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    Plasmodium got a reaction from Mphillips in Senior Nationals   
    That clears it up.
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    Plasmodium reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Senior Nationals   
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    Plasmodium reacted to gimpeltf in Senior Nationals   
    As Gary Delaney from Mock The Week might say-
    I lost my Thesaurus recently. I can't find the words to express how I feel about that!
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    Plasmodium got a reaction from irani in Iranian Friends   
    It is in the nature of language to change.  For example, it feels like you are trying to change the nuance of the word integrity.  It is integrity if there is strong conviction to take the moral high ground.  Not religious beliefs.  There is no universal nature to those.  A better word for that is pious.
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    Plasmodium reacted to jp157 in NLWC Event   
    Shrug as the Chines curse goes. “May you live in interesting times”.. welp. they are lol
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    Plasmodium got a reaction from bnwtwg in Bo confirms   
    What weight did they make?  If not scratch 86 keggers, it isn't a match at 86kg?  Maybe by design.
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    Plasmodium reacted to klehner in Senior Nationals   
    Yeah, that's what I see, too.
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    Plasmodium reacted to AHamilton in NLWC Event   
    RIP Moldova
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    Plasmodium got a reaction from Konquest in Pat Mineo's tweet about M*   
    People are being too hard on PM.   M* is newsworthy, ergo....... 
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    Plasmodium reacted to TheOhioState in Pat Mineo's tweet about M*   
    My prayers to him.  Hoping for a full recovery.

    The Gazette reported that he's back in the room.  That has to be encouraging news.

    Here's something from the Daily Iowan:

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    Plasmodium got a reaction from wrestlingnerd in Bo confirms   
    So, KS must be doing OK in the room
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    Plasmodium got a reaction from madcat11 in NCAA DI All-Decade Team   
    125 Robles
    133 Oliver
    141 Streebler
    149 ZainTrain
    157 Kyle Dake
    165 JB
    174 Ed Ruth
    184 Bo Nickal
    197 J'den Cox
    285 Kyle Snyder
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    Plasmodium reacted to Shiraz123 in Was that a bad loss for Yanni?   
    Disastrous loss. He's done. 
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    Plasmodium reacted to wrestfan in Iranian Friends   
    this is the question nobody can answer perfectly. we never had an accurate poll or something like that. people can only speak based on their own experience. for example everybody in my family and in both my parents family dislike the regime but that doesn't mean everybody in the country hates them as well ! they have their own supporters . I can't give a percentage , nobody can but it's surely less than 50%. probably much less.
    but I can say they are much more unpopular in big cities. people are more religious in smaller places and therefore the regime have more supporters in those places. most of Iranian top wrestlers come from small villages so it makes sense if the majority of them at least don't hate the regime. and I have to say being religious is not always equal to supporting the regime. they may support some elements of the regime but not necessarily the whole system.
    but one thing is for sure that people in Iran are getting less and less religious . I mean comparing to 20 years ago. and to be honest I don't think "religious fundamentalists" exist in Iran, you NEVER hear an Iranian do a suicidal attack anywhere. I believe even those in power are not religious themselves, (at least not as much as they claim) they just use it as a weapon to stay in power.
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    Plasmodium reacted to jp157 in NLWC Event   
    While that may or may not be true. From a technique standpoint and film standpoint. I give Cenzo a much better matchup style wise vs Burroughs than Nolf. 
    One of the biggest being I can’t really remember that many times that Cenzo has been taken down by pure leg attacks. 
    Everything I have heard about Cenzo says that his major issue is motivation and burnout not the ability. The stories “I’ve heard” about Cenzo in the room..
    paint the same picture as stories everyone in college heard about Taylor and Ruth in practice.
    i actually think Burroughs is continuously underrated especially on the technical side. I was mainly commenting on styles
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    Plasmodium got a reaction from Housebuye in Suriano decided to go 125 this year (inside source)   
    Creatine did that?
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    Plasmodium got a reaction from TheOhioState in Suriano decided to go 125 this year (inside source)   
    Creatine did that?
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    Plasmodium got a reaction from Wrestleknownothing in BTS...   
    Interesting trivia topic - IIRC and post college, only one American has defeated  JB in a match that was ultimately meaningful, e.g. Not part of series that was fruitless for his opponent.  Who is it? 
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    Plasmodium reacted to DuckFor2 in Iranian Friends   
    the name calling and belittling of fellow posters is nauseating. I hope all of you feel better about yourselves.
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    Plasmodium reacted to gimpeltf in Iran Wrestling News   
    But those are metric years!
  21. Haha
    Plasmodium got a reaction from Billyhoyle in Daton Fix   
    “methylation,”  is particularly scientific.  I had to look it up.  I also had to look up the exact role the liver plays in digestion.  You guys need to keep this discussion going.  I'm learning stuff! 
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    Plasmodium got a reaction from RealAmericanHero in Suriano decided to go 125 this year (inside source)   
    Creatine did that?
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    Plasmodium reacted to IronChef in Wrestling Expenses   
    I downloaded the 2019 EADA data that has expenses by sport. Here is how it breaks down. Keep in mind, this is just how the data was sent to the government and different schools may report things slightly differently. I think I pulled all the non-D1 schools that compete in D1. The list has 72 schools and I assume is for the 2018-2019 school year: https://pastebin.com/3JD02QNY
    Total Expenses    
    Over 2 million    5
    1.5-2 million    11
    1-1.5 million    19
    500K-1 million    27
    Under 500K    10
    Mean is $1.06 million. Median is $981K.
    Top 5
    1. Penn State
    2. Ohio State
    3. Oklahoma State
    4. Iowa
    5. Oklahoma
    Top 5 (non-Power 5)
    1. Lehigh (#12)
    2. Campbell (#25)
    3. Fresno State (#28)
    4. Hofstra (#30)
    5. Wyoming (#31)
    Bottom 5
    5. Edinboro
    4. Davidson
    3. Franklin & Marshall
    2. VMI
    1. Sacred Heart
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    Plasmodium got a reaction from Ohio Elite in Iranian Friends   
    Yes.  Israeli media was outsourced to the Philippines in 2009.
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    Plasmodium reacted to matts1w in Iranian Friends   
    In light of what we know about false convictions, corruption, polictial agendas, disinformation, and econoimic disparity,  it is sickening and barbaric that any nation continues with executions/capital punishment... oh...wait a minute...  'Murica!  Never mind.
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