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  1. I like this move. Hall is awesome.
  2. Mentally ill is very broad term. It is vague. He wasn't insane. He didn't place any value on Schultz's life. That was a decision. So many people suffer for it 25 years later.
  3. It is not a single box. A person can have many characteristics. People are attaching a lot of importance to a diagnosis put forward by blue blood lawyers.
  4. Brill was GREAT. Unfortunately suffered from serious neck injuries at NW
  5. Illinois/iowa/minnesota/indiana/Missouri and other states Patrick Mccaffery's old man.
  6. The endless excuses and explanations for barbarism is the reason we have rioting in the streets. I imagine every racist has an excuse.
  7. This is the 21st century. Africans iiving in Scandinavia drink a glass of vitamin D fortified milk per day and they are thriving.
  8. I said nothing about today. Go back to your post and look at the verb tense. The old ruling class is mostly dead and their ancestors live here. The fact they had no schools is indicative why the revolution was popular with commoners. Can't you see the appeal communism and socialism hold for people who live in an endless cycle of poverty, squalor and oppression? They can't overthrow their oppressors and form a capitalist society because they have no capital.
  9. Commoners or the old ruling class?
  10. Hear that? That was the sound of me tripping over myself to make this bet! We'll work out the stakes and props for condition 1)
  11. Yes, Cox will beat Sadulaev in Tokyo.
  12. The dude was a racist. Also mentally ill and never vaccinated for affluenza. Ornithologist, bad wrestler, ugly as a mud fence and many other things.
  13. In Britain, oriental refers to East and SE Asia only and it is not pejorative. Asian refer to India , Pakistan, etc. Dissimilar to us.
  14. One of the highest honors in math is a Fields medal. Most are won be people of European descent. Looks like some people work harder than others for their SAT scores. http://stats.areppim.com/listes/list_fieldsxmedal.htm
  15. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/pj-media/
  16. I don't like to see trash talking dominate competition but it can add drama/entertainment value. It's an additional dimension. That was one reason why I wanted Cox down at 86 and wrestling DT. Of course, that would have been bad news for Yaz 'cause he ain't beating Cox in a month of Sundays. :)
  17. Youth wrestling seems worse that HS and above. A select few refs are like the ones described by Monday and some of the parents are OMG ugly in competition. Unfortunately, schmucks like the one screaming obscenities at Gadsen will never go away.
  18. I think it is an unnecessary hassle and out of his control. The failure is on scraplife.
  19. That bar was not destroyed. The protests in Birmingham allegedly diminished business. The 'somebody' who leaked was the co-owner. The guy is a political prop, not a martyr.
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