once we took a cruise from Tehran to Baku and met a few of the Russians there for a camp. Greta fun. It is through those camps that I met Bouvaisar when he was a lad.
  4. Is the link too large to post here? :)
  5. RIP Big. He was a great antagonist. Nice stories about his native St. Petersburg.
  6. No. Just wait until you see dps831's slo-mo gif with detailed text explanation and you'll come over to the correct side of this issue!
  7. Nice subject. He is an interesting wrestler. Some topics I'd like to see: 1) Please explain in excruciating detail why he was not taken down by Hidlay. Extoll the skills of that ref. 2) Show him using his feet as hands in scrambles and mat wrestling. That is his secret sauce. 3) Don't forget the kick start.
  8. Yeah, some calls could have gone his way. However, none were egregious. If you are going to score it that way, you have to give Dabir more as well. Definitely a potential brutality point for that bush league after the whistle and off the mat td.
  9. Not sure how he was jobbed. Dabir hit a sweet move and handed him a big deficit. Dabir was smart and wrestled conservative. Brands resorted to a move he knew was dicey and the results were predictable.
  10. See the previous post. He said 9/10/99
  11. FIFY, WTF are you gonna do about it bruh?
  12. Dabir is as cool as the other side of the pillow. Achieved great things and overcame a lot to get there. For one, he is diabetic and that is why he never sported the 'Marines' logo on his singlet.
  13. I think books in this genre are often off base. Nevertheless, they are thought provoking and fun to read.
  14. Although I enjoyed the book, I convinced myself the Canadian junior hockey birth date stats are an anomaly.
  15. No doubt. All champions are Outliers and these three are a heckuva lot more than that.
  16. Depends on how old. One year, meh. Two years, not so meh. Maturity and time to get the hell out of dodge are tightly coupled. Once they are ready to leave HS, they're bored and at risk. I think holding back is counter productive on balance, but could care less if people do it. I never held back, but saw a mixed bag amongst the ones who did. Folks will always have their justifications. There is a book around called Outliers. It rambles on and on about Canadian hockey players being astonishingly more successful if born in the first quarter of the year. When I read it, Iowa was publishing birthdates on their team page and I checked them to see who was old and who was young. I was surprised to see more young than old, relative to starting college at 18. FWIW, John Smith, Carl and JB graduated HS at 17.
  17. Assuming Hall has Olympic aspirations, it will be interesting to see what he does. He says he can't make 74, but there is no way he is big enough for 86. I really like him. He should take up long distance running so he can make 74 and make a bunch of noise.
  18. He doesn't have a Duck Dynasty beard.
  19. 'We' being the freshman JV team or the varsity team?
  20. Kayla Miracle said something about Brands questioning whether people were in the HWC for the right reasons. Maybe the ladies expressed loyalty to Mark Perry and it is as simple as that.
  21. This assertion seems like a reach. He is great, but Imar proved he is the better. Zain Train would beat him based on superior positioning. Zahid? C'mon now. Joseph always looked like he was packing a little extra, but he missed weight at 157 and 165.
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