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    The 2005 team that had 5 champions had:
    Zack Esposito at 149, 141 as a freshman
    Johny Hendricks at 165, 157 as a freshman
    Chris Pendleton at 174, 165 as a freshman
    Jake Rosholt at 197, 184 as a freshman and sophomore
    Since 2001 with Munoz, the majority of OSU national champions have won a title at a different weight than what they started. Only Johnny Thompson and Steve Mocco stayed the same weight throughout their career. Rosholt, Oliver and Dieringer won at their original weights and went up and won again. Perry went down in weight. Pendleton, Esposito, Hendricks and Scott all won up a weight from where they started.
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    The Dustin Manotti award
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    Rosselli makes $170,000 according to this: http://oklahomawatchdata.org/university-salaries/search?q=rosselli
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