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  1. I agree that the health challenges and bad luck cannot be laid all at Cody's feet. But what can be is throwing away 2013 in the name of 2014. For everyone saying they were top 10, so cut him some slack, Cody does not appear to agree with you, since he passed on a top 10 finish in 2013 to put all his eggs in the 2014 basket. They gave 4 years combined of big scholarship money to Howe and Rutt for 2 years combined of performance (and essentially lost one of those years to injury). This is undoubtedly part of the reason they are a little behind when it comes to young talent. When you double down on 2014, 2013 (and the way 2015 looks) are your fault, even if the injuries and 2014 are not. Either way, I hope that as he has a team that is more and more his, they have more and more success, and that OU fans give him time to show definitively one way or another. And I agree with Big Apple that he is doing a much better job winning the in-state coaches than Spates did. I used to bring my team to Spates team camp and it would be all teams from Kansas, Missouri, Texas, etc... basically no OK teams. And with the talent coming up in OK, going after the in state coaches is a good strategy. Smith and OSU will get most of the big guns, but the 2nd level guys will be better than the top guys the state turned out in the last 5 years.
  2. He did not become a worse coach, but overachieving at a low end job is definitely different than living up to huge expectations at a high end job. Not everyone can win at the big programs. You see it in every sport with successful small school HCs that can't duplicate it on the bigger scale. That is why I give Cael lots of credit even if he gets the best recruits, etc... Because winning when you are supposed to is not easy. We give tons of credit to underdogs who overachieve, and almost no credit to favorites who win (even though favorites often lose). Cody could be doing the same things that worked at American and they could be failing at Oklahoma. They are two different jobs that need two different skill sets. Recruiting has stagnated, the transfers have not worked out as well as hoped, they threw away 2013 for 2014 and then had a bad 2014, and now they enter this year with the cupboard just as bare as in Spates' worst times (but without ever experiencing the team trophy years of Spates' best years). It will be interesting to see how long OU fans are in Cody's corner after some turned so viciously on Spates.
  3. Just curious, which NCAA tournament they competed in makes you doubt Dieringer wins? He's the champ but it doesnt mean hed beat green. Green was pinned by a guy he beat decisively at the national duals. Dieringer has a bunch of losses to DSJ, who Green beats up on. We'll never know. Dieringer seems like a strong guy, but no one has been able to stop greens takedowns What terrible logic. Since Green loses before getting a chance to face him every year at NCAAs "we'll never know." I bet there's about half a dozen 157 pounders who went 0-2 or 1-2 at NCAAs this year that Green has never wrestled. Do you apply the same logic? That "we will never know" if Green could beat those guys? That you "doubt" Green would beat them?
  4. Just curious, which NCAA tournament they competed in makes you doubt Dieringer wins?
  5. It is tough to stay in perfect defensive position while constantly moving forward and attacking. It is tough to wear a guy down and make the end of the match about lungs if you are not constantly moving forward and attacking. I honestly think Metcalf just has to wrestle like he has been and hope he doesn't dig too deep a hole that he can't get out. But I think if he slows down even a bit in the name of better defense, he is on the outside looking in.
  6. I agree wfan. I have never seen Snyder wrestle. After very limited results last night I would suspect he'd lose to Gatsalov 10/10 times. I'd not be suprised to see Snyder score TDs in some of those matches, and I'd expect most to go the distance. In other words, he looked like he belonged on the mat (just like Russia's JR world champs fare well immediately at the SR level), but not like he'd really threaten to win. Who knows about 6 months or a year from now.
  7. Or maybe a better way to look at it is this. Does anyone think it is ridiculous to suggest Snyder could score a TD or avoid a TF in a world level match against Gatsalov?
  8. I was not comparing BTS to Yarygin. The poster I quoted mentioned the Schultz tournament and implied that any result that happens in the USA is a result that should be disregarded for Russian competitors. Obviously Yarygin is tougher, but where does it stop. Does Burroughs' loss have no relevance because the tournament wasn't that tough and he crossed an ocean before wrestling? Did Gatsalov compete recently at Euros? At Russian Nationals? Did he get that far out of shape and away from peak in the last month? Did he wrestle like he didn't take it seriously last night? Did he try big moves and wrestle more open and that's the only reason Snyder scored? I am seeing no logical argument, just "it was close(ish) so Gatsalov didn't try." Like I said, it is foolish to look at a single exhibition result and declare Snyder ready to compete for a world title on that alone. It is also foolish to just say Gatsalov didn't try because it was in America and he'll "toast" him next time.
  9. This is a cop out. When an American loses at Yarygin or somewhere else in Russia do you dismiss it since they travelled? When a Russian wins in an exhibition do you dismiss it? Was Snyder peaking for this? It would be foolish to assume Snyder is 3 points away from a world championship because of a single 6-3 loss yesterday. It would be just as foolish to completely dismiss it because it didn't happen at the world championships.
  10. Even if the rule giving returning world champs a bye to the WTT did not exist, Burroughs would still have the bye by winning US nationals. So complaining about the rule seems like whining for the sake of whining. Also, I am in favor of anything that encourages our world/Olympic champs to come back and keep competing. We are far worse at champion retention than at creating champions. We'd be right there with the world's best if all our champions stuck around for 5 years of titles/medals.
