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  1. 21 hours ago, Gantry said:

    I mean they've had some doozies:


    • Munoz per that interview from 167 as a sophomore to 236!
    • Cormier maxed at 184 with hour before, missed weight at 212 with night before and did a spell at HWT
    • Pendleton started at 165 as a freshman, 174 by a senior and finished his FS carreer at 212 with night before.



    The 2005 team that had 5 champions had:


    Zack Esposito at 149, 141 as a freshman

    Johny Hendricks at 165, 157 as a freshman

    Chris Pendleton at 174, 165 as a freshman

    Jake Rosholt at 197, 184 as a freshman and sophomore

    Since 2001 with Munoz, the majority of OSU national champions have won a title at a different weight than what they started. Only Johnny Thompson and Steve Mocco stayed the same weight throughout their career. Rosholt, Oliver and Dieringer won at their original weights and went up and won again. Perry went down in weight. Pendleton, Esposito, Hendricks and Scott all won up a weight from where they started.

  2. For the mentions in this thread about OSU guys cutting too much, who even looked particularly big? I can definitely see saying they need to, if possible, to get the best lineup on the mat, but I'm not sure the guys who finished below seed (and weren't injured) Picc, Brock and Heil would have done better up a weight. 


    Joe Smith seems most likely to bump up because it seems he might have the best case for having too hard of a cut. Other than him, it would take a lot of work to get guys who seem like average, at best, sized for their weight up to being average sized for the new weight. I don't know that having 10 undersized guys is any more of a recipe for success.

  3. Wouldn't Pat Popolizio be the front runner for the job if Smith retires?  I cannot confirm this, but it is my understanding that Pop has mentioned he is highly interested in the job if it were to ever come open. 

    Pop has spent his entire coaching career on the east coast. I would be surprised if he came back to Stillwater. 


    I'm assuming it will end up being the most internal hire possible and it is Chris Perry when the time comes.

  4. Coach Smith seems like a big "plan-ahead and stick with it" type of person so he probably has it figured out. Hopefully it involves some of his wrestlers getting on a different nutrition and workout plan in the offseason so they can move up a weight and alleviate the logjam. People say John Smith tends to favor hard weight cutting from his guys so maybe a little bit of relief from such strict weight management will pay off for OSU in the postseason.

    It does seem like guys have to hang on at a lower weight for a year. Still, nearly all of his recent champs have gone up a weight while at OSU. Some have had success at the lower weight too, but most look better when allowed to move up.

  5. Nobody is willing to let go of the leg in a scramble like a OkState lightweight.  I can't count how many times Brock and Picc gave away TDs off their own deep shots because they let go of the leg to turn in and grab the body in a scramble.  Combined with their lightweight weaknesses on bottom I'd say a coaching change is in order for their lightweights.  Tons of talent and awful performance in those weights this year.


    Who is the lightweight coach? I think what they need is a coach for those guys now that Guerrero is gone. Espo is the lightest assistant now. There are 3 guys on staff who wrestled 165. It doesn't seem like good coverage.

  6. Damn.


    I think the salary OU pays to Lou Rosselli is a damned disgrace. Makes me ashamed to be a Sooner fan, actually. If it wasn't for a $20,000 yearly "stay" bonus he'd be pulling down only $25k.  Meanwhile wildly incompetent defensive coordinator Mike Stoops (who, let's be honest here...cost OU the National Title this year in football) is pulling down a cool $870,000.




    Rosselli makes $170,000 according to this: http://oklahomawatchdata.org/university-salaries/search?q=rosselli

  7. I believe both of Johnny Thompson's titles came via revenge wins against Ryan Lewis who won both in season matches.


    Jake Rosholt beat Greg Parker, Josh Lambrecht and Scott Barker to win as a freshman, they had all beaten him during the year. Barker had majored him at Big 12s, Rosholt returned the favor in the finals.

  8. I'm sorry folks like English Bob don't think much of NYC, but on the other hand, being on the I-95 corridor means this city will draw well no matter what, so folks from the far-away midwest who don't want to travel (or folks who just don't like the big city) will be replaced by folks from the East who are now within easy driving distance. And maybe we end up expanding the fan base by attracting people who otherwise may have never attended the Big Dance!


    I'm still going to try to make, and yes I understand that the population around there will make it a successful event, but selling the NYC experience as being better than a lot of cities in the US isn't true. Give me Nashville, New Orleans, Austin and Chicago over it any day.

  9. I'm NYC born and raised and couldn't be prouder.


    That said . . .


    The significance of holding the NCAA's on the East Coast is, for us, once-in-a-lifetime.


    Like, we measure NCAA's by when they were held out East . . .


    So, out here, Princeton, NJ in '81 and Albany, NY '02 are super-duper special.


    In my lifetime,


    84: Meadowlands

    87: Maryland

    90: Maryland

    94: North Carolina

    98: Cleaveland State (This is out East to me)

    99: Penn St.

    02: Albany

    11: Philly


    It doesn't seem all that rare to me, although some of this would depend on your actual age. It was more common prior to this. It seems to me the biggest thing that has hurt Eastern locations is the move off campus, so arenas and such aren't putting in bids. If you want them press your case to your local sports commission.

