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  1. Now guys, luck can include a lot of things. But it is hard to say that the two careers that are now done at OSU involved any good luck. Morrison like White may end up being more a victim of circumstance than anything else. I think he is being encouraged to stay at 125, which it looks like he is just too big to be effective at anymore. I do have high hopes remaining for Marsden. And yes, I hope our latest Tulsa Union recruits outdo Parks as well.
  2. Hope we have more luck with him than previous Illinois recruits.
  3. I think the decision to hold it at OSU was made pending OSU making the finals. They couldn't go back on that because an upset was scored earlier in the day. Isn't the NWCA picking up the cost of travel for the teams?
  4. Minnesota outdrew OSU by about 2000 people on average last season. OSU has averaged about 2,600 this year. The home slate has been exceptionally weak. At first glance, the Minnesota dual looked like a potentially great time, the day after Bedlam Football, but I think there were far too many people nursing hangovers to come out. I'm happy I get the chance to see both rounds of National Duals in person this year. If OSU has two far away locations next season, I won't be upset. At least the only option wasn't in Iowa. Illinois scoring the upset in that regional makes things look worse. It doesn't seem as obvious, at least to me, that it should be in Minnesota if the final teams are OSU, Iowa, Minnesota and Cornell.
  5. So you think in 15 years people will think of Caldwell, Burroughs and Jenkins more highly than Pat Smith? Really?
  6. Metcalf is the first to win a 2nd title at 149. No one has won back to back. Someone has to do it first, but history says that it is hardest to get back on top at. And there have been some amazing wrestlers win this weight.
  7. Didn't Stephen Neal win Fargo? And I'm pretty sure Phil Davis placed at a few national level tournaments in high school.
  8. I don't recall ever being uncomplimentary to Brands. I find people taking issue with him as strange as people taking issue with John Smith. It is more about wanting to dislike the team that is on top than any defects in their behavior.
  9. Brands also had more time as an assistant to develop and was under Gable. No disrespect to Bobby Doublas, but learning how to coach from Gable is an advantage.
  10. Brands is mentioned in the title.... Everyone else including at least one other Hawk fan seems to be taking it in jest.
  11. Isn't this reasonably common? For sure to not release to a conference opponent.
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