  11. I agree that the Big 10 is the best conference and I never said they weren't. I also don't think it's close. The Big 12 should cease to be a conference now that it is down to 4 (and they basically are with the ACC team up next year). None of that changes the FACT that Big 12 wrestlers and teams perform on par with the Big 10 on an annual basis. It also doesn't change the fact that Sockubow is twisting data to fit a pre-determined conclusion when he pulls OSU and PSU.
  12. It's called proportions. If you take the top 1/4 of the Big 12 out of course it is going to skew the stats more than taking the top 1/12 out of the Big 10. Just like if you took the bottom team out of each conference it would make the Big 12 look way better than the Big 10. One good (or bad) performance will have more effect on a group of 4 (obviously). But this is not a 1 time outlier created this year. This is a year in and year out thing. The Big 12 teams and wrestlers are every bit as good (and often better) on average than the Big 10. Removing data from the picture and skewing results to suit your point doesn't change that.
  13. And I will take a National title over vague predictions. Lucky for you Dieringer will be at 165 next year. That means Green should have a clear path to a National title until he loses to another wrestler that he's better than.
  14. There is no way Deringer crushes Green. Green scored bonus points in every match but the loss to Ness. Green would wrestle Deringer as he does everyone but Ness - not having to worry about his blast double being turned into a throw/scramble. Green crushed everyone he wrestled after Ness. That's impressive that Green crushed the consolation bracket. All Dieringer did was crush the championship bracket.
  15. OkState 125- Klimara (round of 12 this year) 133- Heil? 141- Collica (round of 12) 149- Kindig (Finalist) 157- Blees? 165- Dieringer (Champ) 174- Crutchmer/Rodgers/Marstellar/Rodgers 184- Rodgers/Boyd 197-Schaeffer 285-Marsden (AA) Definitely not a bare cupboard. There is a good chance that they score more at nationals at 8 of the 10 weights (though the other two are 157 and 174 where they had champs). I would be tempted to ask Dieringer to stay down (tough to do to the kid, I know). If Marstellar is an immediate AA at 165 they can definitely compete for a title in that scenario.
  16. Vak, is your problem with the Perry match only about the neutral fall you think was missed? I think it could have been called and Perry would have had only himself to blame (I think we should force guys on their back to improve or bail out, not just hang on an ankle with no consequences). With that said, I must have seen a dozen guys get stacked up in neutral without that call during the weekend. Rarely will that neutral fall be called. I notice that when it was not "your" guy at 125 that lost, you reasonably reach the conclusion that Delgado may be gaming the system, but he is also out strategizing and out executing Garrett. I don't think I could think of a better description of Perry's 2013 NCAA tournament, or his semi vs Evans this year. As a fan I honestly felt a little dirty watching him seemingly use a loophole (or two, or three) to out-strategize and beat guys without out-wrestling them. But Perry has nothing to apologize for. In addition to being a great strategic wrestler, he was a point scorer all year this year. Way more offense, clear cut wins over Storley and Brown during the season. Decisive wins in the first 3 rounds of the tournament. And then he clearly beats Howe in every position tonight. He had to gut one out against Evans but I think that was more about Evans wrestling a great match than about Perry. I just think you have a huge blind spot on this one and are fixated on a possible neutral fall because it is tough to watch your guy out wrestle his opponent and lose.
  17. Pretty sure dual and scuffle. Also pretty sure Ness didn't have a TD in 21 minutes of mat time with dieringer.
  18. He went for it late. But "going for it" and "the team" had nothing to do with dieringer being 3-0 vs Ness this year.
  19. It is pathetic to watch so called wrestling fans pile on Chris Perry. He had 1 low scoring match with Evans and took everyone else down (everyone but Howe multiple times). He rode the piss out of everyone. He makes guys miserable on bottom but people whine about it while everyone else drops to an ankle. Now he beats Howe in every facet. I hope that finally shuts people up. Big wrestler in big time matches.
  20. Perry sure does score more points than his opponent a lot for a guy with no offense. And it's not like he hasn't scored in this tournament. But somehow him flattening out Evans and working him over with a leg ride is worse than 329 other guys dropping to the ankle on top. I am guessing that if he wasn't so effective with it nobody would mind.
  21. The Ref should have either stalemated that last situation or called stalling again. Roth picked up a single from top with :18 left and then sat there. The ref called stalling with about :08 left and then just watched the clock run out. If you don't want to give the point, then call a stalemate, but you can't let a guy just sit there for the last 20 seconds of a rideout.
  22. They are wrestling a fantastic tournament. 5-0 this morning and about to be 6. Basically perfect other than Morrison's loss. And Caldwell is scoring like crazy. A fall and a 9-2 win yesterday and up 6-0 in the 2nd as I type. Go Pokes.
  23. Didn't Sheptock beat Dean? If he is undefeated and beat the guy Ruth lost to it seems like a no-brainer. 141 is bad though. But the seeding at 149 was even worse and it had nothing to do with freshmen phenoms.
  24. barrett

    Round 2

    Marsden looks totally different physically now from November. Way slimmer and it shows in how he moves, his conditioning, and his willingness to take a few shots.
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