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  1. You guys are kidding yourselves. DT can't beat Cox I am looking forward to the next match with Yazdani. I predict Yazdani coasts in the first period and wins easily in the second.
  2. Yawn. Holy carefully selected opponents Batman!
  3. I mentioned Yapoujian because he started for Cornell last year and is currently greyshirting.
  4. He wrestled less than half the year, so I think he is eligible for a regular redshirt.
  5. LOL He will need to take two fall semesters off to get 4 NCAA tournaments in a Cornell singlet? Actually, I thought he was taking Fall/2020 off and then he was back on track for 4 years at Cornell.
  6. That is not what Yapoujian intends to do. He will have 4 more years of eligibility at Cornell.
  7. I'm just pointing out that we don't survive fecal transmission of diseases even when mixed with soil, which is why we dispose of it. Maybe you host cholera parties? Seriously, what is the deal? Are you actually advocating this? Katie made a good joke. She didn't say it was a medical procedure.
  8. I heard hookworm is ultra high in protein.
  9. Does fecal implant involve fecal consumption?
  10. The UWW database looks like it carelessly records many matches as 0-0. Karelin vs Giuseppe Giunta in 1999, for example.
  11. Interesting read. Thanks for posting
  12. Are you saying someone else actually had their hand raised, there was some sort of meeting after the match and then Karelin was declared the winner? Or the other guy was ahead after the last whistle, they rescored it and Karelin's hand was raised?
  13. There was a period where they rescored matches with video (e.g. Kolat), but I recall wrestling again rather than overturning. Sounds fishy. He was a hero , not cool to drag his name through the mud.
  14. Why wouldn't he try to get that overturned? Apart from Sydney, I don't recall him losing on the mat. Some folks assume he lost a match because he placed second in a world cup, but that was a team effort.
  15. Doesn't it have to be someone else's? Otherwise, you aren't expanding your flora.
  16. At first, I thought I learned a new term for that darkening process. Guess not. As a kid my process was: 1) Burn 2) Blister and peel back to pale white 3) Repeat
  17. He got 'caught' Now we need DF to wax eloquently about the old school selfie. Adjectives become verbs - majored, teched. Was superiored a thing? The magical tech-pin, where the tech would have occurred if the pin hadn't
  18. 2-&-Q Talent in the stands Some not so funny - Package Ride, Oil Check
  19. This is a crazy narrative. Open question is whether it is crazy enough to be true.
  20. If not, it has to be that Willie something or other. :)
  21. Anyone know Angus Arthur's ties with Jamaica?
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