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  1. The kid could have given JO the cradle when he tried for it early in the match. Seems clear JO had to soften him up a little first.
  2. I believe Mo and Coach James had a bet over if he could do it. Decide if that is classy or not, but obviously you have to have goals to get better.
  3. 12 matches in last year, JO had 10 falls, a tech and a loss. This year he has 8 falls, 4 majors. So while there has been a slight drop off, it is barely worth noting. He finished last season with 18 falls, a mark that is certainly still within reach for this season as well at 149. I would rather he stay there than go down to 141. By most accounts he is the bigger of the two between him and Kindig.
  4. Mo Lawal scored an all TD Tech Fall in the first period a few times.
  5. It was discovered he did not have the minimum amount of Carhartt in his wardrobe. Coach Smith was understandably upset about this after JO has spent 4 years in Stillwater.
  6. Yep. Piss on every school that has dropped their program. I see no reason to cheer for any of them. But in particular Notre Dame, only UNO rivals them for pulling the rug out from under what should have been a safe program.
  7. 1,928. Pretty anemic even offering a two for one deal with Men's Basketball. Portland State isn't exactly a big draw for the BB team either though. Attendance for the BB was 8,219. Even significantly inflated for non-attending season tickets, there was probably a pretty big drop off.
  8. I have no idea why most people across the country loathe them, but this is why I do. It is also why I would think most people on this particular message board do as well.
  9. Apparently the National Hall of Fame Journal says he will be at 141. JO vs Maple Bedlam matches should be awesome.
  10. Pat won as a true freshman as well. The relative benefit of him redshirting between his junior and senior year would seem pretty small when comparing him to Dake. It seems most OSU fans put Uetake and John Smith ahead of Pat though. How much either's International credentials play into that is tough to gauge but both were the best in the world while still in college, and that seems like it should count for something.
  11. You wouldn't happen to be able to give me a shot comparison over the course of the two periods. I'm particularly interested in the two third periods which Johnny entered with leads.
  12. EnglishBob


    Another look shows that Pat beat five guys who went on to win titles, Mark Reiland, Terry Steiner, Joe Williams, Ray Miller, and Barry Weldon. Although he never wrestled him, Pat won the bracket with 2x champ Markus Mollica. He laid a beating on most of them, majoring Reiland, Steiner, and Weldon and tech falling Williams. He beat Miller 3 times and tied twice. Would any of those be on par with what Dake did to Molinaro? Dake is a better pinner than Pat was, but it looks like Pat will end up a bit better at bonusing guys, Dake has 56 bonus point wins right now, Pat finished with 85.
  13. What was Pendleton's Greg Jonesesque meltdown at NCAA's? Going 1-2 as a true freshman with a knee injury? Or losing by 1 on questionable reffing to Brad Dillon and then laying waste to the backside? Which of those two exactly is on par with defending undefeated National Champion Greg Jones going 1-2 with losses to Ralph Everett and Eric Huan? Askren could not beat his biggest rival. This plays against anyone else in rankings, except him.
  14. EnglishBob


    I would have to do more research into it, but it appears that Uetake's senior year was the start of more matches in a season, he had 27 that year where the year before he had 14. I do think one worthwhile question on this front is how much more credit do you get for winning a title as a true senior when who you are comparing to another guy who won titles as a true freshman through junior. I think the relative difference between a true senior and redshirt senior is much smaller than true freshman to redshirt freshman.
  15. EnglishBob


    Let's assume that Dake again goes undefeated. He will finish up somewhere around 133-4. Pat Smith ended up 122-4-2, and with a 98 match unbeaten streak all of his losses came as a true freshman. Dake is currently on a 40 match winning streak and in this scenario would finish somewhere in the 70s. This still leaves some questions, how do you count Pat's ties? The last one occurred fairly late in his junior campaign, with Ray Miller. How much credit do you give to Dake for winning at 3 different weights where Pat won all of his titles at 158. Dake will win all of his titles straight through, where Pat had a redshirt between his junior and senior years. Strength of competition? Dake has continually been dinged on this on message boards already. Pat's best wins appear to be against Miller who was a 4x AA, Tom Ryan, Sean Bormet and a true freshman Joe Williams. Unless something surprising happens, Dake will not beat a future 3xer at any time in their career. I think there are at least a few things that remain in Pat's corner, and he would seem to be the most obvious competition for being next in line after Cael. Next, how expansively do we view "college career"? Uetake was an Olympic champion while at OSU but before he was eligible to compete, John Smith was a world champion while still in college. I think some consideration has to be given for that. At least in John's case though, his ascendance came later in his career. I will take the Pepsi challenge with John as a senior vs anyone you've got p4p. The evidence would point to Uetake being the best in the world at 18, not just the US or Japan. However, he finished up 57-0. Had he wrestled as a true freshman he probably would have ended up with a winning streak in the low 70s. I think there remain arguments for other wrestlers compared to Dake, and I haven't even left Stillwater. This isn't to take away from his accomplishments, and he will certainly go down as one of the all time greats. I just think there is argument for where exactly.
  16. I cannot ever put someone 6 spots ahead of a guy they were 1-8 against. Just can't do it. Not when the other guy wasn't just some weird bad matchup for him who couldn't beat everyone else as well.
  17. I remember some gear saying "Okla State" but nothing with Okie State. The OSU sports website has 4 references to "Okie" on it, one a diary entry, two are submitted entires on Remembering the Ten, and one is a horses name. No gear I could find currently for sale has it on there. I would honestly be shocked to see any officially licensed gear with it.
  18. He has begun classes. He has used his one time exception to the transfer rule. Even if John released him he would have to sit a year. I hope your hopes weren't up too high.
  19. Taylor Dake Ruth Oliver McDonough Howe Stieber Z Kilgore Bosak
  20. Thank you for changing it. I know no harm was meant. Even people who don't necessarily associate it with the slur, still don't particularly like it when OSU is referred to that way. It is right up there with reporters saying, "Could you talk about..." on the media pet peeves list.
  21. We can debate the use of "Okie State" on message boards, but it absolutely isn't appropriate for a press release.
  22. 1: He has said most likely he is going 157 because that is the lineup that makes Cornell strongest. 2. No idea, but it seems most PSU fans think he will be 165 with Matt Brown at 174. He will be separated from Dake who is at 157 and Howe who is at 174. 3. Caldwell will be 165 and Perry 174.
  23. Yes. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  24. We all want the one weight class to rule them all. Looks like it will be 133. 197 looks good, but for some reason I was under the impression that Oliver goes 133 again. Have we found a definitive answer on this? He is going to be at at least 141.
  25. I think at the last two jobs at least, Henson was promised he would get to take over in the near future. This is the exact opposite situation. It does seem like he needs to be able to stay at Mizzou for 3 plus years and leave having the AD and head coach saying good things about him though.
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