  10. I've seen talk of Morrison going up to 141 next year. He was not small at 133 to be sure. I think regardless of where he goes, the other weight will be weak. Dean Heil would likely be the starter as a true freshman if Morrison goes 141. I don't think starting Heil is a good move, but Morrison at a comfortable weight for him definitely shows improvement. I'm not sure who our next best bet is at 133 is, probably Brian Crutchmer.

  11. Oklahoma State


    125: Eddie Klimara - Hoping for a big jump.

    133: Jon Morrison - Same

    141: Julian Feikert - Same

    149: Josh Kindig - Drop

    157: Alex Dieringer - Same

    165: Tyler Caldwell - Same

    174: Chris Perry - Same

    184: Jordan Rogers - Improve

    197: Blake Rosholt - Improve

    285: Austin Marsden - Drop


    Figuring the big jumps come between the first and second year of starting, and only Klimara having a lot of room to improve in placement that meets that criteria, looks to be roughly the same for the Cowboys this year. Rosholt should improve if only because 4 seniors graduated from the weight. Rogers being a true 184 should be an improvement over Chionuma. Hoping/Expecting good things from Kindig and Marsden this year but big shoes to fill. Caldwell should improve one place, Dieringer hopefully does at least the same. Perry could repeat or could fall pretty far.

  12. Oklahoma State could use a 141. Everything else seems to be in solid hands.


    125: Eddie Klimara

    133: Jon Morrison

    141: Julian Feikert

    149: Josh Kindig

    157: Alex Dieringer

    165: Tyler Caldwell

    174: Chris Perry

    184: Jordan Rogers

    197: Blake Rosholt

    285: Austin Marsden


    A few options for OSU at 141 are to move Morrison up, and hope Dean Heil is ready to go at 133, or Case Garrison could replace Feikert in the lineup this season. I'm not sure any options would be better than a free agent from somewhere.

  13. English Bob,


    At least we wouldn't have to have biggest loser rassle offs, and/or people defaulting their way to the big dance.


    I'll take that anyday.

    Then you have the most confused thinking ever on this subject.


    I agree, because having biggest loser rassle offs and having the ability to default your way to the big dance is VERY rational thinking, indeed! :P


    Man, is that ban basketball wacky!

    As opposed to pretending that all conferences are equal? Yes this way is far more rational and logical. The guy who defaulted to the tournament is in the finals. You are arguing that a finalist should not be here. Not rational.

  14. Maybe I've missed it, what is the system Ban wants?


    In general the new system has helped the smaller conferences right?


    I don't understand the issue with trying to make a system that has been in place for a really long time better while respecting history as a bad thing. The Big 10, 12 and EIWA have all been around longer than the NCAA. Just getting rid of them as having a place in this process is a huge change. Winning your conference is a big deal. It should not be the be all end of all of going to Nationals though.


    Simple: an equitable system, whereby all conferences get equal numbers into the big dance. It makes a mockery of the system to give 29,014 spots to one conference because they "derserve it," and only a handful to other conferences.


    In those other conferences, it's a hell of a lot tougher to make the big dance than it is in the Big 10 and 12, where you can go 0-3 and still get a chance, or, my favorite way to make it, default your way to the big dance.


    It is a mockery.

    And the SoCon and the Big 10 having the same number of qualifiers wouldn't result in an even bigger mockery?


    There will be nearly double as many wrestlers in the Big 10 tournament next year as the SoCon. None of the SoCon teams will be anywhere near the top half of the Big 10 tournament if they competed in it.

  15. Maybe I've missed it, what is the system Ban wants?


    In general the new system has helped the smaller conferences right?


    I don't understand the issue with trying to make a system that has been in place for a really long time better while respecting history as a bad thing. The Big 10, Big 8/12 and EIWA have all been around longer than the NCAA. Just getting rid of them as having a place in this process is a huge change. Winning your conference is a big deal. It should not be the be all end of all of going to Nationals though.

  16. I'll play the broken record again: maybe, but they also get 6,007 more qualifying spots than any other conference, so I don't find it that impressive.

    Can't figure out why that would be.


    Actually, I can't either, but either way, it doesn't matter. The fact still remains that the Big 10 and Big 12 sends virtually anyone in who is upright and breathing, yet people are still impresssed that they produce so many AAs.


    Gee, I wonder why?

    Which of the guys who placed from the Big 10 should not have gone to Nationals?


    Why did the EIWA not outdo everyone at 141 where they had the most qualifiers?

  17. Through 18 matches last year JO had 14 pins, 2 techs, a decision (Stieber) and a loss (Ramos). Outside of being undefeated, which is tough to do regardless of how much weight you are cutting, how could he have really improved on this mark? He closed the season out pretty well too, with 3 pins at nationals and then a decision of Futrell and of course a close loss in the finals. His loss notably came after what about 8 hours of recovery time?


    I'm glad JO got to go up, as he looks much healthier, but I'm not sure you can look to him as someone whose results will magically get much better up a weight, if only because he was downright amazing to start with.


    Morrison almost certainly would have done better and he seems to have gotten back to where he was pre-staph infection as a freshman. Hopefully he finishes really well.


    Although OSU is known to cut a lot of weight, John is also pretty good about letting guys go up too. Johnny Thompson and Steve Mocco are the only two recent national champions at OSU who haven't finished at a higher weight than they started their careers. There are several others who have also gone up who didn't make that distinguished list.

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