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  1. I think Schultz was too casual letting guys in on his legs to compete with JB.
  2. Does Monday have any more kids wrestling at the HS level?
  3. Isn't 'All-Blacks' the moniker for New Zealand's rugby team rather than a generic term?
  4. I'm trying to get a lay of the land. I am not a generally a spectator of any sports other than wrestling and mma. The Olympics and sometimes the World Cup are an exception. The Olympic event I most enjoy is the Men's 100m. What about you folks?
  5. Bubba vs Taylor Coon vs Snyder Metcalf vs Caldwell
  6. If they declare 5 years before competition and attend at least one of Dake's Benjamin Button camps per year, absolutely.
  7. Ya gotta try deez nuts!!! !
  8. Not that many, but I freely grant you it is a very limited market. I can see them selling a few at camps where they are one of the headliners and that is about it. This is an outlier, but if Lee came up with a really good shirt I could see Hawkeye fans snapping them up by the thousand.
  9. Yeah, a 40% margin on a 25 dollar shirt. That seems about right to me. Of course, the shirts have to actually sell. Sort of funny that I got that number from jasonnolf.com, but now I see you tap on the shirt it 404s!
  10. Pico is still competing, top ten Bellator/145
  11. I am virtue signaling that you, and everyone else, don't understand this issue. I am not arguing for her inclusion, rather i am arguing that you don't have justification to exclude her. I understand people in their late thirties win high level medals, including Chris Campbell at 37 11 months. I haven't seen any of her numbers beyond those at age 41, but the ones I have seen arent medal worthy. I am guessing that you consider this clear evidence of her past testosterone production, but it is not.
  12. She is not going to win. I don't think you understand the difference between 1st and 8th, at any level of athletics.
  13. Apart from the last sentence, you are spot on. It is a twosided coin. Who are we being 'fair' to? One side says it is unfair to females who are not trans, but don't supply any real proof. The other side says if you even out the hormones for an extended period of time, it is fair. That side also provides no real proof. It is a political issue as well, so there is no waiting. If you read what i wrote, i say Laurel Hubbard's numbers don't demonstrate to me that she has an inherent advantage. You say she has an obvious advantage -End of story. I dont think it was at all obtuse to ask, politely, for some justification of your opinion.
  14. What about 9 years? I'm all for studies and figuring this out because I don't think anyone knows what is going on. The last paragraph is out to lunch though. Not because of inaccurate numbers but because the numbers are disparate and they have to provide some long term correlation. I doubt there is a large enough sample set to do that right now. Additionally, Laurel Hubbard is not someone with lean muscle mass. Nobody will mistake her for Artur Taymazov. I feel we are in new territory. Maybe she doesn't work hard and so doesn't deserve the same respect as her competitors. Maybe she does.
  15. No, looks like the one to beat is 21 and the others are high 20s and low 30s. I don't think it means all that much. Did she even compete during that time in her life? Much of sport is motivation, you can never know motivates an individual.
  16. That is what I'm asking. She isn't a true biological male anymore and my understanding is she hasn't been for 9 years. I ran her numbers. They are consistent with her peers. She was lifting considerably more 20 years ago and at a smaller body weight. Doesn't seem reasonable to chalk any success she might have up to gender supplied testosterone from ten years ago. Is there a better example to illustrate your point?
  17. Why isn't it fair? It is not as if women can't compete with her.
  18. I haven't seen any concrete evidence that trans females have an advantage. I don't think Laurel Hubbard will provide it, is someone else in the pipeline?
  19. The world is a big place. There is no way to know what is happening without some reporting. I love the comment that scientific studies are a coin flip. Definitively American.
  20. Exactly. Everybody knows injustice ended in 1865.
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